writer and illustrator AU where jason is an enthusiastic new YA author and nico is the artist assigned to do illustrations for his book but the publishing company. nico just wants to be left alone to do his work but jason is intent on working very closely together to make sure everything comes out perfect.

ok now i’m curious

online buddies

why the fuck did y’all decide to be friends with a dork like me?

i’m going to make a best friend application form and hold interviews for the positions. questions will include: ‘do you mind just getting coffee and talking about nerdy thigns for hours?’, ‘how about taking long walks while each of us are listing to music and just don’t talk’. ‘let’s take a ton of selfies’ and ‘would you cook for me and let me buy you cute things’.

I've saved my 17th cup of coffee just for you.

Or in other words, team matching information is now going out!

Tumblr/skype is being handled by ingthing, DW by inevitableentresol, and with both of us on emails.

About half of the 57 writers, betas, cheerleaders, artist and fanmixers in initial matching have now been contacted. If you haven’t already received your information, expect it by today or tomorrow.


Just a #Monday #morning #coffee break and #lookbook #model #practice #sketch using #procreate and #wacom. (at Walton’s Fancy and Staple)

no no no no no i just smashed my coffee pot how am i supposed to make coffee now? i am doomed


The first time Fitz had seen him, the musician had done a double take. He hadn’t expected to ever see a face like that again - soft, long, and dreamy eyed. It had been shortly after one of his smaller gigs and he’d stopped and stared, sweaty and high from the success of a good set. 

The second time Fitz saw him at a gig, he’d had plenty of time to think about how impossible it was that this man was the Doctor. Yet he felt himself drawn, anyways. Hair still a mess from flailing about on stage, he approached that achingly familiar figure lingering by the bar and asked him out for coffee. Just a friendly chat, of course, to learn more about him and why he was always at Fitz’s gigs.

A couple months later and he knew that Dorian wasn’t the Doctor but that hadn’t stopped him from falling head over heels in love. It had hit him like a train head on. Dorian was so sweet to him - so understanding and willing to help with just about anything he could. He was handsome and Fitz was fully entrenched. He hadn’t caught any inklings of trouble, which is why Fitz had stutteringly invited Dorian to move in with him in his large-ish home, a result of budding fame.

Fitz sat in the livingroom, a stack of bills in front of him as he attempted to reconcile his accounts. There was something not matching. Money was missing but he couldn’t figure out where it had gone. Brows pinched and with a frustrated sigh, he called out to the other room. “Dorian, love- can you help me out with this for a second?”

a moment!

looking like i came out of a movie I am wearing a slate grey turtle neck sweater a loafers and a rust orange backpavk and i bought a paper-wrapped sandwich. I just got a coffee at my favorite cafe and eating my mozz sandwich wow! So good! I love me. I also just left a class that i passed w an A for the semester :-) cool