REQUEST: EXO’s reaction to XiuHarem

Requested by aesha-pacific~ Thank you!



Xiumin: No way~ Who the hell called it XIUHAREM?! Oh my god~ Seriously, what is that? *embarrassed but flattered* 



Luhan: Oh nonono~ you stay away from my boyfriend! I know he’s hot as hell, but he’s taken, so~ Just stay away. *jealous boyfriend mode on*



D.O: How did he turn from “the squishy” into “the hot one”? It happened so fast… *teach me master*



Lay: *impressed* Wahhhhhhh~ Minseok hyung is really trending these days, isn’t he~ It took some people quite a long time to realize how hot he really is, though~



Chen: Okay, but for real~ What do I do to get my own harem? Should I take my clothes off too? *Is he serious? Is he joking? No one knows…*



Kris: *creeped out* Wooooow~ Xiuharem… Their thirst- I mean, THEIR ADMIRATION is very impressive…



Sehun: Seriously, y’all so thirsty for my Umin hyung, y’all need to sort out your priorities. And yeah~ stop dreaming. He’s too hot for you anyways, so~ *maknae keeping it real*



Tao: Okay, I agree that our hyung is hot… But really, I’m pretty handsome too~ Just look at me. I’m fabulous~ *desperatly tries to get a harem for himself*



Chanyeol: Aaaaaahhhh~ So now even Minseok hyung can get this sexy image~ This is so unfair… I’m the one with the deep voice, this harem should be mine… *300% done*



Baekhyun: Well… I get why they’re all so obsessed~ I mean… Have you seen his abs? Cause I have and believe me, ‘Xiuharem’ sounds accurate. *secretly follows all of the Xiuharem blogs he found on the internet last night*



Suho: *speechless* I’m not gonna lie, Xiuharem is a little scary~ I had literally no idea people could be so thirsty… You all need Jesus. 



Kai: Not that I care, but~ I thought I was supposed to be the sexy member of this group… *confused, innocent baby*

  • SS Fandom:Kishimoto is such a great writer! :) The way he writes real love and women is just perfect! The antis are just jealous that their ships aren't canon :)
  • -Gaiden reveals SS family is literally anything but happy-
  • SS Fandom:...
  • SS Fandom:Omg Sakura and Sasuke haven't had sex in over 12 years!!!! KISHIMOTO HOW COULD YOU I TRUSTED YOU!!!!

I really want something where Oikawa is a young kid and he really gravitates towards the color pink. Like maybe his mom let him buy a pink scarf or something, and he’s so happy about it, and he shows it to Iwaizumi and he thinks it actually really looks good on him.

But of course young kids are mean, so when he sports it to school they all tell him “pink is a girly color” and “you’re such a girl” and Oikawa is on the brink of tears.

And Iwaizumi just jumps in and tells them off about how anybody can wear pink, and Oikawa looks really good with pink, and they’re just jealous. 

I’m sorry I just really like Oikawa and Pink and protective Iwaizumi leave me be /)///(\


“why are you being like this?” Cora glared at Derek.

Derek didnt say anything and Cora let out an exasperated sigh.

“you’re just jealous because i asker her out first. well here’s the thing Derek,” Cora smirked, “i know she’s into girls but you dont know if she’s into guys. so you cant be angry at me" 

i need jealous and territorial aoba seething with rage every time he sees koujaku’s groupies hanging off him and laughing too loud at every joke he makes and just generally getting furious every time he sees a girl tryna put the moves on his man like i need it like i need air

but i also really really need aoba being secure enough in their relationship that he doesn’t really care about any of that because he knows that at the end of the day, he’s the one who gets to go home with koujaku, he’s the one he wakes up next to every morning, he’s the one who’s seen koujaku at his absolute worst (and koujaku’s seen him at his), he’s the one koujaku loves. so it doesn’t matter how hard the girls try and flirt with him, cause he knows koujaku will always choose him no matter what. 

"He's just jealous" - Nash & Hayes Grier Imagine

boy/character: hayes & nash grier

request: yessssssss, anonymous

warnings/rate: C for cuddlinggggg

authors notes: sorry this is kinda short:(

“Gross,” Nash groans and he spots Hayes and I tangled together on the couch, “what don’t you two ever lay in your room?”

“Maybe because it’s better out here.” Hayes says cocking an eyebrow.

“Plus we can gross you out.” I say winking at him earning a chuckle from Hayes. The TV continues to play Fast And Furious as our conversation drifts off to another topic.

“Did you guys see all the tweets about #20DaysOfDallas?” Nash says plopping down next to us with a bowl of Fruity Pebbles in hand. We shake our heads and Hayes runs his hand up and down my arm as I lay my head on his chest. “I think the videos are gonna be hilarious. Considering I’m in them.” Nash declares with a mouthful of cereal. He takes his phone from his pocket and scrolls through Twitter. “Alright I’m sick of your couple-y-ness.” He moans standing up from the couch and up the stairs. My phone buzzes on the table and I lean off of Hayes to grab it.

“@Nashgrier: Just saw @(Y/T/N) and @HayesGrier cuddling on the couch #NOTcouplegoals” the tweet reads and I laugh lightly turning the phone to Hayes. He rolls his bright blue eyes huffing. I open the app and reply to him sacastically, “@(Y/T/N): @Nashgrier aw thanks bby! We love our supporters!” I send the tweet out watching as fans anxiously wait for Nash or Hayes to respond. I turn my phone to Hayes who quickly looks at it before letting out a deep chuckle. “Is it possible to love you more?” Hayes says kissing me on the lips, smiling as he pulls away. “So you know it is 1:27 maybe we should get up and have breakfast?” I giggle and Hayes rolls his eyes.

“But we’re cuddling,” he groans burying his face into my hair pulling me into his chest, “I wanna spend time with my girlfriend.” My heart flutters even after months of dating when he calls me his.

“Fine, I’ll put waffles in the toaster and come back?” I say my stomach grumbling. His eyes light up and I pull myself away from him, kissing his lips before I walk into the kitchen. Opening the freezer and take out the box of buttermilk pancakes and put four of them in the toaster. “God so now you’re making him food? Like cuddling for three hours wasn’t enough?” Nash groans dumping his left over milk down the drain. I push past him and grab the whip cream from the side of the fridge. Placing it down next to our empty plates I turn to Nash, “You’re just jealous,” I state leaning against the counter crossing my arms as I look at him.

“No I’m not,” he defends grabbing a water from the fridge, “I think you two are repulsive.” He says taking a drink from the water bottle.

“Yeah sure,” the toaster goes off and I take the four waffles and put them on to separate plates, “Nash, just give it up. You. Are. Jealous.” I poke his chest between the words, he shrugs and I walk out of the kitchen and back to my spot next to Hayes. I hand him his plate and shake the can of whip cream before spraying a smiley face on my waffle.

“Hey,” Hayes pokes my cheek opening his mouth wide, “where’s my whip cream?”

“Oh my gosh,” I spray the can into his mouth, he smiles the whipped cream coming out of the sides of his mouth, “you are such a child.” I hear Nash groan as the steps squeak on his way up the stairs.

“You love birds disgust me.“ He calls shutting his door and leaving us alone again. Hayes furrows his eyebrows and I smile at him.

"He’s just jealous,” I kiss Hayes’ soft lips, “don’t worry. He’ll come around…eventually.”

“NO I WONT!” He calls before slamming the bedroom door again.

“Shut up,” Hayes and I yell back in unison. We laugh at one another before I grab my phone on the table.

“@Nashgrier: fine maybe I am a little jealous……” I see a tweet from Nash at the top of my dash. I turn the phone turns Hayes with a smirk on my face, “told you.” Hayes smiles widely before grabbing my waist and pulling me close.

“I love you.” He says into my ear. Before kissing my cheek.

“I love you more, Hayes.”

“GOD IM GONNA THROW UP!” Nash screams from his room.

“SHUT UP!” We say together and begin to eat our breakfast tangled together on the couch not caring what Nash has to say.

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Big sis! Is it weird I'm 36D and 13! I try to be confident and stuff but it's so hard to when ur friend are complaining about being flat and u have two big rocks on ur chest :((( sorry this isn't a question

ah i get that!! being different to your friends can suck no matter which end of the spectrum youre on - just try to remember that its totally fine that you have bigger breasts than your friends and that you look great and some of your friends will end up with similar breast sizes to yours and others never will and no matter the size its all cool and its all gorgeous so try not to worry about it, love

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I have no opinion of Cox as an actress but I have seen interviews and whatnot and she seems like such a good compassionate person who got to where she is as a black trans woman which itself is incredible. All these basic bitches trying to drag her down are just jealous of her fame and positivity and that someone they can barely even think of as a woman is out doing her own thing and not groveling at their feet 24/7.

I’m jealous to your friends, because they can be with you all the time.

I’m jealous to your pillow, because you can hug it so tight.

I’m jealous to your mirror, because it can make you feel handsome.

I’m jealous to your diary, because it knows all your secrets and what’s happening to your life.

I’m jealous to your coffee cup, because it can taste your lips.

I’m jealous to your 11:11 wish, because I know she’s your wish.

I’m jealous to your girl, because she can make you smile, and I know that she’s pretty enough, unlike me, who’s way simple and can’t even make you smile.

—  I’m just jealous

tbh im so glad im at a point in my life where ill walk by a window or mirror really quickly and think “omg who was that she is so pretty!!” and then realize that im talkin about myself lmao like i used to think i was so ugly and gross looking but like im not??? i never was i just let jealous racist bitches get to me