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Can you write about wanting to fix someone but you think you're just breaking an already too fragile person? Because it seems no matter what you do it's never right or it's never good enough and you're just a big disappointment to everyone and for the person you try so hard for?

I remember when I first saw you smile.
The contours of your lips were like cracked ice,
and your eyes, like egg shells, were so fragile
I feared that even a touch would suffice
in breaking you. I wanted to hold you
and keep you safe from every stranger,
even though in my heart of hearts I knew
that this would put you in greater danger.
So still it seems I can do nothing right,
and even though my intentions are just
and I would fight for you with all my might,
so still my love must crush you into dust.
I’m sorry if I destroyed you at last,
but I never could tell diamond from glass.

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I rp’d Ginny for years. When you look at her past and just at her alone and her story through her eyes…she is really amazing with what you can pull from her if that makes sense. She is very washed over in the books and ESPECIALLY the movies.

I agree she could have been an amazing character. But I think joe had only so much time to do everything and she was the one who got cut. So for the greater good and all. Which is a shame.

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I don't mean any disrespect tori, but your last post got me thinking: do you think one can join their nations military and still completely believe their work is moral and just? Or do you let go of your own personal moral compass once basic training begins, and go wherever the powers that be send you off to and fight for whoever they want you to fight for reasons they believe to be "for the greater good"? I mean, retrospectively, Afghanistan/Iraq was uncovered to be under false premises...

Sounds bad but I don’t think being a soldier is about morality. It’s about orders. you do what your told and thats that. However, canada didn’t go to war in afghanistan under the same pretense that the states did. 

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you don't appreciate anything anyone does for you. scarecrow, the batkids, riddler, becky-- you don't appreciate them like you should.

       ❝ No. No, I don’t. How can I? How can anyone expect anything— good. From me?
          Do you know what, who, why I am? I’m just—————                                                ❞

He’s not good, he’s not kind, he’s not a person like everyone else, and he’s lesser maybe, but
sometimes he thinks he’s better, greater than anything, and it doesn’t make sense, he doesn’t
make sense right now, he thinks he knows that, but he’s still trying to make his words work,
his mind work. Stop. Stop. Think. Just stop. Something’s stuck in his gears though, and he
still hasn’t figured out which part to replace, so he’s destroying each part of his machinery in
hopes that he’ll get the right piece, he’ll be okay, and he’ll make sense, he’ll be able to think,
he’ll be sane, and maybe when he fixes that part he can be normal. Normal, normal, normal.
That’s what he isn’t. He’s nothing, nothing at all. He wishes he was normal, but he’s nothing.

      ❝ You can’t have expectations for something that isn’t there. And Thomas Elliot
          is not there, here, or                 anywhere.                                                               ❞  

Some television is just entertaining. But I think really good television can make you think, it can change how you see the world, or make you want to do better in your life. It can leave a lasting impression on you. 

Back in the 90’s Queer as Folk UK did that for a lot of folks. It was ground breaking at the time and really made a lot of people think about what it means to be queer and part of the greater community. It also made a lot of folks feel accepted finally, after growing up very much in the closet.

Now Cucumber, Banana, and Tofu have come along and speak to a whole new generation of tv viewers. As I was watching Cucumber tonight I was so touched by Henry being upset about the things he didn’t do with Lance before his death. It kept poking me in my brain thinking about what I haven’t done with my girlfriend yet. We’ve been together off and on for over ten years. We live on opposite coasts and have to deal with things like phone calls, texts, emails, plane rides, and love letters in the mail. You often feel like you’re missing out. I think it’s easier for me sometimes, because I have Boyfriend here and she lives alone. But she prefers it that way. 

After the show was over I couldn’t stop thinking about what I haven’t said to her that I really should. Something that has been bothering me for a while. But I always worried she’d get upset about it and it would cause a fight. But if something happened to her I’d feel like a coward that I never stepped up and tried to fix things. So when she texted and asked how I was doing I told her honestly that I was bothered by some stuff. We ended up having a really great talk honestly about some heavy stuff. It was a game changer for me and made me feel like I know her a lot better now. I also feel like she finally understands where I’m coming from. The greatest thing of all is that she said in the future she’d like to be able to introduce me to people as her partner. I have to admit I got a bit choked up. To have someone who is incredibly private say they want to openly introduce you their queer trans loved one as their partner is HUGE. It says I respect you, I love you, and I’m proud to be with you. I never would have known she wanted that if it wasn’t for Cucumber. Or Russell T. Davies and his amazing television shows. 

So for those people who think television doesn’t matter, that it can’t change things, I say, bollocks! You never know what might affect change in someone. 

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Virgin question, how do you know if you've orgasmed? I mean, REALLY KNOW? I've been experimenting with my own body, and how can you tell the difference between just the build up and what feels good and what's actually supposed to be an orgasm? If that makes sense? Or is it a matter of experience and when the intensity is greater than any other time, that's when you know you've had one? Help? (Sorry that wasn't very coherent.)

Well… there are different types of orgasms (internal stimulation, external stimulation, both), and they all feel a little bit different, but generally speaking, you will FEEL it if it happens. 

If we want to go with the general, more clinical definition, there’s this: Orgasm (from Greek ὀργασμός orgasmos “excitement, swelling”; also sexual climax) is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension during the sexual response cycle, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure.

And I guess it’s that sort of muscular release aspect that separates arousal from orgasm. Usually when it happens, you KNOW. It is a different feeling from just arousal. Arousal builds, and builds, and it feels good, and feels even better, but orgasm is a pretty distinct feeling. It’s more of a sudden, sort of clenching, OH HI WOW THERE THAT’S DIFFERENT sort of feeling.

Using only song names from 1 artist, cleverly answer these questions

Thank you so much Anita i-love-mmfd for tagging me!! This is soooo amazing!!
Using only song names from 1 artist, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on. Try not to repeat a song title.


•ARE YOU A MALE OR FEMALE: Amy Amy Amy /or/ Cherry ;)


•HOW DO YOU FEEL: What Is It About Men



•YOU AND YOUR BEST FRIENDS ARE: (There Is) No Greater Love


•WHAT IS LIFE TO YOU: Some Unholy War

•YOUR RELATIONSHIP: Moody’s Mood For Love

•YOUR FEAR: Wake Up Alone

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Thanks so so much anitavalija I enjoyed this soooooooooo much <3


First of all thank you sayitwithdisney for tagging me :)
Your questions were fun to answer :D

Rule 1: Always post rules
Rule 2: Answer the questions from the person who tagged you and write 11 new oness
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Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them

1) Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Eating chocolate always at once instead of keep somthing.

2)Did you ever have a crush on someone and regret not telling them?

No, but regret telling somone about my feelings.

3) If you suddenly had superpowers would you tell someone or would you keep it a secret?

I probably would tell my best friend and maybe some good friends or my sister but not everyone.

4) Again, you have just gained superpowers, but you can only choose to use them exclusively for the greater good or exclusively for your own benefit. What would you do?

It might sound a bit selfish but I guess I would use it for my own benefit, but would say ‘oh..that woman needs help. Helping her would make me happy, so it’s for my own benefit.’ And like this Icould use my superpower for others and me :D

5) Would you donate a kidney to save a stranger’s live?(not after you passed away of course)

I guess I would. But if someone of my familie or friends needed it I would give it to them.

6) If you found yourself in a horror movie, how long would you survive and what would your end be?

Because I don’t really like watching horror movies I’d be someone who says like all the time ‘no, I don’t go alone’ or ‘I don’t think we should split’. I would probably die because I get scared to death :D

7) Do you believe in an afterlife, and would you like to communicate with those who have passed on?

I do believe in an afterlife, but I watched ouija so i wouldn’t like to communicate with them. I would be to scared to do something wrong and annoy them :D

8) You can only regret something you haven’t done, agree or disagree?

Disagree because I regret things I did.

9) If college tuition was free and jobs were guaranteed, would you have studied/be studying something different?

I do not study yet, but I want to and it would be great if college tuition was free. But I don’t think I would do something different then I want to do no matter if it’s free or not.

10) If someone made a movie out of your life, what genre would you like it to be?

It would be great if it was a romantic comedy because i have no romance in my life and I would like to see how it would be to habe some between all the fun :D

11)If you ever became a famous rock-star, what would your awesome stage name be?

I would be a pop-star and it would be goroni because it’s unicorn spelld backwards on Romanian :P and I like unicorns

My Questions:

1) Would you marry someone you’re not loving to make him/her happy?

2) What would you buy with one million dollars?

3) If you could travel to one place you want and have to live there forever, where would it be?

4) Do you think animals can understand us?

5) Would you die for someone you love?

6) What would your unicorn name be?

7) If you could heal people with any disease, would you give up your life for travelling around the world and heal people?

8) Ever told somone you love him/her?

9) What is the embarrassing thing ever happend to you in public?

10) If you could switch body with any celebrity for a week who would it be and why?

11) What is the best thing about school?

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I’m making one of those work out to a show things for the 100 and I need some ideas on what to do workouts to… These are what I have so far, let me know if any of them won’t work or if you’ve got ideas I can use I’d appreciate it

  1. Clarke gets called princess
  2. Octavia disobeys Bellamy
  3. Bellamy gives motivational speech
  4. Bellarke touches
  5. Earth is Weird
  6. Bellarke argues
  7. Monty and Jasper act like an old married couple
  8. Bellarke holds each other’s gazes for longer than strictly necessary
  9. Improvising
  10. Someone speaks Grounder
  11. Someone dies on screen
  12. People on the Ark reference “the greater good”
  13. Murphy does something shady—-haha, i’m just kidding, that’s every time he’s on screen. Oh, Murphy.

okay, i think we can all agree i have no idea what i’m doing

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What made you decide to join the Air Force as opposed to another branch of military? I'm thinking of joining (because of the college debt thing-I already owe over $21,000 and that's in just 3 years and I'll have a job in the military) but I don't think that that is a good reason to join and anyway I don't think I'll make it through basic training after listening to my dad talk about what he had to go through when he was in the Air Force (running 5 miles every morning! I'd die!!)

I didn’t want to have college debt :p lol I also wanted to do something unique with my life, travel the world, have a great job, and serve. There’s just a feeling I can’t really describe when you swear into the military and you are SWEARING YOUR LIFE AWAY for something greater than yourself.

The Air Force was more of the life-style I wanted. I love my army and marine friends but I would rather sleep in my own dorm than in a barrack. The jobs were more appealing to me as well.

A lot of people join to have that secure pay check for pay back college loans, there’s also a program that helps you back like 10,000 of your college loans.

Have you considered finishing your degree and commissioning? You would make more money. If you have a 3.7 or better GPA that is.

I think running 5 miles would be the least to worry about, the Air Force is a very MENTALLY challenging branch. Yeah you’re not running with 50 lbs of gear like other branches but ONE little mistake in your job could cost billions of dollars or lives. We deal with all the Air crafts and nuclear resources. Maybe your job won’t directly involve working with them but you are in support of those who do.

Air Force basic is VERY SOFT currently thanks to that whole TI situation a few years back but I have hope that some decent people will graduate.

I would speak to a local recruiter. It is a really great path to choose for yourself because you become independent and self-sufficient at an early age but you have to remember that your job will come first no matter what!

Hope this helps!

Sometimes it is so frustrating...

.. to be an introvert. Somewhere inside of me, I want to go do things with people and hangout with groups but it exhausts me. It literally exhausts me; I become physically and mentally tired. But if it’s for a greater good or to help other people, you can count on me to be there. I just like being by myself too much. So when I say “I hate everyone”, what I’m actually saying is “I hate being around everyone”

I hate letting people revise me work in class, not because I don’t wanna share my work but because people don’t know how to give suggestions and feedback. I hate people who just say “it was good” or “I liked it”. Have a fucking opinion. Let me know what you think can be different. Tell me I did something wrong, or that I could do something better.
People should push others to be greater.
Tell me how I can be better.


dear claudio,

i think social media is bad for us. it makes us believe we are part of something greater. but that’s just pretending. no matter how many people pay attention to your fake social-media-identity, none of it is genuine. 

in the days of yore social status was based on extravagant gatherings of people. now it’s come down to how many views or likes you can attain.

what, idiots? do you think there’s a prize for internet popularity?

up to no good again. i should tell apollo. but what good will it do? 

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It's scary to what kind of world we live in now even if we live back simpler times there was still problems and that's something the world can get rid of unless we work forward to resolve before we can move on or change for the greater good but I feel so hopeless it scares me.

I know dear. Being aware of what’s happening in the world is something we are lucky to obtain, but too much of it can be toxic. But please, remember this is just a social website, there is good in this world. I promise you there is good in this world. That’s why I advise you that if you get too overwhelmed over all this information, do not hesitate to log off and give yourself a break. It’s vital that you give yourself some time off Tumblr and off these events for some self-care. You don’t always have to keep up to date with all the events on inequality and injustice in this world, you need to take care of your body and mind too. 

And being scared is a normal reaction to such huge amounts of knowledge and information of what’s happening in this world. As a Muslim, I strive to make sure I live a good and just life, and must constantly remind myself to be more concerned about the afterlife than this, because this isn’t where we belong. I find comfort in this, knowing that I will be satisfied that I myself, did good in this world. We must try to take in this knowledge, but also educate others, educate our future generations, and actively show how a world with good people would be like. 

If we start with ourselves, then God willing, we will get there. 

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Dear siobhan! I would love a free reading from you if there is one going. Life has been soooo full of changes and i am curious about what the cards are saying. Warm greetings, Zou

Your spread is by obsydian.

1. Your Prey: Where you Should Aim/King of Vessels - Heron

The King of Vessels is considerate and affectionate towards other people. They are also artistic, and concerned about the greater good. You have valuable skills and talent that can really help people.

2. Your Sight: Where You Are Currently Aiming/Six of Stones: Exploitation

Currently you are only using them to further yourself. You may think: What can I, just me, do to help the world on my own? 

The answer is: more than you could if you didn’t try.

3. Your Power: Use This To Propel You Towards Your Prey/Three of Bows - Fulfilment

You desire money, things, status because there is a gaping hole in your life. But money, power, etc can’t fill this hole. You need to go back to the start, to why you feel this way, and work out how you need to fix it.

Only when you are emotionally fulfilled can you break this cycle and become the hero you are meant to be.

We get so caught up in what might go wrong that we don’t think about what might go right. We underestimate our true potential.
So we never take that risk, not matter how small, for fear of what may happen… which most of the time, will NEVER happen.
Then we get older and look back in regret saying, “Damn, I wish I would’ve done that.”
It’s as though when we get older we realize that vulnerability and taking those risks is actually a good thing.
Staying in the status quo gets us no where…just comfortable for the time being. But are we truly comfortable when our hearts yearn for something greater? It’s in the unknown that we grow.
What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
Oh, it has risks?
But what would happen if you didn’t even try?
Live a life on your terms so that when you grow old you can sit back, smile and say, “That sh!t was real.” No regrets of things left undone…the I wish’s…the I should’ves..
Drop the excuses. Listen to your inner guide. Take those risks. You’d be surprised how often things will actually turn out in your favor.

——Outfit : @iamvibes


I know my purpose , so well. I just can’t pin point the route. It’s hard to overcome that I actually don’t know what I want to specialise in. I know that I want to travel the world and help people. I really want to inspire and help others. It’s crazy. I’ve filtered out my options and now it’s just seeing which one resignates with me the most.

I need to do something for the greater good of this world. Have a direct impact on the happiness and health of others. I can’t wait for this journey to begin. I’m going to test the waters of all my options and see what I’m best suited for. I am excited for life and the impact I will make.

"We all change, when you think about it, we're all different people; all through our lives, and that's okay, that's good, you've gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be."

I think this is more than just who the Doctor was and is, this has to do with everyone; you are who you know, who you love, who you speak to…each person helps make and break and change who you are. If you are able to remember how and who you were with different people, you can always grow and become something greater. Its not forgetting where you come from or what has changed you, its moving towards something, someone, some place, and not necessarily rebuilding yourself every time, but really including who you know and what you’ve learned to become a new person. Maybe not every day, of every hour, but no matter how empty or desolate a life may seem, it is still a life, and choosing to live it and who you choose to live it with makes all the difference. You are who you choose to be and what you make of yourself, but it depends on the choices you make; who you allow into your life and who you lose or disallow from it.

I guess what I really mean is you are what you make of yourself, but try not to forget the people you’ve met along the way, no matter how small your interaction, you’ve probably been affected by them in some way, whether you realize it or not.