As promised, here are some reference shots of the Impldoll Young Cassie I just purchased. I took them really quickly before I had to leave for school.

I am enjoying this doll very much. Her default faceup is quite lovely, her body has great lines and flow, and her arms are just amazing! She came with this cute little carrying bag, too. Her legs leave a good bit to be desired, but I think with re-stringing and some wiring, she’ll pose much better. She is a solid stander though! Her O-ring came with a little ribbon tied to it, so her head is very easy to get on and off, which makes changing her outfit easy. 

If anyone has any questions, or would like more photos, I’ll be very happy to supply answers and more pictures. These were taken pretty quickly, so I didn’t cover all of the angles I could have. I will definitely be taken more pictures of her soon. She’s so pretty!


Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Warning: N/A
Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom aka. thequeenofthehobbits
Summary/Request: Requested by just-a-fangirl-xd: an i have a one shot where I’m Derek’s little sister and i join the lacross team with Scott and Stiles and the rest of the guys and there all saying things (like nasty pick up lines or something) and Stiles tells them your Derek’s sis and they all back off and you thank him a kiss on the cheek but he turns his and then derek shows up and is really mad but it all cute and fluffy?

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This is probably a long shot, but I don’t really know how else to like…”talk” to Mark other than drawing things and posting them in the tag, hoping he sees them. Heh. So I’m tryin anyway! 

Hey markiplier! Show us your sketchbook! If you still draw. And only if you want to, of course. Like I said I just think it would be so cool to see some stuff you’ve drawn..^^;

If you don’t even see this…I had fun doing lots of drawings of myself I guess hahah.


You’re Not In Love, You’re Just Hormonal

Come on… Theserelationships that you think are so awesome… I’ll fill you in alittle, I’ll fill you in. Especially the teenagers in the audience.And the young people in the audience. Who kind of just, recently shot an email, and somebody emailed them back, and a little facebook thing happened. And you know, little wink and a little “hihi” there in the playground. Even though it’s a separate school, but in the recess you saw each other and this and that happened.

Let me just fill you in a little. You know all of this is a product of low self-esteem. You (girls/women) think you’re ugly. So if a guy thinks you’re cute, you go “wow, really, I am beautiful?” You know, have low self-esteem… You think nobody is gonna like you, nobody is gonna marry you, and all of that stuff.

On the other hand, the guy, like you know… We don’t have good friendships and  good relationships that we are looking for something. And most of the guys, I don’t have to tell you what’s going on in your head. You and I have ijma (consensus) on this issue. The things that go in our heads, there is no need for me to explain all of that to you.

But you know, just because you have raging hormones.. And you’re daydreaming about girls, and things like that… It doesn’t mean that you are in love. It just means that you haven’t controlled your temptations yet. And you’re ruining somebody’s life. You’re ruining an entire family. Do you realize what you are doing? And you call it love?

You tell me, if she was like 50 lbs fatter, you will still be in love? Because she is the same person, same ruh (soul) inside her jasad (body). Right? If she was a burn victim or something, if her hand burnt off. If her ear was missing, you would still be in love? Or you find somebody else to love, all of a sudden?

And if you can’t answer that question, honestly then, come on… You’re not in love, you’re just hormonal. That’s all you are. You know… This is what we’ve done to relationships that are supposed to be beautiful. Marriage is supposed to be a beautiful relationship. It’s supposed to be a lifelong relationship. But because you are watching all of these models on tv, and stupid like…you know, women that are just throwing themselves at men. And all this stuff. You’ve developed this delusional concept of what  it means to have love in your life.

Delusional concept…

Our Deen came to free the world from this nonsense. To free it… Because we have more mature understanding of what it means to have love in your life. I’m not saying you shouldn’t marry someone you like… You should. You should be attracted to your future spouse. All of those things are fine. But there is a decency that you have to exhibit before that. You know…

And if you’re okay talking to a girl like that. Then you should be okay with somebody talking to your sister. You’re okay with that, too? Not if you have any ounce of decency left inside you. If you do, then you know… this is how we have to… We have to end these things.

And if you’ve been in that kind of relationship, or you’re in those relationships right now… Nobody knows, only Allah (SWT) knows and you know. Don’t raise your hand, please! But I’m saying, you’re like “after today’s lecture I’ve decided that I’m no longer want to be your friend”. Don’t even write that.

Because even then you are looking for a response. You’re kidding yourself. And then you’re checking, did she write back?

"Yes we should no longer be friends."

And you’ll write back… “You’re right, we really shouldn’t be friends anymore.”

And then she’ll write: “Yeah, never again.”

And then you’ll write…

You’re still doing it!

Just stop, just cut it off. Just cut it off. It’s not good for you.

And guys, I have done a whole series on shame. I won’t repeat the whole things because it tooks hours… but I will tell you this. It’s okay to be attracted to a girl. Allah (SWT) put that in you. You’re not evil for finding a girl beautiful. That’s not haram for you to feel that way. You have to control it.

You have to control yourself. Our deen teaches us self control. And if you cannot exhibit self control in one aspect of your life, you’ll lose self control in other aspects of your life.

Same thing for you… (girls). Control yourself, control your giggle, control your overly friendly demeanor in certain situations. Don’t be oblivious, don’t just say we’re just friends, or he is like a brother to me. If he ain’t your brother, then he ain’t your brother. That’s it. Either he is your brother, you share a mom or he’s not. And then that’s the end of it.


Kamu Tidak Jatuh Cinta, Kamu Hanya Dipengaruhi Hormon

Ayolah… Hubungan ini, yang kamu pikir sangat luar biasa… Saya akan memberitahumu sedikit. Saya akan memberitahumu. Terutama untuk remaja yang hadir di sini. Dan anak-anak muda yang hadir di sini. Yang akhir-akhir ini baru saja mengirimkan email, dan seseorang membalasnya, dan hal kecil khas facebook terjadi. Dan kamu tahu, kedipan kecil dan sedikit “hihi” di sana di tempat bermain. Meskipun berasal dari sekolah yang berbeda, tapi di jam istirahat kamu bertemu satu sama lain dan “hihi”, ini dan itu terjadi.

Izinkan saya memberitahumu sedikit. Kamu tahu bahwa ini semua adalah akibat dari rendahnya harga diri. Kalian (perempuan) berpikir bahwa kalian jelek. Jadi jika ada laki-laki yang berpikir kamu cantik, kamu langsung, “wow, benarkah, saya cantik?” Kamu tahu, kamu rendah diri… Kamu berpikir tidak akan ada orang yang menyukaimu, tidak ada yang akan menikahimu, dan hal-hal semacam itu.

Di sisi lain, laki-laki, kalian tahu… Kita tidak punya persahabatan baik dan hubungan baik sehingga kita mencari sesuatu. Dan kebanyakan dari kalian, guys, aku tidak perlu memberitahu kalian tentang apa yang terjadi di dalam kepala kalian. Kalian dan aku punya ijma (kesepakatan) terhadap masalah ini. Hal-hal yang berseliweran dalam kepala kita, Tidak perlu lah bagiku untuk menjelaskannya pada kalian semua.

Tapi kamu tahu, hanya karena kamu punya hormon yang bergejolak… Dan kamu berkhayal tentang perempuan, dan hal-hal semacam itu… Itu tidak berarti kamu jatuh cinta. Itu hanya berarti kamu belum bisa mengendalikan godaan dalam dirimu. Dan kamu menghancurkan hidup seseorang. Kamu menghancurkan satu keluarga. Kamu sadar apa yang kamu lakukan? Dan kamu menyebutnya cinta?

Katakan padaku, jika dia 50 pon lebih gemuk, apakah kamu masih jatuh cinta? Karena dia masih orang yang sama, Ruh (jiwa) yang sama di dalam jasadnya (tubuhnya). Benar? Jika dia korban kebakaran atau semacamnya, jika tangannya terbakar. Jika telinganya hilang, kamu masih jatuh cinta? Atau kamu menemukan orang lain untuk dicintai, secara tiba-tiba?

Dan jika kamu tidak bisa menjawab pertanyaan itu, jujur saja, ayolah… Kamu tidak jatuh cinta, kamu hanya dipengaruhi hormon. Itulah yang terjadi padamu. Kamu tahu… Inilah yang telah kita lakukan pada hubungan yang seharusnya menjadi indah. Pernikahan seharusnya menjadi hubungan yang indah. Pernikahan seharusnya menjadi hubungan yang abadi. Tapi karena kamu menonton semua model-model itu di tv, Dan kebodohan seperti.. kamu tahu, perempuan yang melemparkan dirinya begitu saja ke hadapan laki-laki. Dan hal-hal semacam ini. Kamu telah membangun konsep yang delusional tentang apa artinya memiliki cinta dalam hidupmu.

Konsep yang delusional…

Agama kita datang untuk membebaskan dunia dari omong kosong ini. Untuk membebaskannya… Karena kita memiliki pemahaman yang lebih matang tentang apa artinya memiliki cinta dalam hidup. Aku tidak bilang bahwa kamu tidak boleh menikahi seseorang yang kamu sukai… Kamu harus. Kamu seharusnya tertarik pada orang yang akan kau nikahi. Semua itu baik-baik saja. Tapi ada suatu kepantasan yang harus kamu tunjukkan sebelum itu. Kamu tahu…

Dan jika kamu merasa baik-baik saja berbicara pada seorang gadis seperti itu. Berarti kamu harusnya merasa baik-baik saja jika ada orang yang bicara seperti itu pada adik perempuanmu. Kamu juga menerima itu dengan baik-baik saja? Tidak jika kamu punya sedikit saja rasa kepantasan yang tersisa dalam dirimu. Namun jika iya, kamu tahu… inilah bagaimana kita harus.. Kita harus mengakhiri hal ini.

Dan jika kamu sudah berada dalam hubungan semacam itu, atau kamu berada dalam hubungan seperti itu saat ini… Tidak ada orang yang tahu, hanya Allah SWT yang tahu dan kamu tahu. Tidak perlu mengangkat tanganmu! Tapi saya berkata, jika kamu bilang padanya, “setelah ceramah hari ini aku sudah memutuskan untuk tidak lagi menjadi temanmu”. Jangan sampai menulis itu. Karena jika kamu melakukannya, berarti kamu mengharapkan respon. Kamu mempermainkan dirimu sendiri. Kemudian kamu akan mengecek, apakah dia menulis balasan?

“Ya kita seharusnya tidak berteman lagi.”

Dan kamu membalas lagi… “Kamu benar, kita seharusnya tidak berteman lagi.”

Dan kemudian dia menulis: “Ya, tidak akan pernah lagi.”

Dan kamu kemudian akan menulis…

Kamu masih melakukannya!

Hentikan saja, putuskan saja. Putuskan saja. Ini tidak baik untukmu.

Dan guys, saya sudah menyampaikan serial ceramah tentang rasa malu (shame). Saya tidak akan mengulangnya kembali karena akan memakan waktu berjam-jam… Tapi saya akan memberitahumu ini. Adalah wajar untuk tertarik dengan seorang gadis. Allah yang menaruhnya dalam dirimu. Kamu tidak jahat jika kamu menganggap seorang gadis itu cantik. Tidak haram bagimu untuk merasa seperti itu. Tapi kamu harus mengendalikannya. Kamu harus mengendalikan dirimu sendiri. 

Agama kita mengajarkan tentang pengendalian diri. Dan jika kamu tidak bisa melakukan pengendalian diri pada satu aspek dalam hidupmu, kamu akan kehilangan pengendalian diri pada aspek lainnya dalam hidup.

Hal yang sama untukmu… (perempuan). Kendalikan dirimu, kendalikan tawamu, kendalikan sikapmu yang terlalu ramah pada situasi tertentu. Jangan lalai, jangan berkata kami cuma teman, atau dia seperti kakak lelaki bagiku. Jika dia bukan kakakmu, maka dia bukan kakakmu. Itu saja. Apakah dia kakakmu (kalian punya ibu yang sama), atau dia bukan kakakmu sama sekali. Habis perkara.



The shot starts panning down a table, showing pairs of Hershey kisses (one with blue writing on the little slip, one with pink writing) “hugging” and “kissing” and “dancing.” You know how they animate them in the commercials. Of course, there’s kind of upbeat, happy music playing in the background.

And then, the next pair the camera pans to both have pink writing on their slips. They do some cute little thing, then the shot moves to the next pair and both have blue writing. This continues, but each pair after this have different colored writing and wrapper colors. Purple writing, half blue half pink writing, no writing at all. Silver wrappers, caramel wrappers, dark chocolate wrappers. Etc, etc, etc. The camera gets faster and faster, panning to a different “couple” with each shot.

Then the shot stops and one regular, silver-foil blue-writing kiss is sitting alone, looking kind of dejected and the like, until another kiss, this one with mulitcolored foil and no slip at all. They “hug” and “kiss” before “walking” off the frame together. 

Then words fade in over the empty screen, “Love comes in all flavors” and in bigger font, “Show your love with Hershey’s Kisses.”


From the 2013.10.27 handshake event at YuruYuru Karaoke.

The members of the two-person (lol) Takarazuka Club! Mayuyu sure looks dashing in that uniform, male clothing really suits her. ❤

I would love to hear them singing Takarazuka numbers too *shot*

Fans who keep up with the members properly have probably already seen these already, but I just stumbled across them, so in case there’s anybody casual like me - these are for you. ^^

The top right picture is from here; the others are from the linked source.

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Some chihigiri because the last one you did was really cute? Maybe like chihiro just chrushing really adorably?

Chihiro hurried around the corner and literally bumped into Kyouko Kirigiri. Upon impact, Kyouko kicked her leg back to steady herself and looked quite cool doing so. Cooler than usual, in fact. Her violet hair swished, billowing in a hallway that contained no windows nor air conditioning. Very impressive. Very cool.

“Ah,” went Chihiro, not so impressive as they tottered backward like someone had wrenched away the ground from underneath them. Once their feet found flat floor to fix onto, they flung up a pair of fists and flushed in the face. “I… I’m sorry. I didn’t think to check around the corner to see if anyone was coming the other way. Are you okay, Kirigiri-san?”

“I’m fine,” replied Kyouko in that curt way of hers. “I should have been looking where I was going as well.”

Silence threatened to fall yet neither seemed inclined to leave, locked in a stare that they thought the other initiated.

“Um…” Chihiro cupped their palm over their elbow and squeezed. “You don’t have to tell me, but where are you going?”

Kyouko averted her eyes. “I’m exploring the school again in case we missed a new area that opened up after the last trial.” She shifted her gaze back to Chihiro. “What about you?”

“Oh, um…. I… I was going to go the library to see if I could take the laptop back to my room so I could repair it…”

The sentence trailed off there.

“But…?” Kyouko prompted, arms folded over chest.

Chihiro gave a hum of confusion.

“You’re travelling away from the library so I assume that an obstacle prevented you from obtaining the laptop,” explained Kyouko.

“That’s true. I couldn’t strike up the nerve,” said Chihiro, shoulders slumping. They let their arms sag to their sides.

“The nerve?”

Chihiro nodded and clasped their hands together in front of them. “Yeah. I went to the library but someone was already at the desk where the laptop is.”

Kyouko frowned. “Would that be Togami-kun?”

“Y-Yes!” Chihiro straightened up with a jolt. “I didn’t want to disturb him and make him angry…”

Uncomfortable heat prickled behind Chihiro’s eyes.

“So… I thought,” Chihiro closed their eyes and hung their head, “that I would try again later…”

“I’ll get it for you,” said Kyouko.

Chihiro opened their eyes wide and stared. “K-Kirigiri-san? You would do that…?”

“Come with me.”

Kyouko trekked to the library with Chihiro following alongside her. The two students climbed the stairs together and only left each other’s side when Kyouko stepped into the library.

Staying by the door, Chihiro peeked into the dark room and watched.

Just like earlier, Byakuya was seated at the desk that had the laptop on it. By his elbow glowed a desk lamp that without it being there, Chihiro would have struggled to see much of anything in the library. Kyouko marched over to Byakuya and picked up the laptop.

“Where are you taking that?” asked Byakuya, glancing up.

Chihiro tensed. Kyouko did not.

“Fujisaki-san wants to see if she can get it working again,” Kyouko said, holding the laptop under one arm.

Byakuya returned his focus to his book, not that it had really ever left it, and made no further comments.

It took Chihiro a good deal of self-control not to jump onto Kyouko when she passed through the doorway again. “You’re incredible, Kirigiri-san! Thank you so much.”

Kyouko pushed a loose strand of hair back, tucking it behind her ear. “It’s no big deal.”

She offered Chihiro the laptop.

Chihiro accepted it into their arms and clung on tightly to ensure that it didn’t fall from their grip and render Kyouko’s selfless act a waste of time. Tears welled in Chihiro’s eyes but these tears were happy tears accompanied by a smile.

“I wish I could repay you,” Chihiro said.

“You can repay me by getting that laptop functioning again,” said Kyouko and with a wave of her hand, she bid Chihiro farewell and turned around. Her violet hair swished, billowing in a hallway that contained no windows nor air conditioning

The smile on Chihiro’s face grew as they watched her leave.

Very impressive.

Very cool.

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I really really like your one-shots. They're cliche, but in a cute, fluffy way. Like fluffy fics should be. Cliche and romantic. Don't listen to hateful anons.

I read and breathe romance novels. I inhale them at a rapid rate. Right now, I’m on a historical romance kick and let me just tell you how many times there is unprotected sex which leads to pregnancy or some misunderstanding or some deep dark hidden secret or how the girls are always virgins. There’s a certain market for these types of books and I’m not sure why but I’m not tired of how the girls are virgins and it ends happily with more and more babies! I love it when they have a family. It may be cliche to others but I think for what’s it worth, there is a core group of my readers who appreciate it. 

Cliche sounds horrible. It sounds like it shouldn’t be done and it feels like I should feel ashamed for writing anything that follows the same formula or line. But you know what? I decide what I write when I sit down in front of the computer and if i feel like it, i’ll feel like it and write it. 

Like I said… 

You don’t have to read it.

Coffee Flavored Kisses and Pizza Sauce And Plutonium

Supernatural ‘verse ficlets!

Coffee Flavored Kisses
Author: Dean-Bangs-Cas-In-The-Impala (ao3)
Wordcount: 624
Rating: T
Summary: Cas is grumpy in the mornings.
Review: I’m not really into mpreg without alpha/beta/omega dynamics. It  feels a bit weird like that. But I gave it a shot and it turned out pretty nice.
This was really, really cute. The writing is also very good.

Pizza Sauce and Plutonium
Author: prodigaldaughter13 (ao3)
Wordcount: 1269
Rating: K
Summary: Gabriel has turned Cas and Dean into six year olds, leaving Sammy as their babysitter. First thing on the agenda: Get them fed.
Review: I thought this one was quite funny, in the cute way. Dean and Cas get turned into children and they were just adorable. At the end, it also gets fluffy in the romantic way.

FINALLY got around to watching the Love Equation mv

I approve of:

  1. Pink haired Bingbong
  2. Ravi’s painfully bad aegyo
  4. Hyuk being cute af
  5. The little bit of the choreo that involved them grabbing Hongnob and pulling him backwards
  6. Hobgoblin and Hyuk’s singing voices (and the fact that they actually got parts, even small ones)
  7. Ravi rapping
  8. Hakyeon (mostly) being the center of the chorus choreo
  9. Hyuk wearing the same pink shirt as Yoongi
  10. Hyuk hitting on Ravi while wearing said pink shirt
  11. Leo and Hyuk in beanies
  12. Everyone hugging Hakyeon
  13. Hyuken being cute at the end

I disapprove of:

  1. Non-pink haired Bingbong
  2. Gratuitous shots of Hogbin sleeping
  3. Note enough Hakyeon
  4. Those really weird outfits at the beginning (just put them back in suits or somthing)
  5. The cheesy choreo
  7. Gratuitous shots of Hongbong looking angstily at a picture
  8. The chorus + chorus choreo
  9. Is Leo wearing the top half of a bathrobe or something?

evakaname asked:

not enough space for me ofc thanks tumblr. so the last ◕‿◕: what is your guilty pleasure? (aww ull have to write this here :P ) just so u remember them and i can delete the reblog

◕‿◕: what is your guilty pleasure? 

Well, I try not to feel guilty over pleasure haha, but I guess, SasuIta/ItaSasu? And some ItaNaruSasu too… Maybe one day I’ll write it. Oh, and NaruIno X) And I’m a sucker for age difference… that “Fantasy” two-shot would land in the guilty pleasure spot:p It also happens that I really enjoy it when Naruto is taller and more muscular and Sasuke is more cute… haha! But then I do feel guilty bc that’s not how I imagine them for real.

I’ll add the other ones you sent me here as well… 

(ಥ_ಥ): finish this: i hate it when…

I hate it when I’ve got loads of inspiration but I have to do something boring instead. Like a boring lecture, because I want to focus and learn, but then my brain just keeps sneaking into dreamland and suddenly I lost fifteen minutes but at least Naruto and Sasuke got laid, those lucky bastards.

| (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ): favorite tv show?

Well, that’s tricky. I wouldn’t even say Naruto is my favorite anymore bc I haven’t watched the anime in forever, or well, part one is always going to be precious though. Also Yu-gi-oh lol. As for regular tv-shows, I’d say Midsomer Murders, Coupling, I guess Sherlock is pretty good. I haven’t really watched an of the newer ones, and I got tired of HIMYM and The big bang theory etc. Ooh there’s one Swedish children’s tv-series that I LOVE! It’s called Kenny Starfighter, oh man, that’s where my humor comes from ahahah. 

(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻: how do you let your anger out?

I usually don’t. Well, I swear a lot, but I’m rarely angry for more than a few minutes. And I yell at people in my head. I guess one of my sister’s is the only one who’s really made me angry, and then there’s a lot of yelling. Usually I’m more of the “cold fury” type haha. I will plot your demise for a while and then forget about it. 

I guess that was all of themX)

Holby City S17 - Domino Effect

• Scary shot of Jonny at first, had no idea what was going on for a minute 😱
• Mary Claire’s ex is VERY cute 😍
• Nice seeing Jimmy Akingbola’s (Malick’s) brother on Keller • Omg Dom and Arthur’s bromance is so cute I actually love them even though Dom is a sneaky one sometimes 🙈
• Fletch = King of banter 😂😂
• I know, I just know Jonny is going to get the blame for the death of that woman. It’s not really his fault, he didn’t change the battery and he had to leave the room bc of the other patients.
It might not have happened if GUY hadn’t taken Elliot for a bloody drink!!

(Side Note: 10 seconds of Jac, that’s not fair!!! They were definitely covering Rosie’s stomach with the computer screen tho 😁)

So I just finished watching Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and I wanted to comment on a couple of things.

First, the scenery is AMAZING. Like, the few shots we get of Vulcan are breathtaking, the Genesis planet is really cool - it has snowing cacti! - and the digital shots of the space dock for the Federation are awesome, especially when the Enterprise is put into perspective through the window of a restaurant.

Second, the battles between the Klingons and the Federation really serve to highlight the main difference between them. Their attitudes towards life are completely separate and it’s shown really well in the fight between Kirk and Commander Kruge; when Kruge is hanging over the edge of a cliff, about to fall into lava (because even though it’s the movie this shit’s still about as serious as candy floss) Kirk offers him his hand. He’s the embodiment of the Federation’s message of peace, communication, giving aid. Kruge’s response is to grab his leg and try to drag Kirk down with him, his final act in life is a portrayal of the Klingon race as a whole; they are aggressive, always looking for the upper hand, and if they cannot win they make sure their opponent cannot as well. I think it’s a real shame the movie shows them as stupid and stubborn pirates, though, I feel like that’s not an accurate portrayal of all Klingons given what little I know about them (if I’m wrong about this, do correct me!).

Third, this and Wrath of Khan have very different feels to them, and that’s really cool. obviously, with WoK dealing with Spock’s death towards the end it was a lot darker, this took it the other way and brought the fun back up a notch. It feels like a really fun adventure movie and that makes it entertaining in a different way to WoK, where it was tense - you watch it to make sure the Enterprise crew wins, because you can’t believe they’ll pull out of this situation unscathed.

So yeah, Search for Spock is a really fun movie, just right as an antidote to Wrath of Khan’s darker side. It kinda feels like we’re going in reverse with the new movies… O.o

I already love Butterix as a transformation. Love the dresses and their wings aren’t obnoxiously huge like some of their other transformations. 

The new fairy animals already seem far less painfully annoying than the fairy pets. They also look like there was some effort in their designs to make them look unique and not just cute. 

I think I’m going to like the new villains, they seem like a Team Rocket kind of pair. 

I really, really hope Roxy is at least acknowledged even though she is definitely not a part of the season. 

I’ll give the new dub a shot. 

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D - five favorite girl on girl ships

Uh, that’s hard. As much as I love girl/girl ships, I don’t think as much as five have caught my eye… So let’s kick this off with number five, shall we?

Amelie and Shayla. I have no shame with this, yeah? It’s my number five, so maybe in a very distant alternative universe, they could probably be my OTP. Hardly, though.
Winnie and Auggie. They’re cute, okay? Let a girl dream.
Shayla and Scarlett. Guys, I don’t know, they’re okay, I mean, I want them to actually be on each other.
I will just give it a shot in the dark and say that I spotted a tall ginger and a short brunette walking down to apartment 3009 and I liked that sight. 
And the winner is…. Allison Bentley and Valentine Vega! They seem to be all that people talk about lately and honestly, they’re really not bad, at all. Even S seems to enjoy them together, which says something to me; they’re good.