cute Seungri laughing as he poses for the Angel Eyes photoshoot ◠ω◠


Camren + Tiny Humans

Harmonize America: San Diego (x)

Merlin’s Moving Castle AU (with dedication for Kris and Kirstin)

As a result of some very inconsiderate decisions, Arthur Pendragon, king of Albion, is cursed by Morgana (also known as Witch of the Waste) and becomes fully invisible to everyone who doesn’t possess magic. Forced to abandon his kingdom, he begins his quest for a remedy to his unfortunate condition and comes across quite charming and even more annoying man called Merlin, who happens to help him escape Morgana’s servants. Soon it turns out Merlin is very powerful and very exentric warlock, avoiding Albion’s law by living in a moving castle, along with his apprentice Gwen and a dragon who drives him mad with riddles. Gossips tell he eats men’s hearts, but Arthur really wouldn’t care if only Merlin was willing to help him and lift the curse. But he isn’t, so Arthur decides to stay and annoy the man as long as it’s necessary to make him change his mind.


Okay, well this was suppose to be all nice and decent but it doesn’t; besides,we all know my editing skills suck lol! I wanted to thank each and every one of you guys for following and always being so kind to me, seriously don’t know what I would do without you all!

This will be in 3 sections because yeah;;

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very gradually reclaiming the ability to use my right hand so have some creakily drawn fanart of my favourite ‘extra’ from PL vs PW; Lettie Mailer

I don’t know if she’ll get a different voice for the American release but regardless I adored this character I mean come on just look at her

the only downside was how little limelight she got would definitely have to appear in the theoretical sequel no question :|b


Hello everyone here i am asking for your help.

Recently my dad lost his job and is struggling with his other job and i really want to help him out.

basically the details:

  • Full body: $6 (+character +$1)
  • Portrait (shoulder): $3
  • Portrait (torso): $4
  • +color on all above are +$2
  • landscape (comes with color): $8

These are the bottom line prices im doing, but it’d be cool to get as much money i as i can with this.

contact me by message on here or my email: vidarox18@gmail.com

headcanon that gogo knows a lot of dances from animes and tries to show hiro how to do some when they’re alone but he messes up too much and trips a lot more often than he should and gogo records them sometimes so she can show hiro what he needs to improve on and more often than not its just gogo dancing like an actual anime character and hiro trying to imitate gogo (and failing horribly) and falling on his face 

agenderbucky replied to your post:why do people hate the harry potter epilogue why…

because he named his kid albus severus

listne. listen. i follow a lot of harry potter fans. i have heard literally every single variation of the ablus severus joke you can possibly think of. i have heard it all. i don’t really care about albus severus amore. i cant bring myself to care. i tried.