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↳ specially for kintokie​, Happy 3 months belated Birthday Qistina! ♥


tfw you just wanna read your vball mags in peace but then you remember your bf is iwaizumi hajime

one goes off/one’s empty/one’s not quick enough a playlist for three factions, three guns, and the three most important characters in orphan black. it comes in threes: one side, one meeting point, one for all three. rinse and repeat. [listen

01. rabbit heart (live) | florence + the machine (sarah)  02. hero | regina spektor (sarah+rachel) 03. two against one | danger mouse & daniele luppi feat. jack white (∆) 04. culliby | phemiec (rachel) 05. youth | daughter (rachel+helena) 06. the mother we share (cover) | half moon run (∆) 07. child of light | the getaway plan (helena) 08. running away with what freud said | the mountain goats (helena+sarah) 09. tessellate | alt-j (∆) bonus: in our talons | the bowerbirds (rachel+helena + sarah) 

Lyrics under the cut.

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What the fuck, I go into the Sophie Hunter tag and find blogs like this, What kind of bullshit is this though?? Wtf is wrong with you guys?! Like can you please stop spamming her tag with your hate and stupid theories, Benedict is a freaking human being who can marry whoever he likes, so treat him like one! Same for Sophie, what kind of jealous, childish, idiotic people are you to post stupid shit like “the pregnancy is clearly fake, she is the worst and should just die, he should have chosen somebody else” I mean wtf??? Is she a mass murderer or what

well those haters would probably prefer a mass murderer in fact so i shouldn´t be surprised

but fucking hell, I´m angry!


21 songs with the same titles, in the same order… as 21 otherwise completely different & unrelated songs,
painstakingly selected & arranged so that both playlists work.
(because what’s life without absurd self-imposed challenges?)

                                                                           \ d u p l e x i t y \     
                                                           \ side a \ listen / download \
                                                             \ side b \ listen / download \

1. hideaway - passion pit / kiesza \ 2. dreams - gabrielle / fleetwood mac 3. changes - stars / david bowie 4. angel - massive attack / dave matthews band \ 5. jenny - the mountain goats / studio killers 6. bullet-proof - rilo kiley / la roux 7. iron - woodkid / calvin harris & nicky romero 8. runaway - ed sheeran / grum 9. ghost - mr. hudson & the library / mystery skulls 10. cannibal - tally hall / ke$ha \ 11. lies - marina & the diamonds / save ferris 12. disenchanted - my chemical romance / smash mouth \ 13. take a bow - greg laswell / rihanna \ 14. wolf - first aid kit /now, now 15. bloodstream - stateless / ed sheeran 16. still - daughter / ben folds 17. vagabond - wolfmother / beirut 18. young blood - the naked and famous / norah jones 19. house - ben folds five / patrick wolf // 20. tongue tied -iwan rheon / grouplove 21. thank you - dido / the brunettes \

          (album covers made by elissa vlajean​, who continues to be Terrific.)

On the plus side, I didn’t look ahead to ruin the cliffhanger. On the downside, it’s been less than 24 hours. I don’t know what that says about my ability to endure cliffhangers but I can’t imagine it’s anything positive.

But let’s ignore all of that BECAUSE THIS PICTURE IS ONE THAT EXISTS. 

Because not only did Kurogane stop to pick up the puppy, and not only did he ignore the umbrella entirely and put the puppy inside his shirt to keep it dry, but he managed to do the entire thing with his grumpy face intact. And if that’s not the most Kurogane thing I’ve ever seen then I don’t know what is. 

And this is saying nothing whatsoever about the black wings spray painted onto the wall behind him - which, I will note, has only a small portion where the outer wall has cracked and you can see beyond the facade of the exterior. 

Symbolism. <3

hello i’ve been away for quite a long time and i’m kind of back now and i just wanted to say hey and also thank you to those of you who noticed i was gone and messaged me and idk cared it’s really nice to know someone cares so thank you it matters a lot 

Purloining Pines AU

So I came up with an AU where the Mystery Shack is failing in business and Grunkle Stan finds himself more than a little down on his luck.  Enter elusive, enigmatic, and eccentric billionaire Bill Cipher. 

He comes to Stan with this offer: he’ll provide the funds to build a small casino near the Mystery Shack where Grunkle Stan can put his skills as a conman to work, swindling and pickpocketing wealthy gamblers, bringing in more money every night than he could ever imagine.  The only condition is that Stan cannot go back on their deal at any time. Desperate and dodging debt collectors, Stan ultimately agrees and the deal is struck.

Mabel and Dipper arrive back in Gravity Falls at the beginning of the summer after their junior year of college, unaware of what has transpired. Grunkle Stan explains the whole situation to them and informs them that instead of helping him run the Mystery Shack this summer, they’re going to learn the noble art of theft and help run the casino and his latest scam. Apprehensive, but wanting to help their Grunkle, the twins agree to take part in the scheme and learn how to become an expertly pilfering pair of Pines.

And who’s going to give them a crash course in trickery and thievery?  Why Bill, that dastardly, dashing demon who knows how to twist words better than Audrey Horne can twist a cherry stem with her tongue.  Yes, that irascible isosceles himself has so graciously offered to stick around for a while to make sure things run smoothly.  It quickly becomes apparent, though, to Mabel that Bill is not only interested in keeping an eye on just the casino, but her brother, too.  

And while Dipper (to his abject horror) begins to find himself more and more attracted to this wealthy weirdo, he can’t shake the feeling that something is seriously off about Bill that can’t be simply chalked up to the eccentricities of the rich, and that his seemingly philanthropic offer is veiling something more sinister.

Can this scam be pulled off without a hitch, or will the cost outweigh the payout?

This is happening, so stay tuned for the fic I’m writing for this AU, comin’ at ya real soon.


a fanmix for the for the things that happen in the dark between the devout Catholic and the man who believes he’s a god.

  1. Sarcilege - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  2. Bedroom Hymns - Florence + The Machine
  3. I Don’t Have a God - Robots in Disguise
  4. Mercy - IAMX
  5. Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
  6. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
  7. Want - Recoil
  8. Hallelujah - Imogen Heap
  9. Take Me to Church - Hozier
  10. Tuning Out… - Bastille

Listen here.

          ❛ you’re so fucking gross. you
               know that, r i g h t ?? ❜ 

            thick brows are furrowed into a 
         disapproving shape, emerald 
            hues rolling back in their velvet
            sockets as the male just stares
            at the other. ( he can’t help it, his
            high-class upbringing has had 
            far too much of an effect on him. )

I kinda wish people would stop saying that Atsushi and Kinshirou had been in a past relationship. Mostly because by Atsushi reaction to Kinshirou now it seems that they probably drifted apart as young children or maybe En came along and stole Atsushi attention because Kinshirou acts more like a jealous child than jilted ex lover.