I don’t get why people say that celestial mages are weak. Pfffttttt. It takes up quite some magic to open a gate, and both Yukino and Lucy can do two gates at a time. Other than that, they also know how to fight, and must also learn how to withstand/ dodge attacks well because obviously they wouldn’t use their beloved celestial spirits as shields. I’m just saying.”

—Submitted by bleachfan-hitsuhina-rangin

foolproof steps for enjoying the star wars prequels
  1. turn on the star wars prequels
  2. shed yourself of the juvenile and foolish compulsion to adhere to idiotic societal pressures in which hating on the star wars prequels is the cool thing to do 
  3. enjoy the star wars prequels 
In case you guys didn't notice, reporting people from your dash is easier

I just discovered this, and I don’t know how many other people know, so…here’s how to do it. (Major warning for suicide baiting in the content, hence why I am reporting this person)

Wow, look at this person being disgusting to my friend! That’s unacceptable behavior! Let’s do something about this!

Just hover over the offender’s url and go to the drop-down menu from that little carrot.

That’s new! Click on that.

This menu pops up on the side. It gives you options and automatically selects to ignore the person you’re reporting.

Many choices! You can get quite specific. Now, they’ll ask for examples. I didn’t have to go far to find more of this person doing the exact same thing to others.

Then just hit submit…

And there you go! You reported someone doing something terrible, all from the comfort of your dash!

(Please let it be noted that I left the content of the post I was reporting just so it could be seen that yes, this was content that violates the community guidelines, and not something that didn’t warrant reporting.)

I need there to be a spinoff focusing on Luca and Ayase from Kazumi Magica. How did they come to share a body? Is it even their body? Are they really sisters or are they a girl with a split personality? Could they just be two random people who got shoved into the same body somehow and now think of each other as siblings? There are so many questions I have about them, and so many possibilities for a story focused on them. I just have to know!

Submitted by Anon

more on writing

I just submitted my assignment for a challenge on the Women of the MCU and I have been having many thoughts about the process and writing for challenges. 

First, I’d forgotten what it’s like to write short, so trying to tell a story in what ended up being just under 5K words was incredibly challenging. Also, part of the difficulty I had been having in creating the story was that I was thinking (perhaps too much) about what the person who made the prompt might want. It took me a while to figure out what was going on with this but it eventually came back to me that for so long, I’ve been writing primarily with myself as the audience (i.e. anything I was writing, was really to explore my own ideas) that I was having trouble thinking that my ideas were okay.

In the end, I wrote a story worked out in my head with the characters invovled, and that I really hope the prompter will enjoy and feel fit their request.

(and of course, writing women in the MCU is something I really enjoy so that was the fun part :D)

When the stories go up on anon (in a few days) I’ll point everyone at the collection so you can all enjoy :D

okay so true story 

when i first got on tumblr like 10 minutes ago i saw the dress as white—with a greyish tint—and gold. i saved a photo of it to my computer. then i scrolled a bit, read my dash freaking out over this dress, and then refreshed my dash. 

i clicked on the link someone just submitted to superblys. on that person’s blog, i see the fucking dress as dark brown-gold and a darkish satiny periwinkle…. but not black and dark blue. i go and check the photo i downloaded and THAT TOO IS DARKER BLUE AND DARK GOLD. it’s more apparent when it’s a smaller image??? 

my perception of the dress just changed on me???? why????

what the FUCK who took that goddamn overexposed picture to begin with and who decided to unleash hell on my already weary ass eyes

A time-capsule aircraft just landed in Riyadh!
طائرة من زمن آخر هبطت على احدى شوارع الرياض!
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Imagine your favourite character sexually whispering in your ear “Prepare for trouble,” and out of nowhere, your second favourite character whispers in the opposite ear, “And make it double”