My nearly entirely foil Brion Stoutarm EDH deck is my favorite ongoing project. Every single one of the 93 foil cards in it I traded for locally (or was gifted), and I have never once compromised on my choice of lands. Card selection is based not on power level, but on availability and attractiveness of the foil.

But through and through I feel that this deck is so uniquely mine. To some of the often questionable card choices kept in because of my preference for the art, to the multiple cards marked with sharpies. It really does give me great joy to reveal that all of the writing is directly on the cards. People get pretty upset sometimes; but what they don’t really get is that all of these cards have a great value to me which is in excess of whatever starcity charges.

I dunno. I just really like these deck. And I like this project. Magic players can be so serious sometimes (and I can too I guess) and get so focused on card value. This deck stands against that. It’s a serious attempt to not take things seriously. I dunno. Maybe that doesn’t make sense? I just really like writing on cards. It makes people mad

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"If you cannot verify a link is safe, don’t click it. Take some responsibility for yourself". Seriously surprised at you engaging in this kind of rhetoric, Bella. I thought you of all people would understand the importance of blogging with responsibility and empathy for your community. Good to know how unsafe you are, I'll make a note of it.

Are you actually trying to use the fact that I’m an abuse survivor to shame me? Because that’s what it sounds like. And that’s really not okay. 

I am pro-writers using tags and content warning. I am pro you asking Steffi if she’d add tags. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, or asking her about a specific fic.  I am not pro someone clicking on a link they couldn’t verify was safe, then getting upset. 

I don’t click links that I cannot verify as safe - that they’re not going to download viruses, that they’re not links to something that will trigger me. 

I do not click. 

If I want to click, I google. I do some research. I check out what the rest of the web says. It’s super easy to do this, especially when it comes to fic.
Hell, I did this yesterday before going to see Big Hero 6 just to be sure I’d be okay with the film. 

And yes, sometimes I fuck up and I click something I shouldn’t and I get triggered. And then I cry, but I know I was the one who chose to click it. 

I want people to be empathic and responsible, but I understand that I need to take care of myself first and foremost, not rely on others to do it for me, and that means I put a bit more effort into checking things out before I dive into them. It’s not as if opening google and typing in the title of a fic is that much effort in the first place. 

non-Jewish followers, if you follow curvesincolor, PLEASE GO UNFOLLOW THEM RIGHT NOW. they are a rabid anti-semite who has explicitly aligned themselves with literal neo-nazis on this site (see my last post for details) and has consistently dismissed every jewish person who tried to explain to them how hurtful their actions are with “lol white tears.” shit like this honestly makes me feel so unsafe, this blogger self-identifies as a POC and uses social justice rhetoric to talk about how jewish people are literally evil and deserve to die. THIS is why it’s so important for social justice people to stand up against anti-semitism, because it’s not only a vague external threat from people who suck anyway, it’s rampant in our own movement.

I just went hunting for a fanfic I wrote when I was a kid, and though the internet seems to have forgotten it, I now have internet proof that I have been doing this shit since I was twelve. TWELVE. SIXTEEN YEARS. I HAVE BEEN DOING THIS. FOR SIXTEEN YEARS. 

And by the time I found that site and posted that fic, I’d already been active in fandom for some time. Which raises the truly horrifying prospect that I’d been active in fandom since age 11. And this was long before parents had any idea about monitoring their kids’ internet usage, so. LET’S NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT WHAT I WAS DOING AT PROBABLE-AGE 11.

btw dudes. I think I’ll start going as a demigirl around here to see how I feel about it. also my pronouns can be she/they/xir. I don’t even know much about the last one but eh. now the real thing I gotta look into is whether or not I’m autistic because lately I’ve felt some real connection between me and posts about autism


Part 2 of folks that got not chill 😂😂😂


get to know me meme | [5/10] favorite fictional females: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)

"I’m Usagi Tsukino, 14 years old. I’m in eighth grade. I’m a Cancer. My blood type is O positive and my birthstone is the pearl. I’m clumsier than others and a bit of a crybaby. That’s about it."