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ah, yes intp. devin, my boyfriend of two years is an intp. also my sister is. prepare for a long post.

positive experiences: idk there is something about intp’s that is really intriguing. their mind is so complex and i think that’s only something you notice when you’re really close to an intp. otherwise they probably just look like really confused people. but seriously, there is always something going on up there and i just want to dive into their mind and figure it out! also, they’re really innovative? i love how inventive devin is, like he is always the first to come up with a solution to a problem. i’m always just sitting there like ??? and he just dives in and starts testing things out and ends up finding a really innovative way of fixing the problem. also, he always brings reason to my irrational feelings. like i let my emotions get out of control sometimes and he is always there to bring me back and rationalize with me. also, they’re so damn chill like we can have low key hang outs and they’re chill or we can go do something fun and they’re chill like they just like everything. oh, and the intp’s i know are all nerdy. and i fucking love it.

negative experiences: they’re brutally honest most of the time, and i’m easily affected by everything, so sometimes it’s hard for devin and i. like he likes to just joke around without it meaning anything, but i’m too sensitive sometimes. also, i want to figure out what’s going on in his head (because i’m intrigued or i want to help!!!), but he can’t always vocalize it. he needs to THINK about his feelings and that is just a completely foreign concept to me. like i already know what my feelings are the moment i’m feeling them, but apparently it’s pretty common, esp in intp’s to have to take time to think through your emotions.

what we usually talk about/do: whatever we want. we seriously are both so chill that it’s like “so what do you wanna do? i dunno, what do you wanna do….. i dunno..” they’re always up for new experiences (me too!!) so if i have an idea (bc i’m usually the spontaneous one), then i’ll bring it up and we usually go do it. and sometimes were both just like really lazy and want to do nothing but lay in bed so we do that too. we usually talk about pretty much anything also.

ps i got asked to do intp literally four times there must be a lot of intp’s on here

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Hi! I'm about to begin my first science pre requisite for nursing, & it's Anatomy! I was wondering if you had any advice or study tips? I haven't taken a science course in 5-6 years, so I'm a bit nervous!!

I still don’t know why everyone always asks me study questions hahah I’m not good at studying. I legitimately have no advice! Everyone asks me this question over and over and I know you’re all well meaning, but I’m literally terrible at studying. I promise don’t have any secret mysterious methods of learning; I’m just really good at taking tests figuring things out.When I was in school I didn’t highlight, I didn’t make flashcards, I didn’t have a study group…I just took notes in class and wrote my own test questions based off those and the text. Maybe you can try that? Writing questions forced me to look at the material the way a professor would and decide what was important to know. I tried to make my questions really hard and tricky, which made the actual test questions seem easy in comparison. Many times, questions that I wrote while studying actually ended up on the test. So try that? I dunno. Good luck!

   An original concept :3 just testing out a few things such as brush patterning and cell shading. I used lineart for this piece , the coloring of this piece is a bit more rough as it’s more of a concept piece : ) this will be part of my original tutorial pack later on ! I really like  the color purple lol XD