~1,000 words of SICK!FIC *U*

many millions of thanks to lovely trufflemores for giving me support and confidence to post this!! ♥♥

sick!blaine and kurt kinda marveling at how much he loves him, even while he’s full of sniffles n’ sneezes. 

Five o’ clock in the evening, and Kurt arrives home from work, steps into their dark bedroom – and feels like he’s tripped head-first into an oven set to smother him with heat.

His lungs heave a sigh from him, and he pouts at the sickly, bundled-up lump of his boyfriend in their bed.

Lifting the edge of the blanket gingerly, sitting down on the edge of the mattress, “You’re still on fire, honey,” he winces, and rests his hand cautiously on the slope of Blaine’s waist. Blaine’s t-shirt is twisted here, exposing a strip of coffee-and-cream skin that is alarmingly clammy to the touch, still as sticky with salt as it had been when Blaine had coughed himself to tears the night before.

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Welcome to the heartache,
to the ultimate bloodshed,
when he tries his goddamn hardest
to ruin you, devour you whole;
he swore to it,
he sunk his teeth into your skin
and claimed you.
He loved you terrible,
and left you desolate,
left you hollow and shaking.

Welcome to the resurrection,
to the holy regrowth,
when you scrape him
from your skin,
from your brain
and begin again.
He wasn’t your tragic ending,
believe me,
I’ve watched Rome burn,
I set the fire myself.
You’re burning now,
but you will grow again,
and love will no longer be
ashes in your mouth.
—  Emily Palermo, A Sister’s Heartbreak Song
Using Mine For the Both of Us

The irony is cruel, she thinks as her ghost figure observes Robin weep over her limp body.

The scene before her is so familiar as if she lived it before, and for a moment she forgot that she had. Decades ago that had been her over Daniel’s body, crying and begging for help like Robin does right before her. He’s shaking her and telling her to wake up, whispering how he needs her, how she’s not allowed to leave him. His warm tears hit her cold lifeless body. He kisses her lips in desperation. She tilts her head and sighs, she aches for him. She cannot feel fully now that her heart is gone but she’s had her fair share of sorrow in the past and so she knows.

He kisses her hoping to revive her like she had also done to Daniel, but nothing can cure a crushed heart. He looks around, his eyes wild. He shouts for help and curses at the man who did this to her. He stares at the thief, a smug look on his face. His intention had been to kill Robin, but she jumped in front. She knows they will all think of it as noble, but truthfully was it was a selfish act. She jumped in front if him because she could not bear to be the one separated from him.

He runs his fingers through her hair and she can almost feel it. It’s only been moments she’s gone and she already misses his touch. Snow comes forward and puts a hand on his shoulder. He turns to see the Charming couple and freezes for a moment.

"Where’s Emma?" he asks

She emerges from the small crowd formed behind him, thinking of what she’s going to tell Henry. His mother is dead. She may be mom sometimes, but mostly she is Emma, Regina is mom.

She looks at him, her eyes filled with sorrow and confusion, what could he want from her?

Regina approaches to hear what he is whispering.

"You need to rip out my heart and crack it, like she did to your parents." he pleads to the so-called savior.

Emma and Regina let out twin sighs. Though neither of them doubts that it would work, only those who practice dark magic can break and crush hearts, all Emma can do it put them back, and she says such.

"Get out." he hisses. "All of you, leave." he tries to sound angry, he truly does, but his heart is filled with overwhelming grief and he only wishes to be alone with his soulmate before her flesh begins to rot and he must say goodbye forever.

They all walk away reluctantly, the Villains have gone off to find the book, the godforsaken book, he thinks. He holds her in his arms and is furious with her, continues to ask how she could do this to him. He stays over her body crying and kissing her for what feels like days, but only hours have gone by.

A figure approaches him from behind, Regina recognizes the person but Robin is unaware that there is someone behind him until a hand is placed on his shoulder. He doesn’t look up from Regina’s body.

"I said go away."

"You love her?" he whips his head around at the sound of an unfamiliar voice.

"What are you doing here?” he asks, malice and hatred in his voice. Regina catches a glimpse of the man Robin once was, the man who could commit murder.

"You love her?"

"Of course i love her. I can’t breathe without her. I don’t know how i’m going to be able to move on. I just found her, and she filled a hole in my heart that i didn’t know was there until she came along." he takes a moment to study the person before him and finally recognizes exactly who she is. Before he has a chance to question her, she plunges her hand in his chest and pulls his heart out.

Regina’s eyes widen in disbelief at the scene that unfolds before her. The sorceress cracks the heart in to and places it in Regina’s chest. Regina feels herself being pulled back, and everything goes black.

Her eyes fly open and she gasps for air. She barely has time to catch her breath before Robin’s lips are on her whispering how much he loves her, how he will die her if she ever tries to leave him again. They exchange passionate kisses before she gets up and walks toward the retreating figure.

"Maleficent." she calls, and the blonde turns around.

"Why’d you do it, why’d you bring me back."

She opens her lips to speak, but shuts them again. She collects her thoughts before she whispers “because it’s time for villains to get their happy endings too.”

Her words have Regina smiling as a single tear falls from her eyes.

"I promise, i’ll help you get yours too, if it is the last thing i do."

And she does.


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Bucky and Steve getting married April and Andy style by just inviting everyone over for a dinner party and suddenly being like 'btw this is out wedding lol thx' and Steve asks all the avengers to be his best man (including Nat). Bucky comes out in his best suit. Steve cries. Clint bawls into Nat's shoulder and Bruce is the minister. Tony gets drunk, Thor smashes a table out of happiness. They have their first dance to some slow song by a live band. It's beautiful.


What if...

mini daydream of the day -

my mind was wondering to what might happen when we meet Cain again

and everyone’s been squeeing over the idea of Cain identifying Cas as Dean’s Colette and ngl I’ve whiled away the time with similar cutesy romantic thoughts because hey it’s fun :) (even if my latest thinking is of Dean’s version of Colette being a Sam and Cas combo)

but then I got to thinking…

if we assume the boys go to find Cain in order for Dean to learn from him how to control the Mark, as opposed to how to remove it (or in any case we end up with Cain training Dean in how to control the Mark, even if they did originally go to Cain to get it removed, because Cain tells them it can’t be removed)

how would a Cain training session go?

in First Born he tested Dean by allowing a bunch of demons to attack Dean while he did nothing but watch

so I thought… what if he suspected Cas was like a Colette to Dean, but wasn’t sure? like, he noticed a shared glance between them, or a touch, and that got him speculating about their connection, but it wasn’t quite enough 

well, maybe Cain would test Dean’s emotional bond to Cas the same way he tested Dean’s fighting skills

ie. put Cas in danger and see how Dean reacts

and this evolved to -

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So last night was, in two words, absolutely fantastic. I am still super gutted that Tatiana did not win, but meeting Graeme Manson and Maria Doyle Kennedy was still amazing. They are both so great to talk to, and approachable so I had no second thoughts about coming up to them to introduce myself. Graeme’s table was right in front of us and he’s noticed that the second I walked up to him. Pretty sure he did not know they had fans in Bosnia, but made sure to give us a shoutout (and to myself hah) over twitter. We both agreed how all the award shows suck and have no idea how to recognize a talent when they see it.

I fell in love with Maria the moment she walked on that stage. She owns it and creates such a great, relaxed and entertaining atmosphere. I knew her voice was fantastic, but I was beyond words at how much talent she and her husband, Kieran Kennedy, have. After Graeme, I met some of the wonderful Clone Clubbers (aka I walked up to their table and said who I was like a nerd that I am), and I wish I had more time to talk to them, but I should be going to Toronto again soon so… that needs to happen. nonuniqueindie, peapodbond, dinasoar, carmillasbook and butterbeerandbread, I’m looking at you. :D

Then I finally met Maria, and there is this thing where she knows who I was through twitter, and I got a kiss on the cheek once we were done talking. Her husband also said they must include Sarajevo on their next tour, so I am looking forward to that.

PS, Thanks to my bro-in-law’s smoking addiction, I ended up hanging out with Graeme and Kieran outside of Hugh’s room as they had a smoke. Good times.

mental illness is
lying on your bedroom floor
with the darkness engulfing your senses and
your tears dribbling pathetically down your face
and you don’t know how to cope any more

mental illness is
sitting in lessons and trying to concentrate
but thinking about not existing
is easier to think about
than the potassium equations on the board

mental illness is
feeling numb when your friend comfortingly pats you on the arm
or thinking if you just opened the car door whilst the road is rushing past-

mental illness is NOT
sneering at your sister when the police come to the door
because she attempted suicide
and she’s only putting on a brave face
so everyone will leave her alone

mental illness is NOT
passing off a cat scratch
and a bandage
as a serious self harm mark
because it was on your wrist and you wanted attention

mental illness is NOT
telling your parents you’re going to commit suicide
(when they’ve already had a real life scare from their eldest)
just because
your older sister seemed spoilt
and you wanted the attention

—  i’m sick of this stigma around mental illness and i’m sick of people faking it for attention

If the Shadow the Hedgehog game focused a bit more on revealing the TRUTH of his backstory instead of all the unneeded twists and turns that ultimately led nowhere, the reveal of his true origins and whatnot might’ve been more satisfying and engaging.

But instead we get all this build-up that stemmed back to Heroes, and then we get not one or two but ten false endings with a true story that begs the question as to which path or paths are the correct ones that led up TO the final story.

While I appreciate what it did with the branching paths, I felt a good chunk of the levels could’ve been gutted out and more focus could’ve gone into how the story unravels. I mean I like that there’s two different bosses for each ending level but I feel they tried too hard to make way for ALL the possibilities and didn’t focus too much on filling plot holes since the last story was there (like Black Doom calling Shadow a traitor and disbanding from him only to ask for his help two levels later).

Like the explanation that’s presented in the last story could’ve just been covered in a good few cutscenes in a different game and leave it at that. Heck maybe in 06 there’s a part where Shadow takes his chance to go back in the past to learn about his own origins I dunno.

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Moulin Rouge Starter: “He’s got a huge… talent.” with Shae Lavellan.

((I’m sorry, I went a completely ridiculous direction with this.))

"I don’t know," Shae mused, staring across the tavern where Bull was drinking with the Chargers. As he watched, the massive qunari upended a tankard that was bigger than Shae’s entire head, downing its contents in one swig. "I’m fairly certain he could drink my weight in alcohol and still not get drunk."

"Oh, c’mon!" Sera urged, elbowing the Inquisitor in the ribs, the rogue already three sheets to the wind. "Don’t tell me your elfy dignity is gonna hold you back now. You can take ‘im!" 

Dorian threw his arm around Shae from the other side, the Altus nearly as drunk as Sera as he slopped half his mug’s contents over the Dalish mage. “Besides,” that velvet voice slurred in his ear, “I hear he’s got a huge…” he hiccuped, “talent.” 

Shae snorted, amused by the drunken antics of his friends. “Why don’t the two of you accept his challenge, since you’re clearly so interested in getting drunk.” 

"Oh no, no, no, my dear Inquisitor," Dorian answered, freeing his arm from around Shae’s neck and placing his hand against his own breast. "The Bull challenged you, our illustrious leader. You would be diminishing the dignity of the Inquisitor’s seat, were you to refuse." Only Dorian could wax eloquent while utterly inebriated. 

"Yeah! What ‘e said!" Sera banged her empty mug down on the table with a wooden thud. 

"C’mon, Spindlebritches," Varric chimed in as he returned from the bar with Blackwall in tow, the pair of them carrying 8 mugs between them, "You can take him. And even if you can’t, my stories will tell otherwise." The dwarf winked and pushed two of the mugs toward Shae. 

"That’s so reassuring," Shae murmured dryly as Bull and the Chargers wandered over. The qunari shook his head, massive horns just missing scraping the wooden beams overhead, and rolled his shoulders as he grinned at the Inquisitor. 

"Well, Boss, whaddya say? First one to pass out drunk, loses?"

Shae arched a tattooed brow, leaning toward the qunari. “How is this fair? You’ve already been drinking.”

"That’s just how overconfident he is, right Chief?" Krem slapped the Bull on the shoulder and the qunari snorted. "Some might even say foolhardy."

"What’s the matter, Boss. Still worried you’ll lose even with my headstart?" The Bull leaned down until he was almost nose to nose with the Inquisitor. 

"Fine. You’re on." Shae slapped the table and sat up straight, reaching for one of the mugs to a chorus of cheers. 


"So… we call it a draw?" Blackwall glanced down at Varric and the dwarf shrugged, his gaze on the scene before them.

Bull was seated on the ground, slumped half over on the bench kicked askew from the table, Sera draped across him. Shae was passed out against Dorian, the Tevinter mage leaning back against a pillar, mouth slightly open in the most undignified fashion. Their said ‘illustrious leader’ was drooling on Dorian’s shoulder and, for all Varric’s words about not putting this into the story, he really felt like this priceless moment needed to be preserved for posterity, if only for blackmail material later. 

"Yeah. We’ll call it a draw."

Letters to Lucy #1

Dear Lucy,

Wow there’s a whole lotta junk I wanna tell you…

I guess I’ll start with Gildarts. Can you believe I saw him yesterday!? We were in this sick battle that I was totally gonna win but there were some.. technical difficulties and we ended up calling it even (I’ll get him one day though, just you wait!).

We talked about a lot of things. I filled him in about everything for the most part, he asked about you. I told him me and Happy miss you, I hope you’re doing ok. I wonder a lot if I should have brought you with us, would you have wanted that, Luce? But… 

Errr, anyways. Gildarts is the one who said I should write to you like this! He said it would help me work out my feelings be cool to write down my adventures. I think he’s right, I can’t wait for you to read these! Just wait until I come home Luce- I’ll have stories that’ll have you writing in that novel of yours for days! Actually wait, don’t do that, I’ll be bored out of my mind. 

You know, the sky reminds me of you, I think your weirdness is contagious. I find myself awake in the middle of the night more often then I find myself asleep, but the stars are really pretty out here, so it’s ok. Are you looking at the stars too? I wish you could see them all here, you’d probably know all the names of every constellation and be able to point them out just like that.

I’ll be home soon Lucy, I promise. Just a little bit longer… just until I’m strong enough to protect you. You’ll probably be soo pissed at me when we get back but… I’m looking forward to it anyways.

Your weirdness is definitely contagious, jeez. I haven’t wrote this much since Erza decided she needed to test my penmanship by making me and Gray write that 10 page essay… I don’t really want to think about that….

I’ll see you soon Luce, every day I get closer to coming home.


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I don't have something specific to go add to it but I prompt you to write anything about Tommy Shelby.

So I was thinking about this last night because Tommy Shelby is my favorite type of antihero, in that he is not good but he is good at this, he is what he has to be to do what he must. He does terrible things, he bargains with lives, he deals and double-deals, he left honor in a hole in France, but he doesn’t flinch and he doesn’t fear.

(because he’s walking wounded he’s poisoned—everything in him is rot and the ugly, necessary things he had to do like bodies in a river, fouling the drink, but he’s alive, he’s upright, and he’s somehow got to keep walking even though he’s hard scar tissue and a ghost of a soul inside)

(you can’t flinch from what doesn’t frighten you, and Tommy’s seen hell with his eyes like ice and nothing scares him, after that)

but the saving grace of Tommy Shelby is that he has a name and a family, he has his people, and he protects them. He uses them for his own ends too, of course he does, but Tommy Shelby takes good care of his tools. Tommy Shelby protects what is his. And this is the reason that I like him, as a character, as an antihero, because he took—he took a look at the world that filled him full of mustard gas and shelling and said, fine you can be cruel and clever and deceitful, well, I learned it at your knee and let’s see how you like the taste.

He’s not good, but he’s good at this, and that’s enough to keep him walking forward, despite everything.

Please be near me,
To ease my restless soul,
I’ll hold you tight,
So we don’t grow cold.
—  im-just-your-average-joe

"listen debs, a million guys would kill to be raped by you"

nope nope nope NOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE. that is NOT okay. not at ALL. not funny, not a compliment, not okay to say. 

Can You Hear Me? (Ashton Irwin fanfic) - Chapter one


a/n: hii guys! so this is chapter one. it’s not much, it’s just an introduction that makes it sound like a michael fanfic lol I hope you guys like it. please don’t forget to leave me feedback. likes and reblogs are always appreciated! x

chapter list / read it on wattpad

Daphne’s POV:

 I stare at my reflection in the mirror for a few seconds before pulling my hair into a messy pony tail. I get a little closer and check my eyeliner to see if the flicks are even and then put on my lipstick in a light orange shade. I grew so used to wearing darker shades during the fall and winter in D.C. that now feels weird to suddenly put on a lighter shade in February. Until a week ago I had no idea we would be leaving the snow behind to face Sydney’s hot summer weather. It’s amazing the things you find out when you have to move to the other side of the world.

I grab my bag from the chair it has been sitting on since the day we got to this house and head downstairs.

“Good morning, beautiful.” My dad greets me from the leaving room and I smile at him.

The sweet smell of pancakes coming from the kitchen grabs my attention and I find my mom and my little brother, Noah, having breakfast quietly.

“Hi, Daphy.” Noah waves and then opens his mouth, showing me all the pancake he stuffed in there.

“Ew, you’re gross.” I joke and he laughs.

“Excited for your first day at school?” My mom offers me a smile.

I shrug. “So excited I almost couldn’t wake up.”

“Very funny.” She eyes me. “I see you put on your nice make up. Australian boys will be all over you.”

I sit down beside Noah and roll my eyes.

“Daphy wants a boyfriend.” He says giggling.

“Oh yes, I’m sure by the end of the day I’ll have charmed all Australian boys with my deafness and messed up speech.”

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Thanks for sending the link! I've now read all those Barduil fics on your profile and have this idea in my head for another, would you write it? Rock/Metal Festival AU - Black clothes, loud music, all that (and crazy people... Please). If you want.

Rock festivals were a sea of black clothes, dark hair and bad eye-liner; and Bard was no different in that respect. His dark brown hair was half pulled back, he had dark jeans and a black t-shirt and he was shamelessly enjoying his last summer before impending adulthood with his friends at a week long festival.

But the thing about the sea of black, was that if you had a waterfall of silver-blonde hair cascading down your back, then you stood out. If your skin was a shade of pure porcelain, so fair it almost seemed to glow, then you stood out.  

You stood out like a single star in the night sky.

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Levihan analysis

  There are a lot of things that calls my attention in this ship so I decided to write about it. 

  First of all the fact that Levi is a clean freak and Hange is sloppy with her higiene gets me a lot. You read this and think: how should these two people be supposed to get along? Well, they do. As we saw a lot of times in the manga and in the anime they have so many differences, especially in their personalities, but they always hang out together like this doesn’t even matter. That hair grab scene from episode 9 always calls my attention because it didn’t happen in the manga and every extra scene that is added in the anime needs to have Isayama approval so I think he allowed this scene to show that even Levi being a clean freak he doesn’t care to grab her dirty hair because he likes her and considers her a lot.  

  All of these is confirmed to me in the way he always seems to care so much about her well being. Like making her take a bath and asking about her bowel movements. Why does he worries so much about her? (I think I know why…)

  This scene from chapter 52 shows how much Levi cares for Hange.

  He understands the gravity of the situation they are in and how it is affecting Hange but realises that feeling guilty for Pastor Nike death wouldn’t help anything so he tries to convince her about that and remind her how intelligent and capable she is. And Hange understands what he is trying to say and so she moves on.  

  Another interesting thing is all the attention Levi requires from Hange. We have seen many times he trying to call her attention (most of them she ignores him) like in the hair grab scene and in these two scenes: 

(I think she didn’t ignore him on purpose, she was just focusing on other things at the moment).

  So we can see the importance Hange has for Levi. He wants her to be in his life. And even calling her names, making fun of her quirky habits and sometimes complaining how crazy she is, he always cares for her and say these things in a fun way because of course he loves all of these strange habits of her and can’t really be mad at her because of it. 

  Something that always calls my attention is how much Levi knows about Hange. In chapter 37 we saw Levi pointing out about that rock Hange was holding: 

  He says that he is surprised that she has this new hobbie so that means he knows her so well to even recognize what habits she has and what she doesn’t has. 

  And in chapter 51 when Hange knocks the door Levi knows exactly that it’s her:

  Why would he know that? (Maybe she knocked his door a lot of times so he started to recognise her own way to do that huehue). 

  And there is this scene from chapter 62 in which Hange uses a secret code to talk to Hitch and Marlo and they understand it because Levi probably taught them. So they even have secret codes between them and that is so amazing because I just try to think when and why they created that and it amuses me a lot. 

  But of course we can’t forget the importance Levi has for Hange.

  Let’s get back to chapter 51:

  When Levi started to feel guilty because titans are humans, she says this is only a possibility. Even knowing that this is probably the truth she wants to comfort him because she cares a lot for him too.  

  As well as the fact that she always understands him and helps him translating what he says indicates how they are connected. This also can form a great relationship. Think about it, he is described as romantically odd, so there is anyone better than Hange to stay with Levi? Someone who understands him and that will not require him many words, which he has so much trouble to use? Levi is a man of action, so words and expressions of feelings are very complicated things for him. Then Hange understanding him and helping him is very important and it shows how she cares for him. This is confirmed by the fact that she had been the first person to go talk to him in that spin-off because she was genuinely interested in the person he is. And how she praises him make me think that from the beginning, Hange always had this admiration for Levi and a special attention for him.

  (look his dumb face, he’s like “wtf are you? Are you even real? How can you talk to me like that like I’m not dangerous or anything?”) 

  Another important fact to point out is that Hange is never intimidated by Levi. Even him being rude sometimes she always talks to him comfortably because as I just said before she understands him and knows that the way he talks is not how he truly feels. We saw Hange talking about that in her interview. How she thinks Levi is a good man and that the fact that he is rude sometimes doesn’t mean he is a bad guy. It’s very interesting to me how she breaks all of his barriers. Things that other people wouldn’t dare to say to Levi but she do and always get away with it and he accepts that (like a good husband would do). It kills me how they are so comfortable and used to each other. 

  And how she always understands him and gets along with him make them look like so much like an old married couple and this amuses me even more.

  And moreover, is always shown how they know each other, for example, they pointing out their quirks (and accepting them). Lets not forget the nicknames that only they use like “shitty glasses” “four eyes” “clean freak”and “little guy” and the poop jokes they make together. And also their little bickering and the familiarity they talk to each other. All of these further confirms to me the level of intimacy they have.  

  Leaving the romance aside, as comrades they have a very high level of trust and respect for each other. And besides that they also work very well together and are a great pair as we have seen in the manga and official drawings: 

  But for me something that maintains a good relationship is the friendship that the couple has and also the confidence between them, which is something they definitely have together, so I really can’t see why it could not become a romance. But mainly the fact that they are so different and yet accept each other the way they are really gets me because isn’t that what love is about? Accept the person you love the way they are?   

  I really can’t with these two, they give me a lot of feelings and many reasons that what they have together is something much bigger than a friendship. But let’s be reasonable, this is a shonen manga about naked giants who devour people, so I find it really hard that many couples will become canon. This is a decision that the author himself made to his history as well, just having some hints of romance than the romance itself. But for me levihan already have so many of these insinuations that I believe that this ship can become canon. I don’t know if they are going to be together (a lot of characters are going to die till the end of the story), but I hope that at least it will be confirmed that they carry those feelings for each other, even if they don’t survive in the end.