As a fellow fan

I can understand everyone always getting upset when Mark says he’s sorry about not getting a video up for whatever reason. We all care about Mark as if he was a brother (that you actually get along with) and we don’t care about videos if he’s not feeling good. I understand this completely, I too feel this way.

But as a fellow youtuber I really understand where Mark is coming from. Uploading videos for your fans is almost like a drug. I’m sure he feels the same way every time he uploads a video, you can’t wait to watch those view numbers go up. Because that means there are people seeing your stuff and enjoying it. To get likes on videos lets you know they enjoy. The comments are the best part, being able to talk with fans and even haters is just exciting.

When you enjoy making videos so much and you enjoy the fact that other people enjoy them so much. You feel obligated to keep it going, less and less for your sake but more and more for your fans. Especially if you know that your videos can make a difference in someone’s life, you feel that you HAVE to do it.

Considering how thoughtful and caring Mark is are you really surprised that he gets mad at himself for not uploading anything. I get mad at myself when I miss an upload day.

Yes we should remind Mark that it’s ok if he misses a day or so, especially if it’s because of something big like the recent surgery. I just want people to remember where Mark is coming from when he apologies for not getting videos out for us. Seeing both sides of every situation brings understanding I think.

Those are just my two cents on the matter.

Get better Mark, and WE’LL see YOU in the next video.

twinsofmischief asked:

Mimosa is so cute. Love their color-scheme. :D Also, sorry you have to deal with that stupid art theft/tracing. That must be so aggravating. It's partly why I'm afraid to share any of my own character's art/designs one day.... I wish people had more common sense. DON'T STEAL OTHER PEOPLE'S IDEAS. I hope it didn't ruin your entire day. ;A;

ahh thank you I’m very happy with how her design turned out! I’m thrilled people enjoy her as much as I do ;v;

it’s fine, people are going to be assholes you just gotta be able to stand your ground and not let anyone mess with you
Hopefully I won’t have to deal with this nonsense anymore but knowing people I’m sure it’ll happen again but I’m always going to stand up for myself and refuse to let others have their way with my art
and nah no worries they didn’t ruin my entire day after some puppy kisses and video game playing I’m feelin’ better