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I've always kinda imagined Oikawa has a far tamer knee injury than what others have suggested. I like to think it was a partial dislocation because they're so incredibly frustrating. Oikawa on crutches for weeks because his knee refuses to hold his weight. He's so annoyed because people keep on telling him to take it easy, sit. But his knee will never be quite right again. And it's that 'quite' that makes him cry in frustration because 'quite' seems far too small to ruin everything.

Yes! He keeps pushing though, tries to ignore the pain and goes on to worsen it.

ok im gonna make a Comprehensive List of Headcanons for the Dumb Diner AU, co-spawned by wolfandwildling

  • so leckie, for some reason, has a diner called Leckie’s Crater (like the one in the pacific bts featurette) 
  • he actually co-owns it with hoosier (runner: hey i can make an investment in this shitshow! leckie: you are poor. i want hoosier.) and he, runner and leckie live in the little apartment upstairs and they manage to keep the diner open all the time
  • its a shitty 24hour hole-in-the-wall place just off the main dorms of college and its main clientele is sleep deprived students coming off 14 hour study sessions and
  • ack-ack is the manager who gently talks down the slightly manic college kids trying to roster themselves in for 6 consecutive 12 hour shifts because they need to make rent 
  • hillbilly is this regular who comes in at all hours fresh from gigs and he writes his stuff in a corner booth but comes up to the counter to play bits and pieces of whatever hes working on that week
  •  vital info: there is a whole wall which is a chalkboard (leckie’s amping up the hipster vibe bc it attracts all the artsy students and the english majors and shit, plus how much fun do you think he’d have with a whole tub of chalkboard paint?)
  • they use the chalkboard for menus and specials and leckie’s ‘poem of the day’ thing (mostly just dirty stuff disguised as high-browed so he can laugh at the english majors trying to analyse it), and it also features snafu’s weird insulting but also twistedly sweet (??) haikus, most of which are unsubtley aimed at sledge (there are a lot of hammer metaphors)
  • hoosier takes on a lot of early morning shifts even though he is grumpy and cold and refuses to take off his blanket- he ties his apron AROUND the blanket
  • each of them has nursed at least three different 20-something messes who’ve spilled in at weird hours upset about school or romantic entanglements or finances or all three
  • one time ack sat with a college kid who came in almost in tears, and talked to him for half an hour about everything turning out just fine, you’ll see, and listened to him rant about rent and scholarships and how he’s only been out of his home state once in his entire life before this! and ack offers him a job and a support system and thats the story of how eugene sledge came to work at leckie’s crater
  • (snaf makes him clean the bins out as some sort of initiation, and promptly throws up into one of the bins not 10 minutes later)
  • burgie pretty much just floats in every few weeks to cuff everyone around the head and try to get them to stop being idiots

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Oh noes... I was picturing cute baby shopping for the coming Tadahoney baby, and all I could think was Tadashi eventually throwing Hiro in the cart because he's not cooperating (I think that Aunt Cass wanted Hiro to get out, and Honey volunteered to bring him along - Tadashi called this, btw). The whole time they're loading the cart with baby things around Hiro, who's not allowed out, and Tadashi refers to his brother as the baby to anyone who asks, much to Hiro's annoyance and Honey's laughter.

Oh my god that’s perfect okay it’s just hilarious and so them and oh my god

Tadashi would so cover him in baby stuff so he can’t get out even if he wanted to and maybe even stick a pacifier in his mouth and Hiro would flip because TADASHI GROSS WHAT WAS THAT FOR???!!! and Tadashi would smirk like relax, we’re buying it anyway and Hiro would try and kick him because DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE PROBABLY TOUCHED THAT??? And Honey would sigh because these boys just need to stop and the rest of the shopping trip Tadashi and Honey are just pleasantly picking out things together while Hiro mopes in the cart, crossing his arms and pouting and other people in the store are giving him strange looks and he just glares moodily at Tadashi. Honey would roll her eyes as the boys glare/smirk at each other and she’d pat Hiro affectionately on the head, kissing his forehead and thanking him for helping them shop and he wants to be mad because she laughed but he can’t be mad when she does that and dammit alright I guess you’re welcome or whatever 

we’re in the naruto fandom because we love the manga, or the anime, or both. the fact that some narrow-minded users can’t be reasonable about the ending, or the ships, or character deaths, or whatever the matter is, is totally deplorable to me. we’re in the naruto fandom because we do accept and love what naruto is as a work, and if they can’t accept what it is, why do some users ruin it for people who can? nobody can change what it is except the man who made it what it is, and if you’re not entirely happy with the ending, then try to be happy for those who are. it’s funny, too, because this paragraph doesn’t even touch the surface of the issues. 

Bo Burnham One Shot-Sweatshirt

requested by anonymous - one shot: Bo misplaces his sweatshirt only to find someone cute has it in their hands and is intimidated to talk to them to ask for it back

“Byeee!!!” the girl squeals, turning away from him and waving her newly-signed poster. Bo smiles and waves coolly back, turning to greet his next fan. He’s exhausted; his shows always tire him, and he’s now on what feels like his millionth fan. Although he does love performing and meeting the devoted fans who have supported him throughout the years, it can become quite taxing and tedious. A group of teenagers-three girls and a boy-come up to him next, grinning and blushing and chattering away. Bo smiles sheepishly at their compliments and thanks them for coming, and then poses for pictures and selfies with them.

It’s getting colder now. The wind bites his cheeks and bare arms, raising goosebumps. He looks around, confused; he was sure he had brought his sweatshirt out with him. Yes, he had. He remembered wearing it when he came out, anticipating it to be cold out, but it was actually quite mild and the heat from the lights on the stage still clung to his skin, so he had taken it off (to the excitement and somewhat sarcastic screams of his fans) and placed it down by the step near the backstage door. He turns his head now, looking towards the step-but his sweatshirt is gone. Bo glances around him, running his hand through his hair and trying to figure it where it had went. The group of teenagers are now waving goodbye, and he absent-mindedly smiles at them as he tries to figure out where his sweatshirt went.

Groups of people-primarily teenage girls-are huddled together along the street, waiting for their turn to meet him. The couple next in line nervously catch his eye, wondering if they should go up to him yet, but Bo shakes his head at them and holds his finger up, an apologetic smile on his face. He turns and walks towards Mark, his security guard, who is standing by the tour bus parked just on the side of the street.

“Hey Bo,” Mark says, looking at him curiously. “What’s up, man?”

“Have you seen anyone hanging about by the door?” Bo asks. “It’s just my sweatshirt was there but I don’t know, it’s not there anymore and I’m cold.”

Mark guffaws, shaking his head. “I don’t know, man,” he says. “There were a couple of girls hanging around there, but I told them to go to the end of the queue. Want me to go get ‘em, see if they have it?”

“No, it’s okay, I’ll get it off them when they get to me,” Bo says, sighing. “I guess I’ll just freeze my fucking balls of until then,” he adds sarcastically, and then turns and starts walking back to where his crowd of fans are waiting impatiently.

“Sorry about that,” he says to the next couple in line. “Thank you for coming, I hope you enjoyed the show…If you could even see it past that ridiculous hat you’re wearing.”

The line moves slowly as Bo meets the rest of his fans. It’s pitch black now and the wind is picking up speed. Damn those fucking sweater-stealing bitches, Bo thinks. He knows he’s being unfair to them, it was probably an accident, but he’s cold and tired and cranky and not in the mood to think positively.

It feels like forever has passed when he finally spots his sweatshirt. The queue has died down now and only a handful of people remain. At the back of the line stands a couple of women- around 20 years old and in college, Bo thinks. One of them is tall and lanky, and her long brown hair blows in the wind as she chatters excitedly-and loudly-to her friend beside her. Her friend is quieter as she nods along to the babble, but her bright eyes are full of intelligence and love as she listens and then laughs softly. And in her hand is Bo’s sweatshirt.

Bo watches her as he greets the next few people. He thinks about going up to her and asking for his sweater back, cause by this point he thinks his fucking toes are going to fall off, but something about the calm confidence of the girl stops him. He realises that she is attractive, but Bo didn’t think he was shallow enough to fancy or be intimidated by a girl just because of her looks. But this girl is different. Or maybe it’s because of the fact that she is wrapping his soft, warm sweatshirt around her hands to keep them warm. Either way the thought of asking her for it back scares him a little, and the fact that it scares him frightens him even more.

Bo notices that, as she gets closer to the front of the line, she fidgets more and her eyes scan wildly ahead of her. Once they lock eyes, and she looks away, flushed, as he gazes at her. He realises that he must look like a creep, but he’s allowed to have normal romantic feelings, even if it’s for a girl he’s not even met yet, right? Plus it’s been so long since he’s had any kind of relationship since he’s been so busy with work and all, and maybe it’s time he gave it a try again.

Finally the two friends get to the front of the line, and Bo has this odd twisting feeling in his stomach that he can’t seem to shake.

“Hey,” he says, smiling sincerely for the first tonight. To his dismay it’s the tall, loud girl that answers him.

“Hey Bo!!” she says, grinning brightly at him. “Ohmygod you’re show was AMAZING, honestly you’re so great I love you so much, and I was wondering if I could take a picture with you? Oh, and can you sign this…?” She babbles on, but Bo is watching the other girl as she laughs nervously at her friend’s enthusiasm.

“So what are your names?” he asks when the tall girl finally pauses for breath.

“I’m Sarah!” she says. Bo nods but he’s looking at her, at the other girl.

“(y/n)” she says, biting her lip.

“Well,” he says, grinning. “It’s nice to meet you, (y/n)…”

“YO BO!”

Bo turns around and sees Mark coming towards him, his face pulled into an amused grin.

“Is this your sweatshirt and the girl who took it?” he asks, gesturing towards (y/n). Bo runs his hands through his hair in despair and turns to look at her sheepishly, but she looks flustered as well. For the first time she deliberately makes eye contact with him, and she looks apologetic and a little frightened as well.

“Oh gosh,” she says, handing Bo back his sweatshirt. Her cheeks are turning an incredibly bright shade of red. It’s adorable.

“I didn’t know this was yours,” she says. “I just found it sitting on the ground and I was going to hand it in to the theatre once we were done here. Oh god I’m so sorry, I…”

“It’s okay,” he grins at her. “No harm done.”

“Well, apart from you-what was it you said?-‘freezing your fucking balls off’?” Mark adds, chuckling. Bo shakes his head slightly at him, but he can’t help but laugh too.

(y/n), on the other hand, looks like she might throw up.

“I’m so sorry,” she says, fidgeting with the end corner of her shirt. “I really didn’t know it was yours, is there any way I can make it up to you?”

Bo smirks, looking into her beautiful eyes. “Well,” he says. “How about a date?”