Do you ever find random songs on your iPod that you never remember listening to and sometimes they’re good

hey wanna know what’s really fucking bullshit?

forcing your ideals on others like dude

if i wanna stay home all night and have fun on tumblr i’m not “wasting my teenage years away” or “missing out on all the fun”. i am also not “missing out on a part of growing up” if i don’t go to parties every weekend. if i have fun with what i’m doing fucking leave me be. 


if someone wants to go out every night, drink til they forget their own name and fuck around and what not then that’s cool because they probably have just as much fun as you have blogging. 

i’m sick and fucking tired of

  • people thinking they’re special because they stay home and blog and read all night like do what’s fun and stop trying to fit into this group of girls who are sooooo intelligent and fucking different 
  • people telling others what’s “part of growing up” like guess what i’m growing up i’m fucking aging okay i’ll be older next year no matter how i spend my friday nights. you don’t fucking make the rules and neither do i. 

ok bye. 


"I just miss him.
And hate being so alone.
Does he miss me?
He must.”


rhett would be really easy to identify in a police lineup, mask or no. just look for the tall man.


Tom x Tara for finchmackee

Dear Tom,

I’ll tell you what I remember, seeing as you asked. That after we made love that night in my parents’ house, you asked me to get out of bed, naked. Remember how I felt? I mean we had just had sex, so that’s as intimate as I thought it got, but it’s funny that I don’t remember that part as much as you making me stand in front of you with nothing on and we were freezing cold and I felt so exposed, like I felt you could see inside the guts of me. And remember, I cried? And you were like, Shh, shh, don’t. You’re beautiful, and I can’t believe I’m writing this now, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget your voice when you said that. I think I loved you at that moment. 

But then Joe happened, and you didn’t ring or anything. You didn’t let me see you exposed from all your pain. You hid and you left me there, starkers, and for so long, for so, so long, I felt raw. Don’t ever ask anyone to do that again, Tom. Don’t ever ask them to bare their soul and then leave it. It’s fucking cruel and no matter how much pain you were in, you had no right. Because sometimes it makes me want to shudder, because sometimes I still think I’m there in my bedroom standing naked, except it’s like the whole world can see me, and they’re laughing like sometimes I remember people laughing at me behind my back in high school. And it makes me just want to cry with shame.


Dear Tara,

If you think I’ve forgotten anything about that night, you, most gorgeous girl, are laboring under great misapprehension. I remember everything. I remember your petticoat.. slip… whatever the hell it’s called, and how you let me take it off. You made me close my eyes and that was even more of a turn on.

You’ve always seen through me and that’s freaked me out. You saw the stuff I didn’t show other people. The part of me that sometimes can be a bully, because I come from a family of it. Learned behavior because I think my dad was taught by Bill and Bill was taught by his father and sometimes I feel it inside me as well, except we’re not actually comfortable with it, but it’s there and it frightens all of us. And that night you saw the fear. You made it go away for just one minute and then Joe happened and I couldn’t speak anymore and the numbness-please, God don’t ever let me feel that numbness again. I think I was scared that you wouldn’t be able to make the numbness go away and if my mum and dad and Anabel couldn’t, and then you couldn’t, I didn’t know whether I could handle that.

I know I stuffed up and I know your peacekeeper probably treated you like gold and I’ve treated you like crap but I want you to know that I remember the conversations we had in Year Twelve, when you told me you wanted to do a cultural studies degree because you believed in trade, not aid, and you believe that the only way was to ask the questions and listen to the needs of the people and I remember thinking that exact moment, I want to change the world with her. And I remember feeling that again in Georgie’s attic. That’s a powerful gift you have there Ms. Finke. To make the laziest guy around want to change the world with you. So next time you remember standing in your bedroom naked, know that it is the most amazing view from any angle, especially the one where we get to see inside.

Love always,


  • The Only Exception
  • Paramore

I’m sorry guys but just this song today. <3

"J. not eating food if different sorts of food are touching each other"

ah yes. 

it me

maybe this sounds cheesy or out of the blue, but please just take a moment to love yourself, ok? take care of yourself. love yourself. tell the people you love that you love them. remember that you deserve happiness and to be surrounded by people who treat you well and make you happy, and that it’s ok to let someone go if they’re not making you happy

anonymous said:

The problem's Sokka still hurts Azula for other girls He did with June, did and still does with Suki and after Azula finds out his past girls itll lose the love magic between them Although we came so far Im still not convinced if he truly loves her.


Must we again, anon? Really?

I honestly don’t even know how to start answering you this time because I get the feeling you’re probably not going to see things eye to eye with me no matter what I say… but well. Let’s give it a shot anyways.


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When I was in middle school I started listening to music with bad words in it and my parents were mad because they didn’t want it to corrupt my little brother. So I started censoring the songs for him. Like I’d mute it or turn the volume down really low and sing another word really loud when the song cussed.