i wish there was a way to block every post with that gender/age image recognizer thing

like I know you people get a kick out of misgendering people based on appearance and the fact it keeps labeling asian men as female and black women as male but  SOME OF US DONT

Even though I myself never say anything to the man, seeing Gerard reply to fans makes me happier than it reasonably should. 

When drawing Steve Rogers, always remember three things:




hey. if we are *mutuals* and u want my s//ky//pe send me a message. it is v guessable but apparently spambots and randos have seen my posts…. havent gotten any weird contact requests but im just. not. anyway im happy to chat just send me a message!

Delightful Things in Howl’s Moving Castle (the book)

HMC was my favourite book of all time as a kid, and it remains one of my top ten because it is just so delightful. A random sampling of things that just make me smile about this book:

- Howl only offered Calcifer a contract (and gave up his heart) because he felt sorry for him. Sweetest thing in the book for me

- Sophie kept the curse on herself even after Howl & Calcifer got it off, basically out of sheer stubbornness

- Howl’s solution to the Waste was to make a big beautiful garden

- Fanny doing her very best to look after and provide for three headstrong girls and be a good stepmother, and in the end getting a big mansion and nice rich husband

- Howl being Welsh, and speaking Welsh, and fussing over his niece in Welsh (I love the part in Wales, can you tell)

- Martha & Lettie conspiring brilliantly to make their own lives for themselves

- Calcifer singing a Welsh rugby song all the time, which he presumably picked up from Howl in their early years of living together

- Everything about Michael, but especially the fact that he slept on their doorstep and cried on Calcifer and both Howl and Calcifer evidently gave in to their big softie natures and basically adopted him 

- Sophie discovering that being an old lady meant she had free reign to do whatever she wanted, and taking full advantage of that

- Sophie’s brilliantly nosy and relentless cleaning terror campaign

- Ben and Prince Justin being BFFs, to the extent that Prince Justin just ditched his kingdom responsibilities to go rescue his best bro from the Witch

- Sophie being such a big sister to Martha & Lettie

- Everyone’s lives ending up happy and adorable at the end, and all the characters basically becoming a big delightful extended family 

- Everyone being wonderfully, blatantly flawed

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*cough* I kinda sorta maybe wrote a terrible TRC/Pokemon fusion where Fai and Kurogane were pokemon. Like, anthropomophosised bishies-with-ears-and-tails pokemon. And Syaoran was Kurogane's trainer and he was terrified of his surly ninja pokemon, and Sakura was Actually Ash Ketchum and a pokemon wonderkind with Tomoyo as her main, and Tomoyo and Kurogane fought in a battle. There were pink bubbles everywhere. Tomoyo won. And currently Syaoran is looking for wild 'mons in the forest. (i.e. Fai.)



This is super wip, but hopefully either you enjoy this and get something you like or find inspiration from the usernames supplied. If you feel anything is missing (be it a term, werd, ship, character), just send me an ask.


‘’You’re my mother—‘’ the young girl, Laurie, was speechless for a moment, arrived in Storybrooke just about an half hour ago. She had this powder to make her parents remember again. But before she would use it, she had to be certain it were truly them. Snow White and Charming. Otherwise she would have gone through everything for nothing.

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that was your doing? like the strangest and most amusing thing to come home to. bless.

come closer, friend, and let me tell u a thing

Every weird, creepy, random, way-too-prying anon u see? EVER?

they’re all me


Tumblr Savior - please read! very good for triggers.

(i posted this on my old blog but it got no notes and i deleted the blog for reasons, so im posting this again, but edited. this could possibly save a life? idk maybe just save someone from getting triggered)

okay, so Tumblr Savior is a browser extension that basically minimizes a post that has a tag on it or word typed in the text box that youve blacklisted. heres a screenshot of what the minimized post would look like:

you can click on it to show it, or you can choose to ignore it. tumblr is just an example word, you can have any word blacklisted. for example, heres what mine look like:

(these are just my black and whitelists, you can have whatever suits your fancy)

anything that i have blacklisted will show up minimized. again, you can choose to click on it or ignore it. anything that is whitelisted it will always show. (i find the whitelisting thing kinda weird, cuz anything you dont blacklist will always show up anyways? idek maybe im doing it wrong)

heres a example of what the extension icon looks like on Google Chrome:

just a little piece of paper with a “T” on it. click on it to customize your black and whitelist.

you can get this extension for Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox. if you have any of those browsers and are interested, you can get it here!

(this post is not sponsored in any way, just my honest opinion, im just trying to get the word out there! i think its a really great extension)

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Walking around the current town their ship was docked at Izo nearly had to take a double take as he saw a slightly familiar face. 

“Well if it isn’t that supernova from that took away Ace’s kid brother at Marine Ford.” 

A story of internet friendship
  • Step one, find their blog:Wow this person is so awesome, they like all the same things I do.
  • Step two, interact with the person:Oh my goodness, they are funny and nice too, they are amazing!
  • Step three, panic:What if this person is like 14, can I say shit like this to a 14 year old? What if they are like 41, do I sound stupid if I say this to a 41 year old?
  • Step four, acceptance:This person is cool so it doesn't matter how old they are. If they are 14, well they are very mature and probably need some older friends. If they are 41, well they don't seem to think I'm an ignorant idiot and I'm happy we are becoming friends.