Before I get hit with the update here’s a quick result of cop-related tfln, since we’re all in this together now, I think. 

All twistedsinews and hunnybadgerv's lovely fault, because I'm going to have to poke through this later (and the site again, because there were still at least ten pages left for 'cop' as a search term) for the ones that fit V like a glove. An absurd, and awful glove. 

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NEW VIDEO: “Flossing My Buttcheeks??? - I swear there was a reason why it’s called that. Reblog if you watched and now know why. Stalking people who share this by reblogging! :]

笑った by いっしょー | Chinese Translation
Translation: narutoffee and akiba-wota
Edit: narutoffee
Editor's Note: Hi! Since SS is finally canon, we decided to re-edit this doujinshi. There were some changes in the translation itself since a few parts were done incorrectly, and the typesetting were all redone as well. I guess you can say that this doujin is sorta canon too >u< Congratulations on being canon! Hope you enjoy it!

The masks we weave for ourselves. / / / The Blue Spirit + The Painted Lady.


beth greene & tyreese williams ( inspired by this post [ x ] )

” I’ve (we’ve) survived and you don’t get it ‘cause I’m not like you or them. But I (we) made it ! “


i got a buzzfeed account and this is what i’m using it for


Happy birthday to VIXX’s amazingly talented main vocal, Jung Taekwoon! ♡


just wait for someone real. i promise you wits worth it.


Read about the ladies who are being discussed in subjects of gender roles, politics and much more! (X. (X))

hello friends this is a psa, please don’t put phanfiction in the main tags (that’s the danisnotonfire and amazingphil tags), they’re not meant to go in there! Stick to the phanfiction tags that the authors usually tag their fics with if you’d like to share their stories. Dan and Phil track their tags, and don’t want to see the stories people write about them - thank you!

LISTEN // for when you’re friends, kind of, mostly, maybe, or for when you’re not anything anymore. (another playlist without dude voices or even tangential references to dudes.)

let her go (passenger cover) - jasmine thompson // sex (the 1975 cover) - lauren aquilina // nineteen (acoustic) - tegan and sara // sights - london grammar // touch - daughter // teenage dirtbag (wheatus cover) - mary lambert // bedroom walls - banks // terrible love - birdy // slow show - cœur de pirate // wicked games - cœur de pirate // drive (acoustic) - miley cyrus // read all about it (pt iii) - emeli sande // maps - yeah yeah yeahs // laura - bat for lashes // waiting game (banks cover) - neon jungle // i don’t wanna know (mario winans cover) - florence and the machine // how come you don’t want me (acoustic) - tegan and sara // we are complicated (mashup) - avril lavigne/taylor swift // white horse - taylor swift // i would (one direction cover) - lauren thalia // all too well - taylor swift // hold on, we’re going home (drake cover) - lights // best song ever (one direction cover) - gabrielle aplin // can’t help falling in love (elvis presley cover) - ingrid michaelson


Bwahahaha! I’m not even going to explain myself. Giant!lock.

Vera has taken an inordinate interest in my field manuals. Such appetites are unseemly in a lady of her station. I shall have to reprimand her.