Black and White Karoku from Score 72

everyone is always gushing about how hot rita volk is

and don’t get me wrong, she is 10/10 would bang but let’s take a look at katie stevens holy shit

how can one be so beautiful

this isn’t fair

how can one cast consist of so many perfect people

like hot damn

anonymous asked:

You are really pretty. Do you color in your eyebrows? If not, try it, it will bring out your eyebrows more. And if so, maybe a darker color than you use. Try eyeshadow to to shade/ color them. And no I didn't mean that in a mean, rude or disrespectful way. Just giving tips if case you want to try. You are already a pretty girl, and you don't have to change for anybody.

Thanks so much for the advice!! I appreciate it <3

How are they now? Is this color dark enough?