She dropped her clothes to the floor as she stepped into the hot shower. The water felt so good on her skin. Being bare and exposed in the warmth of the shower was somewhat comforting. The shower curtain moved as Justin stepped in, joining her in the drizzling drops of water. His cold hands contrasted the heat of the water and gave her tiny goosebumps. She loved being completely bare in front of him knowing he admired her so.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

He pressed himself up against her as she got the last of the conditioner out of her soggy hair. “I’m sorry that this thing is in the way…” He laughed. She couldn’t help laughing too, it was as if it was a middle school dance and they had to stay a certain distance apart. “Save room for Jesus!” Hanna giggled as she stood in the pouring water with her boyfriend.

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