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why I like abusive ships.

I like abusive/ dysfunctional/ unhealthy ships. I like them because they’re different than the typical “fluffy” ships. I like them because their angst is different than what “normal” ships go through and the dynamic is interesting. I like abusive and dysfunctional and unhealthy ships because abusive and dysfunctional and unhealthy relationships exist and it’s important to recognize them for what they are. I am not a bad person who thinks these sort of relationships are good  and healthy, I am a person who is interested by the dynamics and character development that occurs in such ships and I am a person who believes others need to be made aware of these relationships because they actually exist. I am not justifying the actions of the characters, nor am I denying that these ships are abusive and unhealthy. I am appreciating them as plot and character development devices while acknowledging that the are abusive and unhealthy.

Tl;dr, please stop shaming people for liking abusive ships. Liking an abusive ship does not mean I support abuse.

  • Latinxs and Asian people:Please stop fetishising us for being "exotic" while simultaneously ostracizing us socially for being foreign.
  • Black people:Please stop discriminating against, criminalizing, and killing us. Also, stop dehumanizing us post-mortem to further "legitimize" our deaths.
  • LGBTQ+:Please let us live our lives in peace, and respect our sexualities and identities. They are just as valid and natural as yours are.
  • Mentally ill and physically handicapped people:Please try to understand us. We are not freaks. We are, in fact, "normal", and we only want support and acceptance.
  • Muslim people:Please stop attacking us for practicing our religion, we are not the same as the bigoted extremists that claim affiliation with us.
  • Jewish people:Please just leave us alone, we just want to live without discrimination. History has taught us that we are never truly safe anywhere.
  • Women:Please stop assaulting and harassing us, and give us autonomy over our own bodies. We want gender equality in our society.
  • All of the above:We just want to live without fear of prejudice and oppression. We are human, and we deserve to have our voices heard.
  • White, straight, cis, able-bodied, Christian men:Alright but have any of you considered how that will affect me? I mean we can't just

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Lexa is not loyal. No matter what you or your friend says, even the writers have said lexa is not loyal, that is not an aspect of her personality. Your gif set if wrong. You can try to justify all you want it is still wrong. Try watching the show without your lexa Stan blinders, you will see how wrong you are.

you know, I’m a writer, I absolutely and unequivocally believe that stories matter: that the way we criticise, construct and change our narratives has genuine impact on the world, and that having passionate, diverse, critical opinions about books and films and TV shows and comics and video games is not only wonderful, but necessary, such I will gladly fight and die on the hill of Fictional Feels And Fandom Culture Are Actually Really Important - 

- and then I see snarky fandom trashtalk about how Ship A is stupid while Ship B is perfect and people on all sides acting like fucking five-year-olds fighting over a cardboard box and crying and slapping each other and squabbling for control of various imagined high-horses while getting mortally offended by even polite disagreement and it’s like,

you’re fucking threatening strangers on the internet because you want a different set of pretendy people to kiss

look at your life

look at your choices