i do everything i can last night to fix my (already screwed up) sleep schedule and yet here i am awake at 7:30 am after falling asleep in the reverse direction on my bed with my laptop and all the lights on body it is college finals reading day don’t you know anything


From DEEEEEEEEP in the TD Garden … Just another day in the life of @KingJames.


Late night shopping.

…I should just…put like..some limits to which pages I can access.
I just ordered a Trust WideScreen Tablet.
as well as a eye-shadow palette with 180 shades on it OTL  

…was there anything else…
Oh yeah, two new shirts!

*watches money fly away and waves at it*

 Now I’m hungry too but I just brushed my teeth, damnit

Better to just go to bed, have to be up for baby sitting tomorrow morning~

I want to fix the friendships that Ive messed up this year. One in particular. Its as if were total strangers now and I absolutley hate it. And I know its my fault for pushing you away but I guess you would have to look at it from my prospective to grasp what I was thinking. Im not proud for bascially not being there for you, but under the situation it was quite hard, but i think it will better our friendship in the future… hopefully.

A day full of hurt.

First of all, I fell outside in the morning because it was fucking slippery.

Then, I burned my finger in 160C sugar. I was caramellising it and for some brilliant reason (note; on phone with dad) I decided to test it with my finger.
Needless to say, it hurt like hell. 

as to what comes to other things.

I guess I’m just not the type of person for close relationships.
I always, always end up hurt. in some way.
I care too much.. I let people too close, even when I know they are the type that are bound to get me hurt.
I thought I was done with this one already, but no, today just slapped it to my face again.
It’s just so tiring.  
The moment I think I’m clear with something…everything gets tipped upside down and I end up blaming myself for it.
I’m just..tired of it.

I just…want to hide under the ground in a little hermit base and never talk to anyone again, just read books for the rest of my life.


I have a day off! (Well, technically my contract is over and I no longer have a job.)

But still! A day off, and it is GLORIOUS. I slept in! Got a haircut! Ran errands! Bought henna! Relaxed at a coffee shop! Had a cupcake! Am going to a dinner theatre!

I had time for ALL THAT in ONE DAY. IT’S SO GREAT.

(Plus it’s sunny and warm out really just SUCH a great day. *dances*)

Im Changing For The Better,

Im actually starting to appriciate things better and count blessings. Honeslty Im way more thankful for the little things in life. And Im also am thinking about other people and not just myslef as much. Woah i can say Im pretty proud of myself.


Just another day in the life of Joakim Noah!