When You’re Trying to Figure out your Life Remember …

1. We can’t tell the future; we don’t know what lies ahead. All we can ever do is try to figure out a plan.
2. Your friends and your parents don’t know the future either. Your life is YOURS to live – don’t let them plan your life for you.
3. Enjoy what’s happening now; hang out, and do things with your friends. At least that is reality – so make the most of “now”.
4. Uncertainty and change are a big – normal – part of life. So, learn to become comfortable with “not knowing right now.”
5. Procrastination, although common, can really stop you from succeeding. Just take a step and act – regardless of the way you feel.
6. You need to learn to focus – and ignore all distractions – for, otherwise, you’ll never really progress or succeed.
7. Life is full of lots of chances – you can usually try again – or try another option if you mess things up this time.


Putting the finishing touches on my Blank Space inspired costume for DC night one on July 13th and am LOVING how it looks!!! It’s inspired by my Red Tour costume seen here

My friend Becca will also be wearing this (she’s just out of town right now) and we are SO EXCITED. TAYLOR, OUR BOY VANCE, SHAWN, AND HAIM ALL IN ONE NIGHT!?!?!

We’re sitting in Floor 18, Row 26, seats 7 and 8 :) If you see us, come say hey!

If you guys don’t mind reblogging, I would be forever grateful and will do the same for your date too! -xo Kara

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Hey!😊 Sorry to bother you but, i'm a little scared that when their contract with sony expires, they won't be together anymore (i know things are great rn but you know)i'd just like to know what you think about that (you don't have to answer tho)

I’m not sure how to answer this to alleviate your fears, because the band ending is certainly a possibility after their Sony contract is up.

BUT from what we’ve been seeing they are rebranding right now and going through a lot of effort to establish the four of them as equal members in a grown up band.  I don’t think they’d be going to that much trouble if they were just coasting til the end and tapping their toes impatiently, waiting to get out.

I suppose all of this effort COULD be to position themselves well for post 1D careers, only time will truly tell. But my suggestion is to enjoy what’s happening now and let the future take care of itself.

The last few months have given us four very happy looking boys (five really, Zayn’s been looking happy and healthy lately as well) that have solid sponsorships, respectable associations with fellow artists and industry players (not just whoever is the latest flash on the scene), and that are working hard on stage and off. It’s great to see!

The future isn’t written yet, if today they are planning on ending the band after the sixth album, they could change their minds next month. If they’re planning to stick together until they’re bald and using walkers, they could decide differently next year. We can’t spend too much time worrying about the future for them. They have long, successful lives ahead of them; we’re just here to support them and enjoy the ride :)

And as a much older fan who once loved the Osmond Brothers with all her heart (and later the New Kids on the Block), I will tell you that they will always be in your heart, even when they aren’t the center of your world. Even if the band ends, the boys will continue on being the amazing people that they are, either in the public eye or not, and they will always welcome the love that you have for them.

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What exactly is this "proof" of? Go to Egypt right now and tell them they are black Africans. You won't be welcomed with open arms. Egyptians referred to black Africans as Nubians. this is shown in their hieroglyphs. Also Jesus was middle eastern, Jesus was a Jew. So sorry for ya but he also most certainly wasn't black. Not that skin tone means anything of any type of real value.

Are we really having this conversation in 2015.

Where’s your proof to counter my points?

I live in Amerika right now and all the Indigenous PoC are Super Minorities in this country, because, wait for it… colonization. The same way whites invaded Amerika and took the land and resources is what the Northern invaders did to Kemet and wiped out the Kemites and Nubians.

Your whole narrative is from a European narrative. Do more research and don’t settle for your community college professors take on History.

Your lens is from a contemporary view. You speak as if Africans were relegated to just the African continent. Africans were the original settlers of the Middle East and were the original Jews so you done fucked up again.

Go study…

actually, you know what, i need to vent about this whole Tyler situation a little, because it really pisses me off now. because seriously, how could you listen to his songs and all those words he wrote and believe that he doesn’t support or love you? he wrote those words fighting his own battles and to help us fight ours not to pick more battles with each other. but maybe he was truly right when he said that ‘these lyrics aren’t for everyone, only few understand’. because some people just love taking things out of context and use it for their own agenda. so please, stop. because it’s hurtful and it’s definitely not nice. stop giving him a hard time over something he didn’t do and stop spreading all this negativity. he gave you no reason at all to do that. thank you for your attention, Nat out.

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idk if you're still doing this but 7 with Michael please. If you're not doing it anymore it's fine😊

I’ll keep doing these as long as people keep sending them in 😊 just really slow tho so bear with me

“Ah fuck.” You yelped, stubbing your toe against Michael’s bed frame. You came over to hang out with him, only to be greeted with his mom telling you that he was still sleeping. “Asshole, wake the fuck up.” You smacked his leg, leaning over to clutch your toe.

He groaned loudly, swiping at your hand. “Fuck off, I’m sleeping.” 

“Dickhead, it’s almost 4!!” 

“Good! I stayed up all night playing the new Final Fantasy.”

You sat the edge of his bed, poking his cheek. “If you wake up right now I’ll let you cuddle me as much as you want without getting mad that you’re being too clingy.” You bargained. 

“No, I like when you get mad. It turns me on.” He turned his head away from you, pulling his covers over him.

“Michael.” You whined “I want to hang out with you!”

“And I want to sleep! Now shut up. I dreamt about you last night and you woke me up from it.” His eyes shot open, realising what came out from him.

“What?” You said with a deadpan tone.

“Nothing! Ahahah you didn’t hear anything! Look I’m awake now!”

“Michael… You dreamt about me last night? Was it pervy?” 

He sighed, sitting up. “No, it was actually pretty nice. I won’t tell you but it was nothing nasty.”

You pressed your lips together, smiling yet trying to hide the fact that you were kinda happy he dreamt about you.

He groaned this time louder “Stop with your stupid face.” He held his arms out, motioning with his hands for you to get in them. You did, thinking you were just getting a hug but he suddenly wrapped them around you tightly and returned to his resting position. “This is your punishment. You’re gonna  stay here while I sleep.”

“I bet you’ll like that, huh?” You wiggled your brows, laughing controllably while he rolled his eyes and tried to go back to sleep. 

Send me a number w/a boy // or just send me a request :V

((hi all! i had a lot of fun in the stream yesterday… sorry that i couldn’t be there later into the night (or rather, later into the morning), but i see festivities went on without me just fine lol.

however, after seeing that people had a lot of fun in that, i’ve made the decisions that i want to make this a regular thing, like… every day possibly. i’m setting up another channel (separate from the movie night one, and that will still happen too!) where i’m hoping to just have mark videos streaming all the time.

this way, since i know lots of people love having mark marathons, you can have your youtube binge with some other people! so click here if you want to bookmark is and check it out. i’m just gonna have some music playing right now while i set things up :> ))

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What if they never properly come out and i can never prove my friends that dont belive in tronnor that i was right

Unless they break up, there will be a point where it’s absolutely obvious that they’re together, even if they never come out properly. Eventually, it’ll just be a known fact. So don’t worry too much, because they’re going strong and don’t seem to be on the verge of a breakup at all.

And lmao having your friends believe you isn’t much better, really. My friends are just like “Yeah okay it’s real we know but stop talking about Tronnor”/“wait, why is that proof”/“I understand none of what’s coming out of your mouth right now”/“isn’t Sage a plant??” They also deliberately spell Tronnor with an e and pronounce TRXYE (and even Troye sometimes) as “trixie” to wind me up.

Sidenote, one of them reads my blog when she’s bored but likes to pretend she doesn’t, so hey there. I see you.

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imagine when Shizuo gets the shock of his life when Izaya drags him out to the car after he's been dressed and he just kisses him right in front of the paparazzi, with tongue and all and pulls him into the car in the most scandalous way possible

HAHAHHA oh my god poor shizuo’s he’s so startled and once they’re in the car he’s just ‘oh god oh fuck they’re going to start following me around too why the fuck did you do that shit now i can’t go to my favorite bakery or they’re going to FOLLOW ME god FUCK why did you FUCK YOU’

and izaya’s just feeling very pleased with himself

Help a girl out? :)

Hi all! So I haven’t posted this lately, but with my surgery coming up in just over 3 months I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post it now. So total right now I have around $12500/$21000 saved, and I’ll be going for a loan soon. If you can afford to donate, please do! ❤️ if you can’t afford to donate, I 110% understand, and would still be mega appreciative if you could just signal boost for me ❤️ y'all rock my socks

A lot of people on my dash seem to be going through hard times right now (and especially tonight) and for your privacy I won’t tag you, but:

  • I love you
  • I saw your post and am sending good thoughts and good vibes your way - whatever hurt/fear/emotion you’re going through, I hope it abates sooner rather than later
  • This is my Happy Tag. It’s for sad days, and has a LOT of cute animals, some funny stuff, and recently a very kind message from RDJ of all people
  • I hit ask limit so I can’t reach out to you, but I am here if you want to vent

Okay so you guys know about me going to that thing in September to meet Steven, right? Well I filled out an application to volunteer there over the entire weekend and I just checked my email to find that they want to do a phone interview with me and stuff which means there’s a possibility I might get the opportunity??? They give all volunteers all access to everything ect ect.. so like this’ll be both a thing where I gain the experience and a chance for me to actually get the opportunity that will distract me from my sadness for a whole four days idk which is better tbh

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Chrom/Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening with 8 or 20?

~1-25 Kiss Ficlets~

“All right,” says Robin from the tent flap, standing just inside the enclosure. “It’s time to call it a night, wouldn’t you say?”

Lucina glances up from the chessboard. Morgan, however, does not.

“Not now. I think I might win,” Morgan says. He bites on his lip and lets his hand wander this way and that until he decides where he wants to set down his knight.

Robin puts her hands on her hips.

“We can’t stop in the middle of a match,” Lucina points out, turning her attention primarily back to their game of chess, but not before she sees the twinkle in her brother’s eyes. “Overnight, our train of thought will stray, receding into a place in our minds that we cannot easily access and where it shall become lost. Besides, we wouldn’t be able to take a break in the middle of a fast paced battle on the field.”

“Yup!” Morgan holds up his fist and sticks up his thumb. He widens his smile. “Just like what Lucina said!”

And just like what he told her. That’s what Robin thinks to herself as she walks further into her tent. Yes. Her tent. Not their tent.

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  • Go to my ask on/off anon
  • Imagine I’m the person you hate/love the most right now
  • Get it all out
  • I will not reply

Note: it’s okay, seriously, you can insult me all you want, I won’t take it personally.

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Look, I know you better stop leaving all the gorgeous people in my dash or we gone have a problem. Lmao I'm supposed to be sleep dammit.

Lol! Girl, there’s just so so so….SO many of them lol. I’m trying to stay out of the avengers tag right now. I just want them all. 

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You said the lathes send out with the splits but no lathes?

All lathe cut and rk split orders are shipping out like right now. Our new mailorder guy Jim Rita has been doing this shit like 13 hours a day. He also just quit smoking so I think he is going to kill me.
- derrick

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"Fear?" Jealousy piped up, while searching for the right manual. "How DO you do it? I mean, being so aware, so safe.." she casually pat down her pristine gown, and made sure her hair was straight. "It just makes me so, ugh, jealous!" Her normal shade of light pink turned an intense green. 'Oh no, I turned myself green with envy again. What will he think now?' Jealousy thought, horribly embarrassed, though this happened nearly every day, and when talking to anyone.

“It is pretty impressive, isn’t it? Yup– all it takes is constant alertness and a near-crippling sense of paranoia.”

He straightened up when she changed colors, watching her curiously and a little cautiously. It was crazy how often she got set off like that, but he much rather help her calm down than deal with a hyper-jealous emotion. “But, I mean, I could try to help you out, if you want. Are you trying to find one of the manuals or something?”

Be a bro!

Let’s get down to business, to defeat our bros
Did they send me taunters, when I asked for foes?
You’re the weakest bunch I ever met
But you can bet, before we’re through
Smasher, I’ll make a bro out of you

Tranquil as a fortress, but on fire within
Once you find your counter, you are sure to win
You’re the weakest smashers I’ve ever met
And you haven’t got a clue
Somehow I’ll make a bro out of you

I’ll never get my smash to work
How did you just dodge right through me?
Boy, how could I ever defeat these guys
This hand’s got ‘em scared to death
Hope he doesn’t smash right through me
Now I really wish that I knew how to fly

Be a bro
We must be swift as a final smash ball
Be a bro
With all the force of a master fortress
Be a bro
With all the strength of a raging smasher
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Time is racing toward us, till the Hands arrive
Heed my every lecture, and you might survive
You’re unsuited for the master core
So pack up, go home, you’re through
How could I make a bro out of you?

[Chorus x2]
Be a bro
We must be swift as a final smash ball
Be a bro
With all the force of a master fortress
Be a bro
With all the strength of a raging smasher
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Be a bro
We must be swift as a final smash ball
Be a bro
With all the force of a master fortress
Be a bro
With all the strength of a raging smasher
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

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You leave people that care about you behind without reason and then act like you are the victim. The second you showed your true colors was the second I knew I would never let you back into my life. And I probably should have known this would happen but you probably shouldn't have fucked it all up. You're pathetic and honestly you just need to grow up and learn out to live without drama because now you have nothing and the only drama you have is your own because nobody else cares enough anymore

Go to my ask on/off anon, imagine I’m the person you hate the most right now, get it all out, I will not reply.