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Do you only ship Sting and Rogue together ?

I used to ship Sting with Yukino, along with Rogue and Kagura. But it was just the shallow “oh they look so matchy together, cute!" feeling. One day I got shot with Stingue,

and started imagining all kinds of headcanons and things to draw and ah man they’re the sex gods and all and they complement each other so well in opposites like their physical features, colours, personalities, etc.

I’m really in deep with these two and can’t make myself multiship either of them —- WHICH IS PAINFULLLLL

Just Ask

Summary:  “I’m trying to convince my friends I’m a sex god so could you please give me your number also you’re really cute AU”

Pairing: Raywood

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 1040

AO3: [X]

A/N: Just a short drabble from my drive today, sorry its kinda crummy. Feedback is appreciated though!

“Ray, I know you think you’re hot shit, but there is no way you could get a random person’s number.” Michael said shaking his head.

           “You underestimate the power of my seduction.” Ray replied, wiggling his eyebrows ridiculously.

           “And you underestimate how much of a huge nerd you are.”  Gavin shot back. The three men were walking down a main street in town together arguing about which one of them was the biggest ‘sex god’ of the group.  They somehow came upon the ‘agreement’ that Michael was more likely to offend someone than seduce them and that Gavin, even with the help of his accent, would probably injure himself and whomever he was trying to talk to.

           So that left Ray.

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Would it be a pain if you drew this BillDip I imagined? Of like Bill one day just *poofing* them up a kid one day? And like bringing it in and showing it to Dipper like, "I just made this for us. He has your hair and most of your subconcsious!"

I’m almost always up for drawing billdip- unfortunately I’ll have to turn down this request though because personally the idea of bill and dipper raising a child in any form doesn’t really sit well with me… 

Thats a cute idea though, and maybe someone else could give this a shot? 

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Ahh peachie what is your opinion so far on the new season of precure~? I think its the best one yet

I LOVE IT SO MUCH AHHHHH, Cure Flora is just fantastic and recently I’ve really fallen for Cure Twinkle too! They all have such amazing pretty cure transformations and the princessy theme is done really tastefully because they don’t just promote grace and beauty, but also strength and hand-to-hand combat!

Seriously I find it so satisfying seeing a cute pink princess beat the crap out of bad guys with her fists and kicks, then blowing them away with flower petals as the final shot.

HeartCatch PreCure is still my favourite series but Go Princess PreCure is seriously getting close to being my no. 1 fav as well. I just wish Cure Mermaid would get more character development, but then again we’re only 7 episodes in out of 50 or something.

Sara watches Mr. Selfridge, Season 3

— Gordon, you and Miss Calthorpe are so cute together, but you are not ready to run the store. Not by a long shot.

— You know who should run the store? Mardle. She’d be better at it than any of them, including Harry. She’d be so good, Agnes and Henri would come back. 

— Sigh. Nancy is just after Harry’s money — and I really liked them together. Why can’t they just deal with normal problems, like his kids don’t like her or something? Why do you have to throw some weird secret in there, Andrew Davies? That is some Downton Abbey nonsense, and I thought you were better than that.

— Ooh, Violette Selfridge is gonna be in so much trouble. But don’t worry, Violette. If you get put in jail, I’m sure your father’s fake girlfriend knows how to stage a prison break. 

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I don't know if you've watched the newest Cornerstone yet or not but around 15:20 Smith says he's going to come finish Ross off and Ross says: "No, please don't." ... Still think Smornby is canon?

Ah hello anon. Yeah, I have. Uh, I’d like to remind you that I’ve never actually said: Smornby is canon, because “canon” entails that someone from the yogs literally came out and told us: yes this is true. In addition to that, shipping is totally different from real life situations, and I don’t really take much shipping things to heart. Yeah, sure, the screen shots of them looking at each other and the audio of them talking to each other is cute, but shipping really is just for fun. When talking about stuff like this, I just want to remind everyone that I am not being that serious about the shipping stuff. Of course I take fanfiction and my writing seriously, but let’s face it half the ships aren’t real. Yeah, it’d be nice if they were, but they really are not. At this point, I am not as serious as I had been before about: HOLY SHIT SMORNBY EVERYWHERE. Like yeah, I tune into smornby things, but honestly we can all agree that the Yogscast and Hat Films all act pretty gay, without actually being gay. I mean, they talk about fucking each other at least once every video, and we really can’t take that sort of thing seriously. I know a lot of times I do say: “we are gonna see them snogging in the back of a video” and shit like that. But, I honestly doubt that will happen. I still do love the ship, and would totally be up for it being real, but it isn’t. But seriously, I think everyone needs to take a step back and realize that these people are real people, that what we are doing writing fanfiction and fanart is half the time just imagination. WHICH IS GREAT! ALL OF THE SHIPS ARE AWESOME AND AMAZING! I LOVE OUR FANDOM (even with its issues) BECAUSE WE DO COME UP WITH GREAT HEADCANONS AND AUs. Just to clarify: I take my writing and fanfiction seriously, as in I work hard on it and want to create it to the best of my abilities… however… it is FICTION.

(sorry for rant)

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Aight. I got one last shot. Napalm Man


→ Napalm, although he’s a weapons expert, is actually a huge nerdy sweetie. He’d rather talk about explosives and guns than actually use them, basically; but he often has to keep all his nerdiness to himself, since no one’s really willing to talk to him about it.

→ He has a huge weakness for cute things. Cats especially.

→ He doesn’t like to fight; although he is a combat robot, it’s just not what he’d rather do with his time. He doesn’t dislike it, either, he just… would rather gush about weaponry.

→ On the field, he’s an army guy. Focused on the mission, serious, doesn’t stop for anything. However, outside of business, he’s a softie. He’s not too scared of showing emotions, but he does try to repress them a little around authority figures (such as Wily).

→ He likes trying new things and can be curious about different experiences; he didn’t really race before Battle and Chase, for example.

→ He did win Battle and Chase; and was very sad when no one visited his museum.

→ Along with Napalm’s expansive weapons knowledge, he also has a strong knowledge of past wars. He… wasn’t comfortable being stationed in Vietnam because of this. (Seriously, wtf wily)

→ He’s a very awkward baby when he meets new people, but he is friendly. That said, people are often frightened by the fact that he’s constantly pointing 3480293420352340230 weapons at them no matter what, which tends to silence him a bit.

→ His loyalty comes with a large degree of protectiveness; and he’s just as capable verbally as he is in combat. He’s very good with arguments and negotiations.

→ He kept a few of the kitties he was given in MM5. They are his pets and they are precious kitties.

Love him. He’s a precious baby.

Truth Or Dare? (A Matt Nicholls short story)

Anonymous asked: Hey! Could you write a mat nicholls one from bmth?? You and lee are good friends and work at the record store together? Then he takes you to meet the rest of the band (but you already met oli) then you watch movies and play truth or dare and it’s all cute??
Sure thing hun! I don’t really know that much about BMTH because I really only listen to them and not much else but I shall give it my best shot!

You glanced at the clock and smiled a little. Half an hour until the record store closed and you could go with Lee. He was having a little get together at his mouse tonight. His band, Bring Me The Horizon, were just getting known and Lee thought it be good if you got to know them all before they were known by too many people.
It had took him a good fifteen minutes to talk you into actually saying yes, but that w\s just because you liked to hear him beg you for things.
“(Y/N), we need to go to the movie store, Oli wants some movies for tonight.” Lee grinned at you.
You just nodded. “Yheah, fine, okay.”
“What’s wrong, cupcake?” He wiggled his eyebrows at you.
“Nothing. I’m just preparing myself for a night in with you and your friends. If they’re half as mad as you I will need more than an hour of preparation.” You chuckled softly.
He looked at you and pretended to be hurt. “I am offended by your harsh words.”
“Yheah, right. Start cleaning up. I’m closing early.” You grinned and walked away from the checkout area so you could straighten up some shelves and stacks.


Lee parked outside his house and got out of the car with a grin.
“Ready?” He looked at you.
“Nope. But I can’t turn back now.” You smiled at him, getting out of the car with your hands full of DVD’s.


You both went into the house and Oli greeted you with a smile and an awkward hug since your hands were full. Then he took the DVD’s and ran off to the TV in the main room.
You just laughed at him and followed, Lee behind you.
“Right, guys, this is (Y/N). (Y/N), you know Oli.” Oli grinned at you. “Then there is Jordan, Matt and Matt.”
You looked at Lee and raised an eyebrow. “Which is which?”
He laughed and pointed to who was who. “Matt K and Matt N. Or just Matt and Matthew, depending on how you want to remember it.”
The one you were going to call Matthew looked at you. “The N stands for Nicholls. Just thought you should know since it will be your last name soon.”
You looked at him and laughed a little. “Wow… Smooth.”
Lee laughed and sat down. “Movies.”
Jordan picked the first movie, a Disney one. Mulan.


During the movie you sat in between Oli and Matthew and once the movie finished, when they guys started arguing over which movie to watch next you stood up and looked at them. 
“We’re playing Truth or Dare.” You grinned.
They all laughed and agreed and you all sat around in a circle on the floor like a group of children.
“Who’s first?” Matt asked.
“I’ll go.” Oli shrugged and you grinned
“Oliver, truth or dare?” You looked at him.
“Wuss.” Matthew grinned. “But okay, if you had to go gay for any of us, who would it be?”
“Oh man, that’s not fair.” He laughed. “Obviously you.”
Lee pouted. “But Oli, that is not what you told me last night.”
Jordan decided it was his turn to join in the conversation. “Or me.”
You just laughed at them all. “Right, okay. My go. Dare.”
Lee smiled at you. “I dare you to put an ice cube in your mouth and you have to put it in Matthew’s mouth without using your hands.”
You look at him and nod slowly. “Go get me an ice cube then.”
He nodded and got up, leaving the room and returning with an ice cube in a small bowl.
You smile and put it in your mouth, looking at Matthew who was grinning and wiggling his eyebrows.
You sighed softly and moved closer to him, pressing your lips against his because he wouldn’t open his mouth. He grinned against your lips and very, very slowly opened his mouth so you could use your tongue to push the ice cube into his mouth. Once it was in his mouth you closed yours and sat back, grinning.
“You two basically just kissed.” Oli laughed, like a small child.
Matthew spat out the ice cube into a bowl and smiled at me. “Yes we did.”
Matt and Jordan looked at each other and grinned. “Matthew, it’s your go. And we’re daring you.”
“You’re gonna dare him to kiss me aren’t you?” You sighed. “How original”
Matthew smiled at you. “Just ignore them. They’re mentally three years old.”
You smiled back at him and nodded. “And you’re not any better.”
He laughed and just kissed you. He must have kissed you because you didn’t lean into him but his lips were on yours.


A few months had passed since the game of truth or dare and you and Matthew started dating not long after.


Gahh it’s terrible. I am so sorry!

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I'm on mobile and I can't submit... (Do you take submissions?) Anyways, I just posted some hooping shots and it would be really cool if you checked them out ^_^

I totally take submissions, your pics are super cute I’ll reblog them right meow!

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did you use to be a b.a.p fan?

Hello~ ^^

I wouldn’t really call myself their fan. I like their earlier albums and concepts a lot, especially No Mercy, Warrior, One Shot and Power (and 1004 was really good as well, I cried a lot lol), but I didn’t like them like I like BTS or Shinhwa.

They’re just one of the groups I like to listen to but I don’t really follow on variety shows. Although my best friend loves them a lot so she showed me a couple of clips. Himchan is funny and cute. I like him.

I feel bad for what they’re going through at the moment, and I hope they’ll sort everything out.

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who is in your opinion the hottest "i did not expect to find them attractive" celebrity you can think of? and I don't mean ugly, but someone you are attracted to that you didn't expect to be.

Idk, maybe Lorde? And not just like full makeup video Lorde. Like, candid shot Lorde. Candid shot Lorde is still super cute.

To be honest though there really isn’t too much that isn’t cute about everyone

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vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell


On a serious note really I would the time and effort put into these two just makes me really happy and I adore every single interaction with these two like it was fucking sunken treasure or something.

There’s this guy in one of my class who I thought was really cute. Unfortunately he had to open his mouth. Shoutout to that horrible, insolent, racist homophobe! It’s 2015 babe not the 1950s how come you still don’t know that it is something innate in them and something they have no control of whatsoever. Honestly I’ve never been turned off so fast in my life. The moment you said “faggot” I was stunned. I didn’t know how to react I just sat there horrified. It wasn’t my first time dealing with a homophobe but it sure as hell was the first one of our age group. Fuck you if it weren’t for the fact that you’re a friend of a friend, I would have socked you right there and then.

Gyoza (pork dumpling).

The boyfriend said they were good so we got some as an appetizer. I was worried the pork would be iffy but it turns out he was right, they were really fuckin’ good. Only remembered to take a picture when there was just one left, but they were so cute I had to snap a shot before we horked them all down.