Pairing: DE ofc
Timeline: post-6x19
Rating: T?
Genre: outrageous fluff
Summary: Sophie wanted an extension of the last scene of 6x19 ;)

My first reaction is shock.

I stare at Damon, wide-eyed, looking for any sign of hesitation, any tiny thing that would clue me in that he’s not being serious – but he is. I can see that he is.

Damon wants to turn human for me.

I move my lips, but no matter how hard I try, no sound comes out. Words fail me completely, and I can only stare dumbly at him, frowning and blinking. His face falls a bit.

“As long as you want it, too,” he adds, the first notes of anxiety seeping into his voice.

I eliminate the distance between us, pressing my mouth to his, because if I can’t speak just yet, maybe the kiss will say it for me. I feel him smile against my lips, responding with a smile of my own without thinking, and he pulls back, his eyes still having that beautiful, hopeful glimmer to them.

I mean to say that I’m on board with it only if he wants it for himself, not just for me, but my mind already conjures up images: walking down the aisle with him waiting for me there, promising to love and cherish each other (though we would do it anyway), starting a family, Damon being crazy overprotective while I’m pregnant, his eyes when he sees his child – our child – for the first time…

I feel myself welling up a little, because all these fantasies, buried deep down to be forgotten forever have suddenly reemerged, and having a chance to share that with Damon gives them a new meaning, much deeper than they’d ever had.

We’re still looking at each other, hope a beautiful and fragile thing between us, but I finally find the strength to say what I have to say.

“What do you want?”

He doesn’t hesitate even a second.

“You. Always you. And I hope… that I can make you at least a tenth as happy as you make me.”

“I’m happy,” I promise, kissing him again. “Damon, I won’t lie to you, I want all that. So much. But I know you’re happy as a vampire, that vampirism is a part of who you are. I would never ask you to give it up for me.”

“I don’t care about vampirism,” he says passionately, hands grasping my shoulders. “The only time in my vampire life when I was happy was with you. The only person who ever made me… who always makes me truly happy is you. And a real shot at a life that you want, a life that, once upon a time, I wanted, too – that’s not a sacrifice. It’s a miracle, Elena.”

I tilt my head and narrow my eyes coyly, though what I actually want to do right now is sing and dance and jump around like a little kid.

“I thought you didn’t believe in miracles,” I tease, but he’s touching my face with such fascination as if I were a miracle myself.

“I figure it’s a good time to start,” he winks, leaning in again, the kiss slow, deep and long this time, our lips parting reluctantly in the end.

We both look at the wall at the same time, and Damon grins mischievously.

“Shower?” I whisper hopefully as his hands slide lower to support me so I can wrap my legs around his waist.

“Like you even have to ask.” 


I stare into the horizon as I stand on the white, sandy beach. The waves splash gently onto my feet before quickly retreating back into the sea. The gentle breeze flows through the land and brushes against my face softly. The world is at peace. A storm brews in the distance, barely visible, noticeable only by squinting. I whisper something that truly comes out of my heart, voicing my deepest emotions and concerns.

“There is no fucking way Hussie is gonna keep this happy bullshit up for long just you fuckers wait and see”

A single tear rolls down my face, as I watch that small storm approach slowly.


squishyshinki asked:

top 5 yunjae moments uwu

1. dangerous love

everything that was part of this drama was just so [looks wistfully in the distance] perfect

there was longing stares into each others eyes

yunho carrying jaejoong husabnd style

jaejoong actually blushing through 99% of the taping

their cinematic moment

actual fucking confession which in no way needed to be acted out

whatever the hell this is

and this was them when they weren’t even shooting!! why!

like what is the need! remember when the director said oh yunho, i think you’re really into this for real. yeah, he wasn’t lying!

2. yunjae in bora bora

these assholes didn’t even care they were being taped. in fact, it led to this!

what is shame!

3. HIJ 4

remember the time yunjae had boners on screen and were practically grinding on each other?? no?

good times.

4. the king and the passerby

when yunho was made king and had a whole buffet but decided to feed his husband. what really kills me is jaejoong’s smile after he’s fed. it’s so shy and cute and filled with blushing goodness

(you can’t really see it in this pic, but if you youtube it, you’ll know what i mean)

and then they somehow ended up sitting next to each other because the heart wants what it wants

5. MKMF hug

do i even need to explain?


I had a dream once,
where my mother was at
the beach, sitting on the
cold sand.

It was just after sunset,
When the sun shoots out
its last rays of light and turns
everything purple. 

The waves kissed the shore
and ran away back into
the ocean. My mother was
staring out into the distance.

habibi, she said.
I’m like the waves.
No matter how many times
I leave you

I’ll always come back to you.
You’re my shore, habibi.

And she was always
my waves.


Of course I care

Just a short, Quintis piece inspired by the end of Cliffhanger. 

When Walter stormed out of the garage, Ferrari keys in hand, they didn’t know what to do. 

“Let him cool off,” Toby told Happy, Sylvester a nervous wreck looking at the shrink. “Take it easy, Sly, don’t let him give you a stroke.” 

Happy fell back onto the couch, a blank look on her face as she stared ahead. Toby made his way over and sat beside her. Keeping more distance between them than he would have liked, he spoke. “He’ll be fine, Hap.” She didn’t look up and he took that to mean she didn’t want to talk. 

Making a move to stand, Happy’s hand on his knee stopped him. “Don’t.” She looked at him, the corners of her lips quirking up. “You know you messed up by sleeping through that date, but you’re still my best friend.“ 

He smiled, but she cut him off as she had more to say. “Best friend or not, I’ll keep giving you hell about this as long as I want to. You deserve it.” 

“It was an honest mistake,” he defended. “You know I’d never do that intentionally.” 

“Intentionally or not, you did it.” She shrugged, “And I know you didn’t mean to do it. But it’s still fun to mess with you.” 

Toby smiled, “You do care about me.” 

“Of course I care, you idiot, you’re my best friend.” She tapped his knee before standing. “Now get up,” she demanded, her hand out to help him off the couch. His head tilted ever so slightly as he took her hand and stood. “We’re going out.” 

Toby didn’t let go of her hand and Happy didn’t either as she continued. “I’m starving and I know you must be. You’re driving us for food.” 

“I’m driving?” He was shocked. Happy usually insisted on driving, no matter whose car they took. 

“Yeah, that way I can eat while you drive us back. We need to be here if Walt calls or comes back. You think you can handle this?” 

His hand still holding hers, he brushed across her knuckles with his thumb and held her gaze. “I can.” 

“Good,” she told him, letting go of his hand after giving it a quick squeeze. “Hey, Sly, we’re going out for food. You want to come with?”

The mathematician look up, “No, thank you. I’m not hungry." 

Toby narrowed his eyes and yelled across the garage, “I’m bringing you back a milkshake, my man.” Sly smiled up at his friend before looking back at what he was working on. 

Deciding to press his luck even further tonight, Toby draped his arm across Happy’s shoulders. “Let go,” he said. 

“Don’t push it, doc.” And with that, Happy slipped out from under his arm, a playful elbow to the side and a glance back that told him she wasn’t mad, just enjoying the tease as she held her hand out to him. 

a snail crawls into a snar (snail bar), the snartender (snail bartender) asks him, “What can i get for you good snir (snail sir)?” “I’ll have a snargarita (snail margarita), i’ve had quite the snay (snail day).” “Commin’ right up snir,” The snail gets his snrink (snail drink) and takes a long drink, his snlips (snail lips) start to burn and sizzle, the snail lets out a pained snail (snail wail) as he flopped off of his seat, the snrowd (snail crowd) stares in shock, the snar goes deathly quiet. The snartender is horrified, he has a snife (snail wife) two snids (snail kids), one of them is going through snollege (snail college), he’s just been mixing snrinks to help with a little more snincome (snail income). He hears the snirens (snail sirens) in the distance.

The snartender fixed his snie (snail tie) as the snourt (snail court) was quiet, the snudge (snail judge) looks over to the snury (snail jury) “What is your verdict?“We the snury find the snefendant (snail defendant), Jordan S. Sluggs, guilty of Involuntary Snailslaughter.”

The snartender begins to sneep (snail weep), he looks over his shoulder behind him to see him snife snobbing (snail sobbing) as she holds their kids close, the youngest one looks up to his snother (snail mother), then at his snather (snail father), he asks why she is snrying (snail crying, what’s going on, where is snad (snail dad) going?.

She doesn’t reply, she continues to snry as the judge’s gavle echos through the room.

My cat just did that thing where they sit up suddenly for no apparent reason and stare into the distance with a startled expression as if something unseen is scaring them. That freaks me out.


From the next chapter of Who We Are:

Aaron had slipped a map into Daryl’s bag before they left Alexandria and now, the next morning while he and Beth were still in the motel room, Daryl unfolded it and they leaned in together to look it over.

“Where to?” He asked after a couple of minutes as if this was her road trip and he was just along for the ride. 

He looked to her as she studied the map of the country – large and unknown – spread out before them. And then without a word, she pointed to a mass of green seemingly not that far from where they were now and Daryl stared down at it. The Appalachian Mountains. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow and she smiled a little, letting out a slight huff of air as if laughing, and she shrugged.

He still didn’t say anything. He picked up the map and folded it so just Virginia and West Virginia were in front of him and he studied the distance, trying to figure out how far they would have to go; imagining what they would find when they got there.

Sea Side

Frasier stands beside the ocean, watching the tide creep in. The sun has begun to set, massive and orange, over the water. In the distance he can just make out sailboats, their horns filling the dusky sky as they slowly pass by each other. The breeze off the water brushes his face and he looks down to see a small purple octopus crawling from the waves. It pulls itself up next to his feet by it’s tentacles and lays motionless.

“Will it always be like this,” he asks the octopus, staring off into the distance.

The octopus lifts it’s tentacle and replies, “Cherish this calm, Frasier Crane. Life is so fleeting and if you’re very lucky, so full. Even when we find ourselves tangled in the petty miseries of our existence, know that we are dust. And we will one day return to the universe that bore us. So take solace in these moments of peace while you are self aware enough to enjoy it’s beauty.”

Sabriel Fic/Prompt: Cops And Rooftops (still working on a better name) :)

Sam stared carefully down at the people below. Each as small as the next. His feet dangling over the side of the gigantic building. He looked at the city around him, trees and highways splitting off in the distance, parks and schools, clubs and theatres. He’d stare up at the complexes taller than himself; offices and tourist attractions. He let out a slow chuckle at how small everyone really was.

Even him.

Each life as worthy and as pointless as each person deemed, just seemed humorously surreal. How he ever thought of coming up here in the first place was a joke even in itself. The city made him feel congested and ready to vomit, but for some reason, being on the roof was like a completely different perspective.

Sam was sitting on the edge of the rooftop of his apartment building watching cars pass idly by while he stared. The vehicles had no idea that he was up there, and they probably wouldn’t care if they knew.

Of course, he wasn’t supposed to be up here, but he’d always wanted to come up here, and the Starway had never been locked up, so it can’t be too bad if he was seen up on the roof, and his landlord wouldn’t care anyways.

Looking down, It gave him this strange sensation and it tingled at the back of his neck. Like a thrill he could not shake, it reminded him of when he was younger and would watch the scary movies his older brother viewed when he thought sam was sleeping peacefully in bed. But sam wasn’t asleep; he would watch from the crack in the door Dean, his older sibling purposely left it ajar so if he needed to, he could grab sam and get out of the motel quick.

How Dean convinced his brother to come to a giant city such as this bemused him still. Some boy Dean met while sam was in university and the brothers were still living in Sam’s apartment together may have been the main factors. But now Dean has moved in with this dark haired, blue eyed aspiring artist friend, sam has dropped out of school. law studies just wasn’t for him, and is working as a bartender at a boring waterhole, he has no reason to stay in this bustling place.

Sam was practically begging for a new start. He even began convincing himself to throw a dart at the map of the United States and see where it took him, but he knew he was way too good at darts and geography to be able to not know where he hit before he even opened his eyes so that was out of the question.

Feeling a strange sense of inspiration sam had an idea, a dangerous one, but equally as exhilarating. Careful as not to fall, he pushed himself up. He took a few sharp, hurried breaths as rose him arms up wide like wings. Sam’s eyes were closed lightly, and he felt the autumn breeze gush past his face and into his long, brown hair. He felt completely at ease with himself. Nothing could ruin this right now.

Sam tried to clear his mind as he stood calmly, toes dipping over the edge. He couldn’t though, so he thought about all the things that strung together, going from one subject to the next.

‘I have no ties,’
sam thought, now pulling his feet back onto the ledge properly, but did not stand down. ‘I have my friends down at the bar, and Dean, but that’s it… I sure like Castiel, but sometimes the two can be a gross couple, making out in public, whispering inappropriate things to each other while I’m around… wonder if there’s someone out there for me like that. I’d be ok if there wasn’t, but it’d be- nice, I think…’

Another heavy gush of air teetered sam back onto the building a little. He thanked it hadn’t been going in the opposite direction. 'I wonder what it’d be like to leave, Just disappear for a day, and see what’d happen when I got back. A road trip with myself maybe?’

Sam smiled and nodded to himself when he decided he liked that idea.

Sam was pulled from his thoughts and he shuddered he heard the sound of footsteps and the fire escape door close shut gently. “Hello? Sir? Can I talk to you please? I was wondering if you would like to step down from the ledge and show me your arms please.”

Those were the strangers first words; They were like silk, warning, but kind and worrisome, but sam could tell they had a playful side. He was getting good at reading people after the kinesics and psychology class he did for his Bachelor of Arts in university.

Sam had no idea what was going on, he still hasn’t seen who this man was, and why his own hands were in the air as he quickly backed down from the step that surrounded the ledge. Slowly, sam turned, and finally his eyes landed on the man talking to him though, he had his hand held high in the air, clasped in it was a small silver shield. He wasn’t wearing an actual uniform, in fact he was wearing a classic gun holster around his shoulders and back, with a simple dress shirt. sam realised he was a police officer.


The cop didn’t have his gun out and didn’t seem too threatening, more terrified if anything. The man was- sam couldn’t think of a better word- beautiful. His light stubble that had begun to grow around his chin evenly, his brownish sandy hair which was tucked neatly behind his ears, and sam wasn’t even sure if it was regulation length. He couldn’t exactly talk though.
But his eyes; wow his fucking eyes were like melted gold, caramel, and a fine whiskey all in two small beads staring intently back at him.

When sam finally worked out what this ginormous deal was about, he immediately became what was a small apologetic puppy. “Oh my god I’m so sorry sir. I was not going to jump off if that’s what you’re thinking- I came up here for the breeze. And it’s… Really beautiful up here. I’m so sorry if I worried you.”

“I would still like you to hop down if you could please. What’s your name?”

Sam properly stepped down and shoved his hand forward with a warm smile. “I am sam Winchester. And you are officer-”

Sam searched around the cop’s chest for some sort of name tag, but all there was was the badge his was hold out now pinned to his holster. “Detective Gabriel Novak”
Sam smiled at him, and detective Novak grinned back warmly. “I’m glad you weren’t going to-” Gabriel paused and swallowed, his eyes losing focus slightly, although sam didn’t mention it. “Hurt yourself, sam.”

“Me too.”

So uh, I like it, but I also think it could be a super painful fic. If you guys could let me know what you think that’d be awesome :))) this is EXTREMELY drafted because I wanted y'all’s opinion on it… So lemme know what you think!

this is for you icemakerose: we are a guild, we are a family.

Lucy looked up at the stars, Natsu and Happy were already asleep. They had just left on their journey to find the rest of Fairy Tail. She still didn’t have the courage to tell him how she felt when he left, about her bout of depression, about Aquarius. 

She had spent a year waiting, waiting on him to return, waiting on a chance to meet anyone. She desperately wanted to see everyone again. But she had been scared, but now she had a chance to find them, had a chance to become a family again. 

Looking up at the cloudless night sky, she searched for the constellations that she knew so well. She saw Taurus and Aries, she could vaguely see Pieces in the distance, which meant that Aquarius was just out of her reach. 

Saddened, she laid back on the ground and stared straight up. Star gazing had always calmed her when she was anxious, it helped more that she heard the comforting sounds of her teammates snores.

She saw a star falling, and though she felt sad for the fallen star, she decided to wish on it. She wished that one day that Fairy Tail would be whole again. 

As Lucy began to doze off, she saw another star shine. With her eyes falling shut with sleep near, she thought she saw more stars shine, a new constellation she had never heard of? No. It looked familiar, she wanted to say that it looked like the Fairy Tail mark, but it couldn’t be. But whatever it was, when she looked at it, it felt like home.

I was walking out the computer lab earlier going to the bathroom and at the exact same time this girl walk out the door to the other lab and she was looking too good with her afro and these flowing pants looking all majestic and shit like she floating when she walks and she just happened to be going to the bathroom too so I was walking behind her as we both going to the bathroom but i aint want to stare so I was looking down the whole time staying like 20ft behind her keeping my distance s i aint look like i was following her or trying to move on her. no real point to this post i just wanted to tell y’all about it

Mic Drop, Part 3!

Band Member: Ashton
Type: Imagine, anon request
Details: Part 1, Part 2. You’d taken the next step with Ashton, but your holiday couldn't last forever.

The rest of the evening flew by in a blur. The boys knew they had recording left to do, but Ashton would hardly leave your side. He held your hand, tapping out drum beats on the back of it with his fingers and drawing circles on your palm with his thumb. You kept catching him staring at you, a big goofy grin lighting up his face. It felt right. You had no idea how you had been just friends all this time, how you’d never considered how you really felt about him. To think, if it wasn’t for the accidental kiss…

You woke the next morning with butterflies in your stomach and a smile on your face. The California sun streaked in through the window, and you could see surfers in the distance taking advantage of the early morning waves. As you walked downstairs, you heard laughter coming from the kitchen. The boys had been trying to make you a special first breakfast, but seemed to have more food smeared on their faces than anywhere else.

“Pancakes a la 5sos!” Michael announced, placing the plate in front of you as you sat at the breakfast bar. You were quite impressed, the last time the boys had cooked for you, you’d been presented with a plate of charcoal. Evidently, not having their mums around to do all their cooking had worked wonders for them. This actually looked edible, and as you took a bite you gave them a big thumbs up.

As they high fived each other, Ashton came up behind you and placed a hand around your waist, pinching raspberries off your plate with the other. You tapped his hand with your fork to fend him off, and he pinched your side in retaliation, grabbing more as you were distracted.
“Big day today,” he said through the mouthful of berries, “we need to go back to the studio for an hour to finish off from last night, but then the rest out the day is ours.”
He planted a kiss on your cheek, his lips red with berry juice, and started clearing up.
You could get used to this, you thought. Sunlight as your alarm clock, breakfast made for you, Ashton free to spend most of the day with you. You refused to acknowledge that you were only here for two weeks, that was a problem for future you, not present you. Present you was too busy listening to Ashton sing as he loaded the dishwasher, and watching the others fight over the last pancake in the pan. You were happy, and you didn’t want anything to ruin that.


“Okay, now hit that one, no, the big one. Yeah, that’s it. Keep it going.”
You were sat in front of Ashton’s drum kit as he tried to teach you a basic beat. He was perched right behind you, arms wrapped around you and his hands over the top of yours, guiding the sticks to the right place at the right time. You could feel his legs twitching, eager to get his feet on the pedals. But you wouldn’t let him, you were enjoying feeling him pressed up against your back, laying gentle kisses on your neck and laughing softly into your ear when you messed up.
Turning to look at him, you gazed at his face. He always looked so happy, like there was a little light inside of him, shining out through his eyes and his smile. You realised that you’d never seen him cry. You’d never even seen him close to it. Ashton has always been your little ball of sunshine.

“What?” he asked, frowning with confusion.
“You always look so happy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you sad.” You replied.
He brought his hand up, brushing your hair off your face and stroking your cheek with his fingertips. He kissed you lightly, just brushing his lips against yours for a second, then smiled, and whispered;
“How could I be ever sad, when I’m with you?”


You spent the afternoon back at the house, lying poolside and soaking up the heat of the sun. Someone got the barbecue going, and Calum’s beer cooler made its second appearance. This is what you missed the most when the boys were away, just being able to hang out together. No special plans, no effort, just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. They loved it too, you figured, because it was the one time they could just be themselves, without the pressure that came with their fame. Although being 5sos did have its perks; a swimming pool in a Los Angeles mansion was a vast improvement on your own back garden.

“Are you coming in, bubs?” Ashton called to you from the pool, water droplets falling from his tangle of wavy hair.
You were crouched over stereo, flicking through CDs and acting as DJ. You shook your head absentmindedly, too busy planning the next song change. You hardly heard the slam of wet footsteps behind you until it was too late; Calum had thrown his cold arms around you and lifted you off your feet, aiming you towards the water. You kicked and struggled, giggling as you squealed for him to stop. He lost his grip, hands sliding up to grasp your wrists as Ashton clambered up the pool stairs to grab your legs.
“You will regret this!” you shrieked, taking one last big breath before hitting the water. You surfaced, gasping and pushing your sodden hair from your face as the boys laughed. Calum hit the water next to you with a splash, and Michael and Luke soon followed with a joint cannonball. Ashton sat on the edge of the pool, dangling his feet into the water. You swam over to him and splashed him as he laughed.

“Aw, come on bubs. You look like a cute little drowned rat!” he grinned.
Smiling, you stood yourself on your tip toes in the water and draped an arm around his neck, pulling him down towards you for a kiss. As soon as his lips touched yours, you pulled harder, forcing him to lose his balance and come splashing down into the pool beside you. Still under the surface, you felt him grip your hips and tug, bringing you down beside him. His hands came up to your face, and he pressed his lips to yours. You could taste him through the chlorine in the pool, and kissed back eagerly. You broke the surface still wrapped around each other, giggling.
“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again,” Michael moaned, “GET A ROOM.”


You tumbled in to bed sometime around 2am, lightheaded from the alcohol and dizzy from being with Ashton. He climbed under the duvet bedside you, holding you close and stroking your hair. He kissed you lightly on your forehead as you fell asleep, feeling safe and warm in his arms.
When you woke several hours later, the space beside you was empty. You brushed your hand over the sheets, and found they were cold. He’d left you some time ago, then. Confused, you stepped quietly out of bed, and tiptoed down the stairs to the lounge, where you could see a faint light and hear the murmur of the TV.

You pushed the door open as quietly as possible, curious as to why Ashton was up so early. You could see his silhouette outlined by the light of the TV. He was sat down, bent double with his head in his hands. He looked just like he did on your first night in the studio, when he thought he’d lost you. But he wasn’t tapping his toes with nerves, like he had been that time. His shoulders were shuddering, his chest heaving up and down. He was crying.

“Ashton?” you whispered, standing in the doorway.
He jumped, startled by your voice. He took a big breath, and looked up at you. He was smiling your smile, but it couldn’t hide the tears running down his face.
“Hey, bubs.”
You padded softly down towards him, sitting beside him and lacing your fingers with his. You looked at him questioningly, not wanting to pressure him into talking too soon. A crying Ashton was new territory for your friendship, and with the added weight of the step you’d taken together this week, you weren’t sure how to handle it.

“You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” He murmured, squeezing you hand tightly and wiping the tears from his face. “And I am so scared of losing you. Especially now.”

You frowned. “You’re not going to lose me, Ash.”
He glanced upwards, and you could see in his eyes that he didn’t believe you. He wanted to, desperately, but something was holding him back.
“But I am. You’re going home next week, and I can’t face not seeing you for months at a time anymore. I miss you so much when you’re not here.”
You looked down at your lap. You understood everything he was saying. It had always been hard being apart, but everything had changed after that night. You weren’t just best friends anymore; you were so much more than that and it made the thought of parting so much more bitter. You just wanted to be with him, whether that was in a mansion in LA or a cramped tour bus driving down the longest road. You didn’t care, as long as you were together.

“I could stay.” You whispered.
The way he looked at you, with so much hope and desire, only strengthened the thought.
“I could stay. If you want me to. I’d leave my job, my home. I’d leave it all to stay, if you want me.”
He shook his head, muttering that he couldn’t ask you to do that, that life on the road wasn’t always as luxurious as this, that he wouldn’t let you sacrifice so much for him. But still you could see longing in his eyes.
“If you want me Ashton, I’m yours.”
He smiled that smile you knew and loved. “Of course I want you, bubs.”
You laughed, pulling him towards you and kissing him excitedly.
So much had changed in just a few days, and you had never been so glad.

UPDATE: Part four is HERE

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The cherry trees paled in beauty to that of the young woman known as Noriko. Though many tried to win her maiden heart none could tame her for there was only one she truly loved. Nagato stared at the woman before him his heart beating out of his chest "Noriko I-" just then, a red motorcycle came out of the distance it screeched to a halt in front of Noriko she stared wide eyed, it was the him! "Oh Pun-senpai it's you I truly love!"

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ok the best sound in musical theatre is in like an act 1 finale when a huge ensemble is singing about hope and shit and they’re all staring out into the distance (or the audience) and singing loudly and then BAM the orchestra stops playing and its all just people’s voices together in harmony and sWOOP in comes the orchestra again for the final notes

[ robbinggraves ]

       “yeah.”  they’re distant, dark eyes staring out into the distance. ( if one were to look closely, one might be able to see something akin to the void. )  “aren’t we all, though. in our own way, each & every single one of us are alone. even if you’re with somebody, you’re still alone.” of course, you have to find somebody who doesn’t make you feel alone. they want to add that, but they’ll keep it quiet–hush hush.

“–We’re alone until we have someone who remedies the sensation of aloneness, not in companionship, but in mutual understanding. Perhaps we’re simply alone together and that makes it less– lonely, if we find the person who diffuses that sense of solitude.”

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     Let’s all join ‘Protect Silas 2k15′. He’s just too fragile and innocent for this world. I would blankly stare at him, hoping that he would not do something dangerous, for the good of us both, of course. “ Stay out of trouble, alright? “ That’s the only thing that I could come up with. Probably because that’s what matters the most to me. Even though as soon as he’d leave the room he’d be an accident prone for sure. Protect Silas 2k15