make ya say
“oh my! feels just like I don’t try, look so good I might die, all I know is:
everybody loves me
     •Superior Iron Man #006
     •MCU Iron Man
     •Marvel NOW! Iron Man #008

jackszimmerman asked:

ransom and holster as radio djs is such a dream i love it so much. everytime they play a beyonce song they're like "this one goes out to a special hockey player from georgia"

oh my god yes give me more radio dj holster and ransom!!!

like you said, they dedicate beyonce songs to bitty (a special hockey player from georgia!!) and they play children’s show themes and dedicate them to the frogs, and every once in a while they play a french language song just for jack (jack doesn’t have the heart to tell them their taste in french music is awful)

and they talk about their teammates all the time, and, for possibly the first time ever, a college radio show gains a loyal following

people tune in to hear about their pranks, and stories from the haus, and the weeks long debacle of “who took an entire 12 pack out of the fridge and didn’t put more back” (which goes unsolved until ransom hears the haus ghosts giggling and singing mandy moore off key one night, and finds crushed beer cans surrounding the attic in the morning)

oh and they bring guys from the team in to do segments - “can jack zimmermann name this celebrity” and “making the world a better place with shitty b. knight” and “cooking/fantasy football tips with bitty” and “get some culture, you swine” with lardo.

oh god and johnson is their most avid fan, he listens to every show and calls in sometimes to say hi and foreshadow and make vague references to subplots

oh and one day ransom jokingly dedicates a super cheesy 80s love ballad to his co-host/best bro/brother in arms/bunkmate, which of course means holster has to do the same thing the next show, and it keeps escalating because now they have to out-sap each other, and then idk they both realize they’re not really joking anymore and then they make out and probably touch each other’s butts

and anyway I think we all need to agree from now on to incorporate actual college radio djs holster and ransom into every fic ever, thank you molly jackszimmermann for this important contribution to the fandom :D

150327 - JYJ’s Jaejoong Shares Affectionate Texts With Junsu To Celebrate TV Appearance

After a long period of absence from standard television shows, JYJ’s Kim Junsu will finally appear on EBS’s “Space.” Meanwhile, texts between him andKim Jaejoong regarding their emotions on this matter were revealed.

Jaejoong revealed his texts with Junsu through his Twitter account. In the revealed messages, the two talk about how moved they are to appear back on standard television shows after six years.

As they compliment each other on their latest performances, they express their affection for each other as group members and long-time friends. When Jaejoong remarks, “I only have a week left [before going to the army]. I wish I could go to your performance.” Junsu heartily replies that he will see him soon.

On March 26, C-JeS Entertainment announced the good news of Junsu’s upcoming EBS performance, saying, “Kim Junsu will now be officially performing on EBS’s music program ‘Space.’”

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And just like that,
He was a fantasy again.
A memory
But not a distant one,
Not just yet.
I’ll hold on to his gaze for as long as I can,
I’ll feel his lips on mine for as long as possible.
I won’t forget this,
I won’t let myself.
A few months he says,
A few months and he’ll come to me.
But now that I know what it feels like to fall asleep in his arms,
I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to fall asleep without him again.
—  B.M., NeverOnLand

Anon: What was the weather like in Atlanta yesterday?

Me: It was 72 degrees but I think it felt like a perfect 65.

*320984080320 notes later*

Tumblr: OP be reachinggggggggg. It was definitely 60 degrees in Atlanta. Ugh, hate this girl. My cousin live in Decatur. This bitch be lying. And y’all gone listen to these lies about the weather because she’s a popular blog. Fuck you OP.


Sometimes I wonder if I’m just a consolation prize.

yo fyi to the game of thrones fandom the blog deadened-dream has been reposting tons of gifs and edits!!!

On Joe Hawley’s Fashion, kinda:

So we give Joe gets a lot of (affectionate) flak for his choice of attire, BUT there’s a certain look he’s been known to sport — I’m talkin’ the underbuttoned button-ups — that I am ON BOARD WITH and here’s why:

JONATHAN RICHMAN.  (do you know how much I love Jonathan Richman WELL that’s a whole other post but by the end of this you might have an inkling)

If you aren’t familiar I don’t even know where to start but maybe listen to this cute little love song or this one that’s literally 4 minutes of ordering a malt in song-form? And maybe watch this MTV segment okay I’ll stop now.

Anyways, so like:

then there’s:

and even kinda:


and to the best of my knowledge Joe Hawley has never dressed like this but I guess my point is he could and I would give him a thumbs-up about it:

also I’m pretty sure Joe hasn’t yet reached this level of unbuttonedness, but I think hey go for it buddy:

+ bonus jingle bells:

and most of all, dude, this:

(there’s nothing to conclude from this but hey it’s two people I appreciate whose names start with the same letter and both play guitar and often show serious décolletage and I’m pretty sure that’s what tumblr posts are made of)

My favourite characters are the ones with a really sad backstory but they still try to smile through the pain. I think that there’s something hopeful and tragic about them. Whenever someone is in pain they’ll try to cheer them up even if they’re hurting themselves. They do it because they know what pain is and don’t want anyone to feel the pain they did. They bring hope to those that lost it.

I just find that it’s tragic that they try to bring joy to others but they can’t find it themselves. They think of others before themselves and don’t care if they embarrass themselves as long as they can turn a frown into a smile. And I can think of so many more examples. The characters that fit this trope are mostly the side/supporting characters so they don’t get the attention they deserve.

They can be serious and mature but you see them smiling more often. But when the situation calls for it they know that they need to be serious. They keep their friends close and would do anything to protect their smiles. They’re not randomly silly all the time and know how to read the situation.

The sad thing about this is most people are quick to criticize these characters. They might act like a fool to cheer others up but they’re far from immature and stupid. Some people only look at the smiling surface of the character and don’t see the deeper pain underneath. I just love these characters.

also feel the need to clarify that billboard article never said zayn is officially signed with sony/syco only that in the clause it gives them the option to pick him up (should he choose to sign with them ) or he could look for other representation IF he does actually intend to go solo which has yet to be confirmed