"This is a bitter adventure, if it must end so; and not a mountain of gold can amend it. Yet I am glad that I have shared in your perils - that has been more than any Baggins deserves."

"Farewell Thorin Oakenshield! And Fili and Kili! May your memory never fade!”


"I had a mabari once. I mentioned she was taken from us, did I not? This was when Orlais still ruled, and it was an Orlesian lordling who took her. I tried to keep her, but there was little I could do. It was six months before we saw her again. The Orlesian returned her—and when I say “returned,” I mean “pushed her out of his wagon.” She was skin and bone, and still carried the scars from where their pronged collars bit into her neck. She never quite recovered. She passed away after a week. It was as though she held on long enough to come home to us. I held her head in my lap, and I believe she died happy."


love is natural and real, but not for you my love, not tonight my love
love is natural and real, but not for such as you and I, my love *

you really sold it 
we both did
Bleach characters, Hitsugaya....is Aizen's son! Your reactions?

As requested by kawaii-shota. :)



Ichigo: And I kinda thought *my* dad needed parenting lessons.

Ichigo: At least he just listens at the door when I have a girl over, rather than trying to manipulate me into stabbing her!

Ishida: And Ryuken may not be a good father, but he has never framed me for murder.

Ishida: Never appreciated that until now.

Shinji: So Aizen made Momo fall in love with him, then framed his son for his murder, so that Hitsugaya would be forced to kill Momo, whom Hitsugaya loved, not knowing that she was in love with the man who was his father.

Shinji: That’s some Freudian shit, right there.

Shinji: …

Shinji: Aizen has more issues than I realized. 

Hitsugaya: …

Orihime: Who do you think the mom is?

Rukia: Somebody tiny and white-haired.

Rukia: That much we know.

Hinamori: D-do you think Hitsugaya knew?

Hitsugaya: …

Matsumoto: Considering that his face is currently frozen in a look of utmost revulsion and horror……I’m thinking not.

Matsumoto: He might need a hug!

Chad: Did Aizen know?

Gin: Haven’t you heard, Sado? Aizen knows everything.

Gin: Plus manipulation and pain is the only way he knows how to parent.

Gin: Little wonder Hitsugaya got such a large helping. 

Ukitake: P-poor Toshiro!

Ukitake: This only increases my desire to adopt him!

Yamamoto: No adopting other captains!

Hitsugaya: …

Yukio: Hm. Didn’t Hitsugaya used to have a piece of bangs that hung over his face?

Yukio: Looks like hair locks run in the family. 

 I did always know that Hitsugaya was very powerful!

Kyoraku: With Aizen as his dad, that makes a lot of sense!

Kyoraku: Does put a dark spin on Hitsugaya’s release talking about “reigning over the frosted heavens,” though.

Kyoraku: Sure hope meglomania isn’t genetic.

Hitsugaya: …


Aizen: So is it too early to ask you to call me Dad?

Good luck with killing time,

You won’t be killing mine.


1.09 || 2x08

Ep19: Slaine did NOT send those counts after Inaho due to jealousy

I get why people think this. heck, I thought this was what happened when I saw the raws. But after watching and rewatching it with subs, to me it seems like the simultaneous attack on Earth was not just Slaine bitter over Asseylum watching birds with Inaho. let me explain

1) Slaine has wanted that sort of attack since the start

Slaine has been saying the counts should unite way before Asseylum woke up. It so happens that only now did he manage to get so powerful that they finally listened to him and teamed up. This joining of forces has been his idea for a long time, it wasn’t a plan hatched to finally kill inaho specifically

2) There was no time (after hearing asseylum mention him) to send Counts after Inaho

Seriously. After he leaves Asseylum, he briefly talks to only Harklight then goes back to his room/office. meanwhile one count is already fighting terran forces and the others soon join them. There was no time to find Inaho’s location, call three counts, explain and convince them to go attack together, then send them to earth and have them arrive in the brief interval after he heard Asseylum.

Not to mention, by the time Deucalion and Inaho join the fight, the counts appear too quickly after. Had Slaine waited and only told them to go after he saw Inaho there (which also begs the question, how would he even see Inaho on the ground?) they’d never have arrived so quickly

3) Those words (see image) mean…

I think it’s his last remorse. That is, while he is hurt the thing that meant so much to him (show Asseylum the birds) is no more, he realizes Inaho means something to Asseylum, thus attacking him -and Earth- will hurt her. But ensuring her future by winning the war is the only thing he has left he can do for her, and he’s gone too far to be able to stop, even if he has doubts about it (and he does, else he wouldnt have said that).

Also, if we consider that the joint attack was made before he heard her, it makes even more sense: he now realizes hurting terrans -and Inaho- will pain her a lot, but he’s already sent them out with a new more powerful strategy so it’s too late to feel doubt about attacking Inaho and Earth.

He is bitter: but because he realizes all thats left he can do for her is give use his power, even if he still feels regret over his actions, even if he knows it’s not what she wants

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a couple years ago I had a guy who was my bestfriend for a long time and we decided to start dating. he got really drunk one night and called me saying he was depressed, had a gun, and wanted to kill himself. I had to listen to him die and I've wanted to do the same ever since. it's so hard without him I just don't know what to do.. what do you do when you lose everything.. I don't know if I can do it anymore..

I’m gravely sorry for your loss, I really am but I know one thing for certain, he would not want you to follow him into the grave, especially through suicide. He would want you to keep living your life and to keep him in mind. He would want you to be happy, to live a life that he probably felt as if he couldn’t give you or help you get. Use him as motivation, whenever you feel in doubt imagine him boosting your morale. You can keep living, and if you can’t do it for yourself, do it for him.

Cleaning up some crap in the ship tag

"Levi is at least 10+ years older than Eren, so it’s gross."

Okay, hold the frick up. Are you even listening to yourself? I know many couples that love each other dearly and have a rather large age-gap. It’s not pedophilia, nor is EreRi abusive.

If you’re getting the idea of abusive from when Eren was beaten in court, then you definitely weren’t paying attention. Eren was going to be /killed/ if Levi hadn’t shown his dominance then the Survey Corps would’ve lost, and Eren would’ve been killed. After that Levi had asked him, “Do you hate me?” Levi hadn’t meant to hurt Eren just for the fun of it. Levi did it so the Survey Corps could have Eren and keep him safe.

Back on the topic of pedophilia, Eren is an adult. You /have/ to be an adult to join the military. You don’t have a problem with a child joining the military? Many getting killed? Risking their lives? Offering up their hearts to humanity? But you make a fuss over if it’s okay for them to date someone that’s over thirty?

Everything in the manga is fictional, so is the plot, and the age of consent. In this alternate time period Eren is indeed a legal adult.

Also, people are claiming to being “triggered,” which is a load of crap. If the ship offends you then simply ignore it. It sounds to me like you just want attention, or to make the shippers feel bad.

Bashing someone for shipping their ship is bullying. You’re not “taking a stand,” you’re not “fighting for what’s right,” You’re bullying.

I feel physically ill thinking about how much Mickey probably feels responsible for how things turned out. In the scene where Lip was telling Mickey “You did okay, Mickey. You tried. That’s a lot more than most people would do.” And Mickey Just sits there shaking his head. You can tell he feels like it’s his fault. If only he’d gotten Ian help earlier. If only he’d listened to Lip and Fiona. He just didn’t want to lose Ian again. He probably hoped loving Ian would’ve been enough. Cause for so long they couldn’t love freely, he didn’t want Ian to feel like he betrayed him by putting him in a psych ward. And now he probably feels like he’s betraying the guy he loves. You can tell he hates himself for it. But you can also see he knows there’s no other way. What kills me is how you can tell how much he blames and hates himself for what’s happening. You can see it in his eyes.

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fatima what is ur crush like??? ;)))

ok fuk ok well he has drakes profile which kills me every time and he has an accent he’s arab fuc and he always listens to me n when i ask him something he looks in my eyes like he tries to make eye contact but I always break it cause I’m like 👀💧 cause he has the nicest eyes honestly fuc and he walked me 2 my mamas car and he just asked me all these questions just to kno and it’s like FUK!!! he’s so dumb tho like he always asks me for help in geometry and he like explain this to me fatima and I always get nervous explaining cause he look me in the fukcing EYES and it’s like drake help me thru thIS N HE ALWAYS SMILE AT ME IN THE HALL WHEN HE SEE ME LIKE HIENSLTY? HES MY 1 I HAET BOys GDO

Preston was going to pick Lachlan up from the airport (sweetest cactus) but apparently Lachlan never showed even though Preston waited an extra hour? I know plane travel is super safe and all but we haven’t heard from Lachlan in 2 hours (it was supposed to be a quick connecting flight, just Los Angeles to San Francisco) and ngl I’m a little scared…

There’s not much Wes can really say when it comes to interactions with Amethyst–– The only time he remembers seeing her was in the library and she called herself his muse. Too bad for Wes, this wasn’t the first time Amethyst has seen him, but at least he doesn’t remember because if he had, he’s sure things would crumble

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(Possible tw) So I was dating this guy who may have been a tad emotionally abusive and may have caused my eating disorder/may have said some things that led to a suicide attempt on my part. And I got away from him. And now his best friend tells me that he is self harming and suicidal cuz I left. And I feel like shit. Cuz I know how I felt about the people who caused my pain and now I'm hurting someone just like I've been hurt and idk what to do! He hurt me so bad but look what I'm doing to him

Alright, listen to me, sweetheart, okay? I am not a cruel person and I don’t hate men, but I am going to exaggerate so that you feel the impact of what I need you to understand.

Fuck him.

Now, it’s not that I think he is a useless, miserable scumbag who should kill himself, no, but if I use weak or half-hearted language it’s not going to stick with you the same way and you might start to think ‘well maybe…’. So I’m going to say some harsh things, because you need to hear them, internalize them, and find a fraction of the anger and confidence and surety that I’m going to throw at you.

Fuck him. Forget about him. He is nothing to you. You owe him nothing. If that friend is even telling the truth, if your ex is even genuinely depressed, self-harming, and suicidal, it has nothing to do with you. You don’t kill yourself because someone left you, you kill yourself because of your own issues that are NOT the other person’s responsibility. Someone else may push you to suicidal urges, the way he did to you, but the act of leaving an abuser (or truly leaving anyone that you no longer want to be in a relationship with) is not, is NEVER, grounds to kill yourself “because of them”. That is emotional manipulation and emotional extortion, it is a form of abuse, and it is vile.

You did not cause this. Getting away from your abuser does not “hurt them”, it is not abuse, it is not unfair, it is not something that you ever for one microsecond need to question, reconsider, or feel shame or guilt for. That man abused the fuck out of you, and you did exactly the right thing. You got away. He is toxic to you and you should never, ever have contact with him for the rest of your life. If he actually is depressed and suicidal, he needs help and support from someone who is not you. It’s not as though abusing someone is beneficial or constructive for an abuser either, it’s not like a toxic relationship does him any good. 

You did not do anything to him. You are not “doing” anything to him, you are not hurting him, you are not wronging him in any fucking away. He doesn’t have the fucking right to say you’re ‘hurting’ him by leaving him, fuck him for having the fucking gall to spew that bullshit. You left an abusive relationship. You left a man who degraded you; do not minimize his abuse. You don’t try to kill yourself because of a “tad” of emotional abuse, you don’t end up with an eating disorder because of an innocent comment. He abused you. He tore you down and stripped you of your self-worth until you wanted to die. He is a piece of fucking shit who deserves to be scraped off the bottom of your shoe.

Maybe you still love him, and that’s okay if you do. (It’s also okay if you hate him.) But even though I am a hopeless romantic, I need you to understand that sometimes there are more important things than love. Most of all, safety. He is not safe for you. Even if he never laid a hand on you, he made you hurt yourself. You are not going to magically fix him if you go back to him, things will not get better this time. They’ll get worse. If he is actually depressed, you cannot fix or cure it for him. You cannot help him, and moreover you should not, because you will hurt yourself in the process and because you owe him nothing.

Do you understand me, sweetheart? Are you hearing me? 

I want to kill myself I was just walking to the store and I had my headphones in and this man comes up to me and I can see his mouth moving as if he’s talking to me and I don’t fucking know why I took my headphones out probably because I’m a fucking idiot and he was like “hey can I listen to your music?” And I told him no…. Bc what the fuck kind of question is that and he goes “oh why not? You going somewhere?” And I said no lmao I seriously hate me I don’t know why the fuck I kept talking and he dead ass fucking said “oh so let me take you home with me then” And I just kind of stood there?? because I didn’t know what to say or do so I think I just scoffed or said “ummm” maybe idk and he goes “whats the matter baby, are you scared? Come with me” And my feet literally could not move I was completely paralyzed and like I KNEW I needed to get the fuck out of there but I couldn’t pick up my feet so he grabs onto my arm and starts like pretty forcefully pulling me back to the sidewalk and I still can’t speak or move because it felt like the world was spinning and like i had my head underwater and then like a miracle from God or whoever the fuck sent this man idk but this guy who was behind us ran after us and was like “excuse me miss, do you know him?” And I still couldn’t speak so he told the guy to let go and back off but he wouldn’t let go of me and kept saying something like “yes we know each other it’s fine she’s coming home with me” and he continues pulling me down the block but finally I was able to say that I didn’t know him and the guy who was trying to help me takes my other arm and eventually gets him to let go of me (aka he had to physically pull his hand off of my arm) and then he called me a stupid bitch and spit at my feet before walking away. the other guy asked if I was okay but I didn’t answer I just ran lmao I ran all the way to where I was going because I didn’t know what else to do and I feel even shittier because I just ran off and didn’t thank that man for stepping in because I know that was attempted kidnapping or whatever it’s fucking called and he was most likely planning to rape me or something idk my mind probably just jumps to the worst case scenario but seriously that was the most retraumatized or whatever I’ve felt in so long and I feel like I weigh a thousand pounds. idk if i should go to the police and file a report but i feel like i should but i also don’t want to. Idk why shit like this keeps happening to me lmao it’s really hard to tell yourself that it’s not your fault when it happens multiple times. I must do something or send off a signal that says I’m vulnerable because it keeps fucking happening and I don’t understand why. what am I doing wrong?

this is a lot to come out of me googling “young obama” but: i honest to god hate that when u vote for a president ur actually not really voting on anything! lol like how much of politics is in control of the people, really????? i want obama not to kill people, but is he gonna listen? is there any way to make him listen? if there was, it wouldnt have happened so many times. do u guys know what im tryna say? like america’s thing is that the government is in the hands of the people but like… is it really??

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Hey! I'm new to this AU! I love it so much! Anyway, i like writing little fanfics to myself with different AU's, sometimes if I'm willing to i share them, but anyways. Something i would like to ask to help me with a current fanfic I'm writing about this AU is, Does Vincent know about Jeremy's ... life? If he found out/ when he found out, what was his reaction?

sorry for the slow replies. There’s just SO MANY!!! anydudes. 

he’s known for awhile because when Vincent was a ghost he would pry into everyones business when they were working on the nightshifts. Vincent at the time had nothing better to do but try to kill them and listen to their complaining. It annoyed him a lot with all of the annoying complaining. But Jeremy was one of the night guards he did try to possess so memories were shared on accident.

at the time he did feel a little sympathy for the kid. But he also shrugged it off not caring. Now for later when Vincent remembered all of that he felt bad and did try talking to Jeremy at some point. But all that did was gain some of Jeremys trust, but not too much.