“I’ll be gentle” Nash Grier smut imagine

Anon asked:  Could i get a imagine where i wake up in bed with nash the morningnafter and i want to get up and shower but he wants to cuddle thanks so much?

Here you are sweetie ;) Sorry for the wait but I also had other requests to do, hope you like it ;) 


A/N: Ok, this is my first smut imagine (I don’t know what to think about the result) so just let me know what you think. I suck at this but I hope this one is good enough, you know what I mean? As always let me know what you think ‘cause it really means a lot for me

You and Nash have been dating for a while now and he’s the sweetest boyfriend ever. You have already slept at his house but nothing more. “I’m not ready” you repeat him every time you get in bed with him and he always comforts you by saying “Don’t worry baby. We can wait and then when you’re ready, we can have some fun”.

“Baby, can you come at my place? My parents aren’t here and I have to babysit Skylynn, can you come and help me? And then you can spend the night here” he asked you as you immediately smiled and agreed “Just give me 10 minutes and I’ll be there”. You put on your sneakers, grabbed your bag and you car keys and you drove till his place.

“Hi baby” you exclaimed kissing his cheek as he wrapped his arm around your waist and you got into the living room where there was Skylynn playing with his dolls. “Hey lovely girl” you greeted her kneeling down on the floor and kissing his forehead. “Nash, I’m so happy that she’s here with us. Can we watch a movie? And can we make brownies?” she asked him in her cutest voice. “I don’t know. Y/n, can we make brownies? Will you help us?” smiled as you laughed “Of course, otherwise you Nash, you will burn down the entire house”.

While you waited for the brownies to be cooked, Nash asked “So, Skylynn. Which film do you want to see?” and the answer was clearly “Frozen”. Both of you and Nash laughed ‘cause you’ve lost count of how many times you have seen that film. In the middle of the film, the brownies were ready, so you got up from the couch and brought them to Skylynn and Nash. By the end of the film, Skylynn was sleeping in between you and Nash, her head on his chest and her legs over your lap. Nash picked her up and brought her to her bed.

After finished cleaning the kitchen, you and Nash decided that it was time to go to bed. So you got into his room where he lied down on his bed as you teased him by sitting over him. You were finally ready and he hadn’t the slightest idea of what you were thinking. So he asked with a confused look “What are you doing?”. You leaned down to kiss his neck and suck his sweet spot that was behind his ear, and whispered “I think I’m ready”. “Oh well, so…” he smirked at you and started to unbutton your jeans and tossed them on the floor with you shirt and panties. You were now naked as he gently kissed every inch of your body, starting from your neck, your chest and he stopped at your inner thigh. “You’re so wet baby” he whispered rubbing your clit and as you run your finger into his messy hair and let out a moan. He then asked “Are you sure you wanna do this?”. You just nodded your head so he positioned his tip at your entrance “I’ll be gentle. Just tell me if I hurt you and I’ll stop, okay?”. You bit your bottom lip and nodded in affirmation. He pushed in bit by bit, stopping when you moaned and when finally it was all the way in, he sighed as you let out a moan. “Are you okay baby?” he worried as you moaned him back “yes, Nash, keep going”. So, he began to thrusted in and out of you as you dig your nails into his back and wrapped your legs around his waist. “N-Nash, I’m so close” you groaned. “Me too baby, me too”.

Once you both reached your climax, he pulled out of you and lied on the bed next to you. “Damn, it was amazing, you were amazing” he whispered and you rested your head on his bare chest. “Yes, it was amazing” you agreed. “Can I sleep in you t-shirt?” you asked him giving him the best puppy dog face and he couldn’t help but say yes. After a while, you both fell asleep in each other arms.

In the morning, when you woke up, you were still in his arms. He was sleeping so you stared at him and thinking about the night before “Gosh, it was wonderful. I love him so much”. He finally opened his eyes and you gave him a big smile “Good morning baby” you whispered kissing his forehead. “Good morning to you” he said in his sexy, raspy, morning voice. Then you tried to get up from the bed, but he gently grabbed your wrist and asked “Where you going?”. You sat on the bed and exclaimed “I’m gonna take a shower”. He rested his head on your leg as you run your hand through his messy hair and he groaned “No way, I wanna cuddle”. Then, he added winking at you “Or, after, we can take a shower together and continue with the second round, you know what I mean?”. You smiled gently pecking his lip and exclaimed “Sounds good. So, cuddles and then shower together?”. He nodded but someone knocked on his door. 

“Can I come in?” Skylynn asked standing near the doorway. “What’s up, pumpkin?” Nash whispered still asleep. “Can we all cuddle in bed?” she asked literally jumping on his bed and lying down in between you two. “Well, you’re already here. So, I guess yes, we should cuddle all together” Nash agreed and held your hand. Then he whispered into your ear “Mmh, I think we’ll have to wait for our second round”. You giggled and murmured “I think so.”

Making Derek - part two

For part one, click here!

This is continuing on from where I had just cleaned out the moulds and am getting ready to do some silicone casting.

At this point I made a chest block of balsa wood for a less squishy gripping point and then padded out the rest of the armature with upholstery foam. I actually just cut a lump of the stuff from the bottom of my bed (which is less of a “bed” and more of a giant lump of spongy foam on the floor. Ahh student life!) This photo below was before I’d padded the upper arms. I left the lower arms unpadded as they were already quite snug in the mould but I did wrap them in some plaster bandage tape to give the silicone something to stick to and did the same with the tail fin. 

Before casting I also filled any exposed joints with plastiline so the silicone didn’t get into them. 

Below is the inside of Derek’s head which is just balsa wood and wire. The side fins are attached to brass K&S tubes so they are removable for casting separately. I’m thinking I maaaybe should have used thicker wire for the mouth… I hope it lasts the shoot!

Next I did a base colour test for the silicone which you can see in the hand below. The silicone I’m using is Dragon Skin 10-Slow from Smooth-On which is tinted with a mix of Silc-Pig and Ignite pigments. I got the trial size multi-packs of all of the pigments but I’ve blitzed through the yellows pretty quickly so I need to pick up more yellow Silc-Pig this weekend. The whole puppet will be given an airbrushed paint job afterwards so this is just for the underlying colour.

The silicone needs to be degassed in one of these beasts, a degassing chamber with a vacuum pump. I hired this one from Tiranti. It basically sucks all of the air out of whatever you put in it and after mixing the two-part Dragon Skin together, there is a lot of air in there. If you don’t get the air out you will be left with lots of unsightly bubbles in the cast which then need to be filled after. Using one of these gizmos will minimize bubblage and heartache. 

In order to make sure there weren’t any “touch downs” in the mould, (ie. areas where the internal armature or foam is in contact with the surface), I painted a layer of the silicone into the mould first. I did this by adding a product called Thi-Vex which is a thixotropic additive, meaning you stir a few drops into the mixed silicone and it quickly aquires a thick consistency that doesn’t run off whatever surface you apply it to.

I also painted a layer of silicone onto the foam-covered armature and hung it up to cure.

When the thixotropic layer was mostly cured but still a bit tacky, I mixed up another batch of silicone, filled both halves of the mould, popped the armature into place and then sandwiched the two halves together with a humongously heavy weight on top (because despite having “BUY CLAMPS” on my to-do list for about 2 weeks, I never did buy any clamps.)

After leaving everything in the moulds overnight, this was the result! The silicone is still quite translucent even with the pigment in (I probably could have added a lot more) but it will all be painted anyway so hopefully the surface paint job with hide the areas where you can see the insides! 

There are a couple of little issues but I’m pretty happy with how most of it turned out. The wires in Derek’s lips didn’t quite line up where they were meant to meaning he was stuck with this permasmile, so I’ve since done a new cast of the head. Also, you can’t see it in this picture but the tail fin didn’t cure well at all! This is because it was in contact with the bad batch of resin that was used to fill that section of the mould. I wasn’t sure if this was the case or not so I cut off the fin and detached it at the joint. I then sectioned off just that small part of the mould and did a new cast. Thankfully this one worked a bit better although when I opened it up, a big slice of the mould came away stuck to the fin! Definitely not good, that stuff should be rock solid. So it’s a good thing that second cast came out alright as I wouldn’t have been able to do a third one! 

All that remains to be done next week (once I’ve got more pigment) is some trimming and seaming, filling in a few little areas and an overall paint job. Stay tuned for part 3 :)

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Creepy story for Sixpenceee

You know, now that I think about it I do have a ‘glitch’ memory. Three actually. The first one I can kinda shrug off because it happened when I was small and with fever. Maybe I was just seeing things?

But I walked into my bedroom, ready to sleep and there was someone already in my bed. My friend from school and man that I assume was her father. He was reading her a book and they both glared at me when I came in. I didn’t see them as invaders, but at the same time I knew they weren’t supposed to be there. So I told them to get out of my bed because I was tired. They said no, but they vanished right in front of me anyways. I went to sleep like nothing happened too.

I tried to talk to my friend about it the next day and of course she had no idea what I was talking about.

The second ‘glitch’ is a scarier one for me. I was sitting across from the kitchen door, looking at my mom washing dishes. And my fathers head poked from one side of the frame like he was playing peekaboo. He hid again and ‘peekabooed’ from the other side of the door frame. This was impossible for him to do without me seeing him walk across the room but I didn’t question it. Until he poked his head from the top frame. As in, he was somehow hanging from the ceiling. Mother never noticed. And ‘father’ never left the kitchen. I don’t think it was him now that I think about it…

The last glitch somehow stuck with me the longest. I was walking towards the garbage can at school when for some reason I look up at the clock. I feel myself blackout, and when I come back, it was a full ten minutes later than it was before. No one else noticed or cared. But how you lose ten minutes, standing up in broad daylight? How does no one notice that?

you and luke were laying on your bed, laughing so hard your ribs were aching. the two of you had just accidentally walked in on ashton and his girlfriend, and the memory of it was still burned onto the inside of your eyelids as you laughed. “oh my god, he was so red!” you say. luke snorts, and between laughs manages to say, “did you hear her call him daddy?” you throw your head back, barely able to breathe. “right? like who does that?” you crawl on top of him jokingly, wiggling your eyebrows, and whisper- “right, daddy?” but instead of him giggling, his eyes widen slowly and darken and he sucks on the inside of his lip ring, and suddenly, your stomach knots in a way that’s not funny at all

calumspiercedhood and hulkcalum are having smut night if you want to go to hell

Why the signs skipped school
  • <p><b>Aries:</b> they were too busy fighting ppl<br><p/><b>Taurus:</b> &ldquo;why have school when you can have&hellip;&rdquo; *shoves cookie in mouth*<br><p/><b>Gemini:</b> &ldquo;just.. I just gotta update&hellip;. social media&hellip;&hellip;&rdquo;<br><p/><b>Cancer:</b> couldn&rsquo;t get out of bed<br><p/><b>Leo:</b> &ldquo;I would rather look at my reflection&rdquo; <br><p/><b>Virgo:</b> wtf of course they went to school<br><p/><b>Libra:</b> can&rsquo;t handle too much sunlight <br><p/><b>Scorpio:</b> has too many people on the hitlist<br><p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> adventuring all day<br><p/><b>Capricorn:</b> do they even know what school is???<br><p/><b>Aquarius:</b> too cool for school and they already know more than all the teachers combined<br><p/><b>Pisces:</b> already in a school (A FISH SCHOOL PUN PUN)</p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

harry/louis, 8k, mildly explicit. disgusting domestic kidfic.

“You know I would love to spend the next hour telling you that you’re just as lovely as you were at twenty, since we all know that’s what you’re fishing for—”

“—not fishing—” Louis interjects, the same mild whine he had in his voice at twenty, too.

“—but I also really need you to get them downstairs so we can stuff them full before bedtime and I can pass out on my gorgeous and gigantic king-sized bed by nine PM UK time, baby, so if you could just… you know.”

Harry can physically feel Louis’ eye roll. He hates being dismissed, but sometimes it just has to be done, or they’d be stuck talking shite in this kitchen until midnight. “Don’t know why you say ‘UK time’ as if we don’t physically live in the sodding UK already,” he grumbles, but he goes off anyway. Harry has the loveliest and grumpiest husband in the world.