What I really wanna do sometime is order pizza and then NOT eat it so that Future Sala can enjoy an entire pizza that is cold. You see, Present Sala and Future Sala LOVE cold pizza and Future Sala always hates Present (now Past) Sala because she eats too much pizza when it’s hot and then there is minimal cold pizza for Future Sala. But does Present Sala have the self control to get pizza and eat none for the greater good of Future Sala? I just don’t know.

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Why do people have to see everything as a ship?! Why can't Regina just be choosing her best friend with the power to save the town from the witches over the guy who left her for his wife? Like Jen said people will make something from nothing. :D

Very true! Altho I think Robin is more to her than just the guy who left his wife for her. They are destined as true love, which is a very powerful thing, so it is actually a very hard decision. Especially for Regina, someone who constantly chooses herself and is still learning to choose greater good over selfishness. Which is what makes this the perfect challenge for TRUE character development. But I am honestly hoping she does choose the right path, and that she realizes by DOING so, she CAN have her happy ending in the end. Because the good guys do want happiness for her, so they aren’t gonna stop helping her find Robin. :)  But unfortunatlly people see this as a ship thing, which it isn’t because there IS no Emma/Regina ship.

This is a choice between doing what’s right, and what’s easy.  And heroes choose the right path, not the easy one. So that’s what this is about. Not between Emma and Robin. Between hero and villain.

Epch, relax? Nah, more like write more stuff. Here’s a OC ask meme you can enjoy ~

Send a #Number + #an OC of mine and i’ll answer

  1. Optimistic, pessimistic or in the middle?
  2. Job/ what job they would want to have?
  3. Keys around neck, in hand, pocket or bag?
  4. Color in the lines or color all over the place?
  5. Follows rules, breaks rules or follows most rules but break some for the greater good?
  6. Music taste?
  7. Do they read books? If so, which sort?
  8. Favorite weather?
  9. Do they stay inside during rain or go outside regardless? Or do they go out because they want to?
  10. Favorite animal/ creature?
  11. Favorite plant?
  12. Are they really afraid of something? If so, what and why?
  13. Favorite food / thing to eat?
  14. Favorite color?
  15. Sweet food, sour food, salty food, doesn’t favor any of them or favors all?
  16. Favorite thing to drink?
  17. Favorite rock/ mineral?
  18. Is there any technology in the world they live in? If so, what are their opinions on it? Do they use it or stray away from using it?
  19. Do they speak? If so, what language? Can they speak multiple languages? Do they understand a language, but can’t speak it themselves?
  20. What type of clothes do they like? What do they enjoy wearing and what do they actually typically wear? Are there clothes they like seeing on others, but can’t imagine themselves wearing?
  21. Do they favor durability, agility, intellect, strength or determination?
  22. Do they enjoy heights, or are afraid of them?
  23. Do they take their time and enjoy the things around them, big or small, or do they just rush on past everything to get to their goal as soon as possible?
  24. What’s the most important part of an adventure? Is it the destination? What happens on the way? The whole journey itself or what happens afterwards?
  25. Do they like ‘cute’ things? What’s their definition of “cute”?
  26. Travels a lot, just a bit or stays in one place most of their time?
  27. Which do they like more? The outdoors or the indoors?
  28. Do they have any hobbies? If so, what are they?
  29. What makes them smile? What makes them laugh? What’s their idea of happiness?
  30. Have they gotten proper education? Have they even gone to anything that could be considered as a ‘school’?
  31. Do they collect anything? If so, what and with how much passion?
  32. Are they hypocrites? Aka, do they hate when somebody else does a certain thing but enjoy it themselves, or is there something they enjoy seeing somebody else do but hate doing it themselves?
  33. Hats? Yes or nah.
  34. What’s their definition of the word “obstacle”?
  35. Please tell me a random fact, it can be anything. No need for context either.

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Last person asked if it was OK to have "morally dubious" character. That´s basically my problem.I can´t force myself to write evil characters and whenever I write a paragon of goodness, who saves stray kittens from trees, I just scrape him, because I hate characters like that. Is there any way I can write balanced characters? Or what is the best way to redeem previously evil character? Because I love those.

The thing is, Nonny, I think you’ll find that most people aren’t completely good or evil and most characters aren’t either. Many characters who do morally reprehensible things also love their families and have good qualities, and many so-called heroes tell lies, commit murder, and do worse acts in the name of the greater good without seeing any problem with it. Your best bet is, like you said, balance - looking at both the good and bad in each character, and finding a way to balance it so that you can write them.

One way to do this is to look at what personality traits your character has. There are two sides to most personality traits. For example, if I have a character who is very independent, maybe it’s not just that they’re good at taking care of themself but that they’re bad at asking for help from others. A character who is studious might have a lot of book smarts but might offend people easily because they have bad people skills. A character who loves to be helpful might not know when to quit, and accidentally cause trouble for the people around them. Dig deep and see what you can come up with!

Another way is to look at your characters’ motivations. The difference between a hero and a villain isn’t what their goal is - it’s how they go about achieving it. A hero and a villain can both want to lower the crime rate in a town, but one of them thinks the best way to do that is to apprehend criminals and discourage criminal activity and the other one thinks the best way is to take over the city and rule with an iron fist. If you examine your characters’ motivations and you find that there’s more than one way they could go about achieving them, why not try a different path, one that requires more from your characters? Everyone makes choices, and every choice leads somewhere else. Try some different ones!

Finally, consider your characters’ internal conflicts. These can come from the things characters do that go against their personal morals. Of course, you’ll first need to figure out what your characters’ morals are (writing them down in a character chart or profile can help you keep them consistent!) and then figure out what actions they could take that would cause them to feel conflicted. Does a generally honest character tend to lie about their feelings because they’re too nice to worry somebody? Does a character who is otherwise despicable have a deep protective streak of children…and get caught being nice to one by someone they hate? Even if you don’t use them, internal conflicts (and external ones!) can show facets of characters that they don’t show under stress. Just make sure to keep them consistent! A character who is in tears over having lied to a friend today isn’t going to be tossing off hugely complicated falsehoods tomorrow without a problem.

If you have any more specific questions, please feel free to let me know! Good luck, Nonny!


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Random thought, but do you think Stannis would ever let Shireen be burned? We know how he can be very focused on his 'mission' that he'll sort of compartmentalize and shut things out for the sake of 'the greater good'; such as his decision to kill Renly. It just makes me wonder, if Melissandre told him sacrificing Shireen would guarantee his victory as King, do you think he'd do it?

I highly doubt it. And not just because I’m a Stannis fan and I’d hate him forever if he did that. What’s the point of naming her his heir and “You will avenge my death, and seat my daughter on the Iron Throne. Or die in the attempt.”?

And would the people of Westeros accept as their new king a father who sacrificed his own daughter to a foreign god? A kinslayer? The truth behind Renly’s death may remain a secret or be shrugged off an act of war, but I don’t see how it would be possible with Shireen. The only circumstance I see him doing something like that is if Shireen is somehow already dying of greyscale.

Melisandre and Selyse, on the other hand… and now Stannis is gone and Shireen is left alone with them at the Wall. Some people think she might be sacrificed by Mel to let Jon be reborn as Azor Ahai because of the “wake dragons out of stone” part of the prophecy. That’s too far-fetched imo, but still I don’t think Shireen is safe there, especially with the Others invasion about to begin and the chaos following Jon’s “Ides of March”.

The importance of unimportance -Lovecraftian Philosophy

Late night philosophy always fun…

In Lovecraftian stories humans are useless, weak, pointless. Instead of a foe that can be overcome, we have a foe in which we cannot even understand, let alone fight. Instead we are left with the hope that the powers greater than us may simply not notice our existence. Now people may ignore what lessons we can learn from this meaning behind some of the greatest horror stories ever written, saying this is a negative philosophy to live by, simply existing just to produce a terrifying universe. I mean, we don’t want to think of ourselves as meaningless, right?

That train of thought only highlights why we can’t throw away this idea of being meaningless.

We have all been brought up to believe we are special, that we can do anything. Now this is good for the growing mind, for the young who are still finding their place. It is important to leave growing minds with no known barriers, so they can explore what is right and wrong for them, with a little guidance of course. 

What is an issue is when that train of thought continues into adult life. It is important to know ones barriers. For instance, if a man is drowning in a river, being swept away by the strong current, and another man sees this, if he does not understand his limits, he may jump in to aid the man, then find himself carried away by the tide too, thus creating two dead instead of the possible one. A wise man would instead seek people who have power beyond his own to save him, such as the coast guard or the fire service. Or the man may seek an item that has the power to save the man, such as a life-saver or a similar flotation device. To save the man in the current, you must know your limits, and willingly accept that there are those who have greater power than you.

Accepting there are greater powers than you isn’t easy, we all want to be the main character, or an important person to a grand plan. Even in Christianity, where they all accept God is greater than them, they still have the belief they are part of this perfect plan, and without them the plan would fall apart (as suggested by it being the perfect plan. This is, if you’re a Jung-follower like myself, because of the ego being so close to the way we perceive ourselves. It is even harder to accept greater powers than ourselves when we cannot empathise with them. You see all the arguments online stem from a criticism of a country. Those in the country empathise with it, and for the power of the country to be lesser than another’s, in any area, creates conflict. Image how greater this is of a task if the power isn’t resembling human.

But why is the acceptance of inferiority a need for humanity?

Humanity has just discovered a being which fails to respond to any way of communication. It instead wonders about, a tone of pure evil emanating from it, giving everyone the creeps. It’s walking destroys a few houses, but nothing that bad. Humans do experiments on the being, checking power level, take a small sample of skin, etc. They find it unbelievably powerful. Now the evilness being given off worries a certain world leader (honestly got no single leader in mind). 

This world leader, maybe because of the sense of evilness, maybe because it might get public approval if they destroy it, decides they must pt humanity against this creature in a dick measuring contest. They drop a nuke on it, maybe 5 nukes….and it does nothing. Except the creature now sees the humans around them as pests that have annoyed it, and being evil it destroys us all. Just because we wanted to show our meaningless power.

Or you can look at the plot to the A.I. war video games, in which robots have basically enslaved us, and the only way to fight back is with a resistance purposely so small that the robots don’t notice and don’t bring there God-power ships to destroy you and humanity.

Of course this may possibly never happen, and there will be other less lovecrafian examples out there, but I’m all about that Lovecraft. But to sum up, basically we won’t always be able to provide a solution to a problem far greater than us, that is so huge it in fact doesn’t effect us. Sometimes humility is our greatest weapon and our best defense. 

And if a great power does come looking for destruction, we best pray they deem us less than ants.

Well that’s a piece I just pulled out of nowhere, there’s bound to be issues. Hope it raises discussion. Would love to get talking about Lovecraftian philosophy.

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I'm really looking forward to this episode, but I'm worried about what the SWW crowd is going to say about May. We know that she had to do something that she's not proud of for the greater good, and I'm sure the SWWers will use that to shit on her and try to make her look like a horrible person, and I just can't handle seeing more of their bullshit May hate.

I share your concerns.

This episode will be phenomenal, but I am terrified of how SWWers will twist what May went through and the very thing that traumatized her so badly in order to make her into a villain!
They’re already insisting that she’s worse than Ward for being traumatized by being forced to do a terrible thing while Ward does terrible things with a grin.

Maybe they won’t watch it? They’re always saying they only watch for Ward, and since he’s not going to be in it maybe they won’t bother and we’ll be free of them for now?
One can only hope.

That David Gaider post sorta…makes me feel awkward. I mean, I acknowledge that the Dragon Age series obviously has a set path, and the authors do as they will with it, but i’m not a fan of people being accused for not liking Anders for being Bisexual.

I mean, I like Anders and Justice, but at the same time, it’s not wrong of me (Or Hawke) to think he’s a potential menace to society, despite good intentions, because of his instability and Justice being a spirit dedicated to being a spirit. 

As cruel it may seem, I can completely understand why people would want Anders dead. If he’s capable of blowing up a chantry full of innocent people all in the name of the ‘greater good’ to start a war that just causes more pain for people, what else could he possibly do? HELL, even if you try to convince him not to do it, Justice steps in, pulls a ‘Lets forget this happened’ like Spirit Cole, and goes through with it anyways. THAT’S DANGEROUS AS HELL BRO.

Add in the other little bits and pieces to Anders’ Character: Being the only one to have a positive bonus to handing Fenris over to Danarius, not having much tact in regards to you romancing other characters, being absolutely unsympathetic to Merill, it gives the impression that Anders is…not stable, or has some pretty nasty aspects to him that people don’t really want to touch on (Understandably).

Anyways, pay no heed to me, just getting my thoughts down on typed form

I get really fucking mad when I see that “don’t report shop lifters also here’s some advice” post go around without added “what the fuck are you doing” commentary

You can “wah wah I’m destroying capitalism” me all you want, are you’re actually doing is costing shop floor assistants their jobs for “not being observant”, people in stock control their jobs if they can’t make figures add up, managers their jobs when the stock take figures never match, and giving companies less money to give to their staff, and just generally being stupid little shit who’s too cheap to pay for things, has probably never had to work a day in their life, and is trying to find some cheap excuse as to why they steal.  

~For the greater good~ eat my arse, you’re fooling absolutely nobody.

And before anyone brings up not being able to afford to eat, do you know what stock I was constantly having to write up as stolen when I worked at B&M?  Make-up, perfumes and colognes, cans of beer for a four packs, phone cases, shit like that.  The only food that ever got stolen were sweets.

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Would you die to save Joseph like he almost did for you?

             “Everyday the two of us put our lives on the line, not just for each other but for the people of Krimson.. He’s my partner, so of course I’d do whatever I could to protect him. We’ve been working together for a very long time… Even if we’ve had our disagreements, I still’d do anything in my power to keep him alive. He’s a useful little shit, don’t know what I’d do without him.

Though.. we both know that sometimes things have gotta be done for the greater good… Sometimes risking our skins for each other isn’t the best option. You can’t let emotions get in the way of the job. He knows that, and so do I…”

Leliana in Inquisition: Hardened or Inspired

Just wondering everyone’s thoughts on Leliana in Inquisition regarding whether she was hardened or inspired. No matter what I do I can’t seem to keep her un-hardened and so she always ends up killing Natalie in her personal quest. While I don’t necessarily disagree with her beliefs when she is hardened, such as sometimes you must take harsh actions for the greater good, I am concerned by some of her actions, particularly when made Divine. Does anybody have any thoughts on that and perhaps any advice on how to get her to the inspired state?  


It’s 4/20 - Y’all know what that means~

This is just a joke y’all - I can’t tell you not to blaze it but please do some research on what health correlations can result kiddos . Furthermore if you are currently undergoing therapy/rehab I just wanna say you’re a trooper and I’m rooting for you. 

Be safe everyone. 

Law of attraction. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid without even realizing what I was actually doing. The person I wanted to be as a child is who I am turning into every day. The type of people I wanted to surround myself with, are all the people I have in my life today. The adventures, materials are slowly coming true. You can’t just sit on your butt and hope. You have to get out there and do. Work for the things you want. Think about the things you want. Aim for a greater tomorrow, a better you. But most of all keep them good vibes flowing, and always keep loving the universe and all its greatness it has to offer. Loving these daily emails from the universe. Thank you @sunrooms for sharing it with me. 😘 #inspo #inspiration #spiritual #universe #words #lawofattraction #quote


I need to consume. My voracious appetite is insatiable. I always want more, but more is never enough. Its not food that I need, not calories in my system. I crave accomplishment, prestige. I crave something better, always. My essence demands something greater, something unachievable. To others it may seem to be a gift, to never be complacent, to always working towards something greater, but its just a curse. It’s like digging my own grave because I will never be good enough for myself. I will never be happy with what I have because I’m blinded by what I couldn’t do. Others may appreciate me, but I will never appreciate myself. One game, one award, one rejection, just one is all it takes. To stain all the good, all the sacrifices. What a wonderful gift huh, where I can even turn something great like my acceptance into a bad thing. I wish I could be full, to be happy with what I have and smile along side the rest of you. Sorry I’m too prideful, sorry I suck, sorry I can’t, sorry I’m always sad, Sorry I’m narcissistic, Sorry I’m needy. Sorry I’m hungry.  

Day 26 - Your Headcanon of what the Shitennou do for a living in their 30s

Well, If it’s in canon, I hope they are eventually revived and serve as guards in the Crystal Palace. If it’s an AU, though…

Kunzite is a Policeman. Don’t ask me why, I just think not corrupted Kunzite can’t be happy unless he’s serving for a greater good. Maybe their shared love for duty is what brings him closer to Minako.

Zoisite would be a wedding planner, it fits his schemer but prissy attitude also he crossdresses occasionally while meeting with the brides because his crossdressing is canon.

Nephrite I see as a rather calmer but physical guy, maybe a gardener or an architect? Something that makes him feel he’s working hard, but also that gives him a sense of making something that looks beautiful.

Jadeite is a lawyer. Again, don’t ask me why, I just can totally see him trying to defend people he believes in but not being the best at his job. He’s still mildly successful, but not as much as he’d like.

“The thing that bothers me is when I’m sitting in a conversation with someone and mid-sentence I’ll realize ‘what are we even talking about?’ You realize the insignificance of where you are, and sometimes it’s hard for me to be present in my current situation because I’m always thinking of something greater or maybe my future. I can’t just be here and enjoy the conversation that I’m having with someone. Everyday I have to remind myself to focus on like who I’m with, what I’m doing, and what I’m talking about.” 

[Does it scare you?]

“Yeah. I want to be able to love everyone around me equally, and I’m not able to give them a good chance because I’m thinking of something else, and I’m not able to engage. I don’t know why that is, but I’m very cognizant of it, and I wish I could change it, but it’s kind of hard when you’re always thinking about something else. I guess I’m living in this kind of dream world.”

No offense to Yixing. I’m happy that he finally got a studio opened for his personal activity management in China and with SM’s consent on top of that. However, I think other senior Chinese artists under SM deserve the chance even more. SM has tons of good Chinese artists such as Zhoumi, Henry, Amber and Liyin and they could actually pay attention to these artists more but nah. What I can see from this is that this is just another tactic from SM to show Kris and Luhan that they are giving freedom for their artists to do what they want to do when really, the option to do so didn’t even exist before. Lol to SM. Anyway, good luck to Yixing and his future as an artist. May you grow even greater.

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dear past me

Dear past me,

Life really seems to suck right now, I know. But guess what? It’s going to get so much better. Remember the happiness we had just a couple months ago? Well, that happiness comes back and it’s even greater than before. We won’t ever fully know the why’s, but we learn better things along the way. Everything we endure is a lesson, and this is an even bigger lesson than ever before. Remember to keep an open mind and remember that not everyone is going to hurt you like he’s hurt us. Even though you can’t understand why people do shitty things, remember that there are still good people out there. There are still good men out there. So, try not to shut out the people who actually want to be in your life. Don’t let the person who hurt you turn you sour. It’s okay to be sad, but it’s not okay to deprive yourself. There’s this quote we’ve read and it said something along the lines of “don’t let him ruin your favorite songs, don’t let him ruin your favorite movies, don’t let him ruin you.” Everything you loved with him, you loved before him, and you will love them after him. Memories are amazing..they help us remind ourselves of happy moments. For the unhappy moments? Well, that’s what creating new memories are for. So, take each day as it comes and allow yourself to be sad, but don’t let it overtake you. What has happened wasn’t your fault and you shouldn’t ever second guess yourself. This had to happen, just remember that. It had to happen because what’s ahead of you is even greater than what you’re leaving behind. Trust me when I say there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light will be brighter than ever before. Sometimes things fall apart so better things can fall together. 
Ps - Your future boyfriend is really freaking hot and amazing.

I’ve been seeing some posts floating around my dash lately that go along the lines of “this is something that tumblr CAN’T be bitter about!” because the OP has something to do with contributing to a greater good or is generally something positive, despite containing problematic language or themes. 

This is what I don’t understand about so many closeted-anti-SJWs (by this I mean the ones who occasionally reblog something about basic human rights but will still jump down the throats of marginalized groups for being “too bitter” or “blaming” privileged groups as a whole. They fall along the same lines of users who spread bullshit like “we all bleed red” or “hate breeds hate” or “everyone on this website just wants something to be angry about”).

Like, you CAN STILL think that something sends a generally positive message or enjoy something as a whole while STILL being critical of it. It’s so fucking obvious that people who criticize marginalized groups are NOT interested in fucking “egalitarianism” or “equalism” or whatever pseudo-enlightened term that privileged groups like to use to gloss over specific issues pertaining to specific disadvantaged groups. No, you just want marginalized groups to shut the fuck up on a forum that should be a place where such groups can find sanctuary away from real life.

Stop pretending that marginalized groups “have no chill” and just go back to reblogging cat gifs.


Music is important. It alters my thoughts and makes me feel improved. Today was good because the music was good. Unfortunately, I know tomorrow will bring more turmoil and greater anxiety. There is so much I have to do: homework, chores, exercise, eat, rest. Can I just relax and listen to music all day? I put myself through mountains of stress- I tell myself it will be worth it. Will it be worth it? Is what I’m working towards what I truly want?