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but what if as a way to explain danny's absence lately on the show they do this; its just a shot of steve and kono, and she leans in and says, 'so. boss. you and danny. you guys haven't been together much lately.' and steve just looks straight ahead, clenches his teeth. 'i thought it'd be best to have some time apart.' kono just goes, 'you know, steve, it is okay to tell him how you feel.' and walks away leaving steve looking all anguished cause he's scared of his emotions.


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(AlmostMrsStark) Shot of Whiskey.

Oh Jesus, she was back. Tony ran a hand down his face, trying to look very busy staring into nothing across the bar as she walked over. Just some redhead with annoying questions trying to get a statement or get in his pants, he couldn’t tell. Either way, he wanted her to leave. 

“I told you, I’m not– Pepper?” Tony stopped, staring at the woman next to him. “You look… Different. Why do you look different?”


#can we just talk about the eye contact #he never takes his eyes off of her for even a second #the whole time they are undressing he is looking into her eyes #like if he looks away she will disappear #the way he looks at her like she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen #he can’t take his eyes off of her #and she can’t look away from him either #it’s so beautiful


What are we to make of the look Belle gave us as Rumple walked away after restoring her heart?
HOROWITZ:  Ahhh, what a look that was….
KITSIS: That look said to me she isn’t over him. But that doesn’t mean she’s ready to forgive him, either. That’s the thing about that man and why he told us he’s a difficult man to love. Because just when we’re ready to hate him, he does something completely selfless like get your heart back and then not ask for anything in return — and does not kill your new boyfriend.
HOROWITZ:  I’ll just say that I loved that moment that you pointed out. Emilie [De Ravin] was just wonderful the way she played that. Without any dialogue, what she said about how she feels I thought was beautiful.”


A/N: Are you ready? ARE YOU?!?! 

The muse is out of control right now. Here’s the first fic of the night. A post 3x23 spec. I’m on the crazy train with this one. Though with every new spoiler that comes out maybe it’s not so crazy. 

ENJOY!! Let me know what you think! 

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Felicity made her way down the cracked concrete stairs, barely looking at where she was going, her eyes focused on the band of darkened metal that now sat on her left hand.

It was Oliver’s hand at her elbow that kept her safely on track and when they made it to the bottom she finally lifted her head to look at him with a wide smile.

“What?” he asked, the smile mirrored back at her, so broad she thought his cheeks must ache.

“I just…I saw these you know,” grasping his hand where a matching band was wrapped snugly around his fourth finger.

“I figured.”

“When you asked for what I had saved from the trunk…I hoped but…I never imagined.” she shook her head, still a little shell shocked at everything that had happened in the past few days.

“So you looked?” he sounded a little apprehensive, which after what they’d just done, what they’d been through seemed almost ridiculous.

She looked up at him through her lashes, head cocked to the side, “Of course I looked, Oliver.”

After he’d been arrested, after Roy’s plan had been worked out she knew she had to take what she could from the foundry. She’d backed up their files while Digg had wiped the place of everyone’s prints. The last thing she’d done was open his trunk, the one he’d brought back from Lian Yu. She removed the notebook, the vodka, and a small black pouch.

It hadn’t been until later that night that she’d pulled the thin drawstring. Two rings had tipped into her palm. One so large the smaller one fit inside it. The metal wasn’t silver, or gold. It was heavier, a steel alloy, with a hue that was so familiar her heart beat triple time in her chest.

She didn’t allow herself to look at them any closer. With a shaking hand she returned them to the bag, tucking it into her pocket. But she hadn’t been able to part from them. They took up permanent residence with her and when they took Thea back to Nanda Parbat the pouch ended up in her bag.

It was on the return trip, after it was all over that he’d asked for what she’d saved from the trunk. Silently she’d handed him the bag. He didn’t even open it. Just put it inside his jacket pocket.

Five minutes later he asked her to marry him.

They went straight from the airport to the courthouse.

The metal was warm when he slipped it onto her finger.

Jolted back into the present she watched his thumb rub over the ring, spinning it slightly. “When did you make them?” she asked, tucking an errant strand of hair behind her ear as she squinted up at him. The late afternoon sun was bright.

“Before I left for Nanda Parbat. The first time,” he added unnecessarily.

“Did you ever think we’d use them?”

“No.” he answered immediately, “I never…”

“You never thought you’d get your happy story.” she finished for him, hand coming up to cup his cheek.

The breath caught in his throat and all he could do was shake his head.

She shifted closer, until one of her feet slipped between his. Her flats left her at a distinct height disadvantage, but she didn’t care. This close to him, pressed against his chest as she stared up at him she couldn’t think of anywhere else she’d rather be.

“I’m your wife,” the words came out a little breathless and a lot amazed.

The look of pure, unadulterated joy that erupted across his face was worth it.

His hands captured her face, head dipping until his lips whispered against hers, “Yes, you are.”

“I’m yours, and you’re mine.”

He answered by kissing her within an inch of her life, mouth working over hers until she could only cling to his shirt, knowing he’d hold her up.

When he pulled back he lifted her hand, pressing his lips to her ring, “Ready to get out of here?”

She looked at him with a quirked eyebrow, “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” he answered enigmatically, only making her curiosity rise.

He took his hand in hers, leading her down the sidewalk to a silver, convertible sports car that sat empty at the curb.

“No actual horses, but I hope it’ll do as a chariot.” he said with a wolfish grin and a nod to the rearing horse emblem on the back of the Porsche that made a streak of heat go straight to her core.

“Is this…”

“Mine? Ours?” he asked as he opened the door, nodding for her to slide onto the supple leather seat, “Yes. I didn’t lose everything.”

When he slid into the drivers seat the sight made her stomach flip, and when the dark sunglasses made their way onto his face she licked her lips, swallowing hard.

“And you’re really not going to tell me where we’re going?”

“No, Mrs. Queen, I’m not.”

The pure, joyous smile she saw directed at her was enough to keep her curiosity at bay.

For now.

I hate those people that say "She's way to pretty to be with him " or "he look to good to be with her"just mind yo own business bitch , not everything is about looks..



Found some Gravity Falls doodles I hadn’t uploaded yet for some reason… Decided to do it before these would become too old.^^’

I was just playing around with the idea of happy adult Pines twins. I even gave Mabel twin daughters (Paige and Barbara), for some reason I like the idea that out of the two she would be the only one who has kids. Dipper’s too busy being an awesome, delightfully quirky uncle.X3

I also drew adult Wendy and Pacifica, because they’re awesome.


We have to have faith that Emma is going to be okay, that she will not go completely dark.

These are just some of the behind the scenes pictures taken while filming upcoming episodes: look at the way Emma is holding Killian, the way she is looking at him.

Somebody who has a heart completely consumed by darkness will not look like Emma does in these images.

Somebody who is completely consumed with darkness will not be so tender, so filled with love.

Emma is by far the strongest female character on OUAT, she will pull through and remain the amazing person she always has been.

For her friends, for her family, for her son, for her lover, and for herself.

Emma is going to be okay, we just have to stay strong through all of the hell Adam and Eddy will throw at us in the next weeks. We can do this!

TVLINE | What are we to make of the look Belle gave us as Rumple walked away after restoring her heart?

HOROWITZ | Ahhh, what a look that was….
KITSIS | That look said to me she isn’t over him. But that doesn’t mean she’s ready to forgive him, either. That’s the thing about that man and why he told us he’s a difficult man to love. Because just when we’re ready to hate him, he does something completely selfless like get your heart back and then not ask for anything in return — and does not kill your new boyfriend.
HOROWITZ | I’ll just say that I loved that moment that you pointed out. Emilie [De Ravin] was just wonderful the way she played that. Without any dialogue, what she said about how she feels I thought was beautiful.

TVLINE | That entire scene was very romantic, I thought. How beyond restoring her heart, Rumple entrusted it to Will, acknowledging his own unworthiness.

HOROWITZ | There has been a nobility in all the crazy, horrible things he has done, and that’s been one of the contradictions at the heart of Rumple from the beginning, that we love exploring. Belle is completely aware of that and tuned into it, and that’s what you saw in that scene — she could see that the “difficult to love” man who has done terrible things is also an honorable, beautiful man as well.  She’s torn up by that as much as he’s torn up himself.

TVLINE | Can you promise in these final three hours any similarly grandly romantic scenes between any characters?

KITSIS | I would say that we probably have at least two more. And a third one is romantic in its own way.

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Okay but is there a specific reason why Stiles and Lydia haven’t discussed the kiss?

Because they were both obviously there. Stiles saw Lydia’s stunned expression the same way Lydia saw how in awe he was. Lydia saw how he looked at her like the sun just illuminated the whole room the same way Stiles saw that Lydia was the one to open her eyes last. And she got teary when he f*cking complimented her by saying “That’s really smart”.

We’re talking about his childhood crush here, right? A girl he’s been pining over for years and who just kissed him on her own iniciative and who has never, NEVER, dismissed his feelings for her. And she kisses him and he f*cking thanks her? And while looking at her like that? You just don’t erase something like that from your memory, okay?

So why haven’t they talked about it? Because to me it’s a pretty hard thing to ignore. And we know that, from 3x11 forward, their closeness just grew, so how were they able to even be in the same room as the other without thinking about that kiss? And don’t you give me the ’she kissed him for medical reasons’ argument because I might slap you. A genius would certainly find out better ways to help him hold his breath. She was just as surprised as he was with that kiss!

And lets not forget the trap and how she complimented him before he saved her in 3x14! Or - my personal favorite - the scene in his bedroom in 3x15. And after he tells her “Hey, Lydia. You’ve been right every time something like this has happened, okay? So don’t start doubting yourself now. (…) Look, Barrow was there, alright? You knew it, you felt it, okay? And look, if you wanted to, I’d go back to that school right now just to prove it”, if you tell me that Lydia is not thinking about kissing him right then and there, get out of my face!! And he knows, alright? He knows, right then and there, that deep down - and maybe not that deep - she has feelings for him. JUST LOOK AT THEM LOOKING AT EACH OTHER!!

At least to me, there’s no logical reason for them not to talk about it. It would have made things weird between them if they didn’t and that’s not what happened. So - and yes, getting way ahead of myself here - maybe they did discuss it and we just weren’t shown that. They are both smart, they are both mature. Lydia was with Aiden at the time and then came M.lia, so it just wasn’t the right time for them yet. Lydia probably needed more time to sort out how she felt for him the same way Stiles had to outgrow his crush to make way to something else, something more. Still, that doesn’t mean we should lose hope.

And the truth is that their friendship grew to be something beautiful, something I’m sure neither Stiles or Lydia ever expected. Even through S4 we see Lydia looking away from St.lia and not saying a thing about it right in 4x01 and Stiles still cares about Lydia, obviously. Like when he doesn’t want to leave her with baby Derek in 4x02, or how he’s there for her with Meredith in 4x06 [oh and btw Stiles, she was bleeding from her ear, not her lip] and how comfortable he is now pulling her to his embrace. And of course 4x09, when Stiles physically broke out of his handcuffs because he thought Lydia was going to die. And let’s just add 4x12 here for the “Not without Lydia” and, my favorite line from the finale, “My friends are in trouble. (…) They need me, I’m going for it. And yes, with a baseball bat.” And you can fight me on this, but to me Lydia was just letting us know that Stydia is still on the woks. All the reassurance that I needed, thank you very much!

While I can agree with most that S4 lacked - a lot of - Stydia scenes, I still think they unfolded, just off screen. There’s no way Stiles has been neglecting Lydia and they still work like that. They are literally like a married couple, they trust and care for each other even if, at least as it seems to us, they haven’t been spending much time together as of late. There has to be a reason why we were not shown more Stydia moments in S4, and the same goes for the talk about the kiss. And for the red string of fate, which is everywhere with Stydia, even throughout S4 (“It may stretch or tangle, but it will never break”).

I won’t blame the writers, not for all of it anyway, because I believe (hopefully not in vain) that there’s a bigger picture we haven’t seen yet. And we have to give it to them for creating one of the most beautifully developed relationship between two characters, who had a tremendous character’s development throughout the past four seasons, unlike any other I’ve seen in TV so far, and trust me, I watch a lot of shows. If Stydia is not OTP material, I don’t know what is!

In conclusion, I’m sorry for such a long post. I just wanted to express why I think there’s more to it than just two people kissing because that’s not what I saw. Actually, I intended to write two sentences and this happened, as per usual. I’m full of Stydia feels today and I need to know that someone else feels my pain because this f*cking ship is ruining me.

Dammit I just want more Stydia!

Bamon fandom proving why I love them tonight....

Like sometimes this tvd fandom overall can be one that will lean more torwards forgiving the male character when he fucks up or does something to hurt the female character. And they expect the female character to easily look past his bulldhit and forgive him just because he is hot and good looking. So they want the female to fall into his arms without question just because of his looks. (I mean if these were middle aged balding men who the fandom go out of their way to make excuses for him think not)

Then if the female tries to stand up for herself or not take the guys shit she is blamed and raked over the coals for not worshipping the guy or for standing up for herself and want she wants/wishes. Then the female does the same thing that the guy does and while the guy is forgiven the female is bashed and hated to no end. All for shipping reasons from some who want the female to lose her agency just to be with the guy that some find Hot and Good Looking. So as long as he is good looking enough the female will be bashed for “Doing him wrong” or for “hurting” him.

But tonight proves that the Bamon fandom is not like that. We can enjoy the scenes without trying to make excuses for Damon. Or somehow blame Bonnie for Damon’s actions and wrong doings against her to excuse him of blame or to try and deflect blame from him onto Bonnie.

Not once so far have I seen a Bamon fan try to blame Bonnie for Damon’s actions against her. Just because Bonnie won’t do something that Damon expects of her does not mean that we will blame her for the wrong shit that Damon does against her.

Not here for Damon putting his hands on Bonnie but I’m glad that she took it to his ass.

So while other fandoms of ships may go out of their way to excuse the male and deflect blame on the female Bamon fans are not like that and that is why I’m proud to be a part of this fandom.

Whenever Damon screws something up with Bonnie we are like…


idk if anyone has noticed this before (they probably have) but just LOOK how Roxanne is looking as Megamind I honestly can’t really describe it but it’s like “this fucking idiot” “my fucking idiot” “bless him for trying” “he is kinda cute in a dorky way”

and then in the second screenshot Metro Man realises how she’s looking at Megs and sure the main reason for him faking his death was bc he wanted freedom but he also wanted his OTP (Megs and Roxanne) to get together and you can’t convince me otherwise

BilDip open RP? Please?


Bill sat quietly, sighing. He didn’t know these feelings. When he thought of Pine Tree, he got all nervous inside. Shooting Star had found him, he told her about them, he knew the female Pine twin was into all this romance stuff, whatever romance was. She said it was called lovesickness. Why does it make him feel this way? He didn’t like it. He looked up from the ground, looking at who had just approached. “Hello, Pine Tree!” He grinned, this human thing called a ‘heart’ thudding in his chest.

Oh gosh. These feelings again.

“The Message” is a great episode because

Even though she’s “stoic” Garnet thanks Greg and assures him he did a good job.

It shows us that Greg looks up to the Crystal Gems and just wants to help.

Again, Garnet assures him he did a good job.

Let’s not forget that Amethyst implied that she hot wired a car.

“"I’ve never started a car with a key before.”

“Haha! This is way easier!”

Garnet thinks of Greg after everything is done and looks so happy about it.


And he’s so enamored by her actions.

Then we have a great father/son moment.

Which none of the gems can figure out and in moments like that moms and women don’t understand either but they don’t have to.

Second Chances

After agreeing to go out with Finn a couple days prior, Rachel had to admit she was looking forward to seeing him again. She didn’t know what it was, but something drew her towards him. Plus she had a feeling there was more than meets the eye with Finn Hudson. 

Since 7pm was approaching quickly, Rachel had started getting ready. She wasn’t sure if this was an actual date or just a chance for Finn to prove to Rachel that he wasn’t as big of a jerk as he made himself off to be at her video shoot. Either way, she wanted to look nice but still casual and flirty. 

Once she had her outfit sorted, she did her hair and makeup before getting dressed and finishing off any sort of final touches she had to make. 

a reason to come back

Just a ficlet for the upcoming scene before Emma  leaves. Just some fluffy CS! 

She was hugging Henry goodbye.

She had decided to leave town with Regina, to go save Robin and look for Lily. She still couldn’t believe that the only friend she ever had had also been from the enchanted forest, and just so happened to be the child that her parents banished. If felt like the more she learned about her past, the more she learned that everything seemed to be up to fate as opposed to choice. No one had just chose her, except of course, the man walking towards her. 

She gave Henry one last tight hug before letting go. He stepped away as Killian made his way up to Emma. 

“Hey.” she said, looking at him lightly. He was nervous she could tell, he always was worried about her. He cared for her, so why wouldn’t he be. He stared at her for a moment before taking both of her hands in his hand and hook. 

“Be careful, Swan.”

“You don’t have to worry about me.” She would be fine. Getting away would be good after what happened with Cruella, and she needed to resolve her parents problem.

“Aye, I know.” He smiled lightly, apprehension still hiding behind his eyes, then  looked down at their hands, intertwining their fingers.

“What is it?”

He looked back up before he answered, and in a way she swore she saw him trying to hold back slight tears. “It’s just, your up against Zelena, and she’s dangerous.” He shook his head a bit. “And….and the last time you left town you-” 

“Hey.” Her hand left his and came up to cradle his face, running her thumb running lightly over his small scar. “This is different. I’m not gonna forget you. And I have every intention on coming back.”

He was having a hard time looking at her, trying to hold his slightly trembling composure. “Look, I know things haven’t been great with me lately, with being made at my parents and that I’ve been-losing myself a bit.” She made him look straight at her this time,”But this is my home, and that’s not going to change anymore.” 

He was still scared, she could see it. He lost so many people, and leaving Storybrooke had always been tricky. And now she was leaving to go against Zelena and the girl who obtained all of Emma’s supposed darkness. He couldn’t help but be worried.

“Besides,” she said glancing towards Henry. “I’ve got two really great men here that I can’t imagine my life without.”

That did it. Smiling lightly, he inched forward, closing the distance between them. He kissed her softly, holding her close. It was short and incredible. She pulled away when Regina came out of the town hall telling her it was time to leave. She rested her head against his, and she heard him say something that was nothing more than a whisper.

“Come back to me.”


            Missing Scene: Spoilers for 10x20. “Hot Topical”

           “Hi, welcome to Hot Topical. Just wanted to let you know, we got a great promotion at the moment. It’s buy one, and get second at half off.”

           Castiel thanked the female employee as he made his way into the store with Dean right behind him. It was actually a stroke of luck that he found out about this place for young people. Two teenagers had been talking about it when he was looking inside the Gaps store, after commenting on how it was all “mom clothes”. He was sure Claire wasn’t into looking like a mom, considering she likes to dress up in leather jackets and jeans.

           “So what are you getting her?” Dean asked him, staying close. He seemed fidgety.

           Castiel scrunched his eyebrows together, deep in thought. “I’m not sure. There are so many to choose from.”

           “She’s turning 18 right? So get her clothes.”

           “What do you suggest, Dean? You were her age once.” Castiel asked in sincerity.

           Dean gave him a look. He remembered that face as the “I can’t believe you said that” look.  Usually this meant something had offended Dean.

           “Doesn’t mean I was a teenage girl, Cas.” Ah, so he was right. Dean was offended.

           “Of course, that’s not what I meant. You had different tastes. Manly tastes.” Castiel tried to save the conversation.

           “You can say that.” Dean winked at him and smiled. 

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