The problem with being on tumblr so much is I forgot how unforgiving most of the world is to people who are overweight/fat. And to those with disabilities.

I hate when I get to this place of wanting to shut everyone out. Like I literally just wanna crawl in bed and chuck my phone across the room and not talk to anyone.

// I’m sorry, guys. But my Hiro muse is like completely gone right now. My mood dropped so suddenly and so quickly. And I just… I just wanna crawl into bed and not think for a couple of days.

Hi guysssss👋👋 been gone all day at a psychology conference!! It was so great and I learned to much cool info, but now I’m wiped 😔 and just wanna crawl into my bed! However I do have a fun treat for yall tonight… Except funny thing it isn’t a treat😝 its my dinner!!!! YAYYYY something #savory for once which I don’t post too much so lucky you guys ☺️😉. Tonight I made a zucchini pizza topped with tomato sauce, #traderjoes ground turkey, and mozzarella cheese😋❤️👯 Makes me wanna danceeee even though I can’t move lol but it was a perfect dinner and sooo easy to make!! If yall want the recipe just let me know 👌☺️ Have a great Saturday evening! #healthyfoodporn #healthypizza #zucchini #zucchinipizza #mozzarella #eatforabs #healthyfoodshare #iifymgirls #fitfood #flexibledieting #flexfood #gymfood #girlsthatbake #girlsthatlift #superfoods

I just wanna crawl back into bed and never come back out and I need to see my doctor cus clearly I’m not coping as well as I thought I could and I almost did something really stupid yesterday and I need to go back on my meds but I don’t have time to go to the doctor and if I call in to work they’re gonna hate me even more