just look how happy they were as kids

The whole “Villains will get their happy endings” arc is actually bullshit.
I mean, it was a great idea, but look at what’s happening in the season finale. The season finale it’s not about villains winning; in the AU the heroes are still the victors, it’s just that now the heroes are different people. Basically, after all this babbling about evil which it’s not born it’s made, that there are no total heroes or total villains, about the author and how he was keeping the villains from getting their happy endings and changing the rules, it seems that the show is actually telling us: “nope, we were just kidding, villains don’t get their happy endings because they’re little shits, if they just behaved better they would be happy.”
And this pisses me.

So I was out in town today and I saw a really cute gay couple and I was like ‘aww I’m so happy for them’ and then I kinda looked around and saw all these families with their kids and I was like ‘Awwww they’re all so cute oh my god’ then I kinda was like ‘everyone here today has amazing fashion sense and looked beautiful and like? ?? and then I just felt like sitting down in the middle of the shopping centre and crying at how beautiful people were. I wanted to tell this real cute Chinese girl how amazing her blue dip dye looked but then I thought I’d be a bit creepy so I didn’t but man,

You’re all beautiful. All of you. Whether you think you look terrible or ugly, someone out there thinks you’re beautiful. Embrace your imperfections and learn to love yourselves. <3

Can anyone else not get their heads round the fact The Sun exists? That it’s still THERE. Sat there in the newsagents this morning. Bold as brass.

Like… Because the News of the World invaded the privacy of the families of a couple of dead (white) kids then we’ve gone into the national archives and burned every copy ever before issuing a damnatio memoriae.  

But The Sun runs a piece that literally goes, “Just been looking at some photos of drowned babies. Very happy because they were poor and foreign. What we ought to do is shoot some so we can murder them directly.”

And it’s still THERE. Tra la la. Two Free Tickets to Chesington World of Adventures they’re offering this morning. 

On the subject… How come I’m reading so much about how “The United Nations has denounced Katie Hopkins”?

That’s not what’s happened. Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein hasn’t issued a statement saying that, on balance, Perez Hilton was the lesser evil in the house.

He’s called out the British Press as a culture for cynically pushing a racist agenda that is killing real human beings on a massive scale. He’s not joining in the fun of booing the panto villain or making funny Philip Scofield faces at her across the sofa. He, the UN High Commisioner for Human Rights, is talking about “decades of sustained and unrestrained anti-foreigner abuse, misinformation and distortion.” 

And where he talks about Hopkins he’s very clear that this isn’t about her but about an editorial decision.


Totally had a dream that ended abruptly by my stupid alarm clock and I slept (snoozed) for an hour trying to get back to it. Seriously my lack of love and/or biological clock/hormones are messing with my mind.

The dream started out with me with my husband and my 3 kids. And things were great. (I don’t remember a lot just that we were happy). Then some how we got split up me with the kids and him on the other side of the fence. I couldn’t get in contact with him and then somehow our kids were with him and we passed the youngest through the fence. They were all together on one side and I was on the other. We were also kind of fighting at that point bc I couldn’t get a hold of him. And then I woke up.

The above is what I looked up on my dream app…they kind of fit. I first looked up kids and husband but nothing fit. Then I was like…oh no this dream was all about the fence…and it all made sense.

Honestly I really like this turn of events and I'm a sasusaku shipper lol

It’s interesting to try and figure how this all went down, cause I’m not gonna lie I was happy they were in game but I’m just like how????

But yes this is the drama I didn’t sign up for but I’m already craving more!!!

Bolt and salad seem like they are close and its totally cute
Chochou I love her! her sass is plus
Inojin adorable
Shikadai is like his father and its hilarious
The blue haired kid next to bolt he was cool looking?? Who is that tho I have an idea but???

Naruto classic even as an old pop

Listen. Please. You won’t even look at me anymore. Don’t you remember. The Fourth of July. My birthday. You were just a kid then. And weren’t you happy. Blind with innocence. Sheltered from bloodshed. Didn’t you marvel at me then. At how I looked so immense. How you thought I could protect you that way. You used to love the wind blowing through me like that. My colors covering yours. You content to be wrapped inside of me. Your eyes were so wide at me then. Now you won’t even look at me. I know how it looks. I know what you’ve heard. I know it seems like I love everyone but you. But it only seems that way. I promise I want to wrap around you again. To cover you. I know can’t stand the sight of me but. Don’t you remember the Fourth of July. The fireworks. Weren’t you in love with me then. Before you grew up and away from my shadow. Before you knew what I wanted so badly to cover you from. Before you knew how I betrayed. Before my unfaithful ruined everything we had here. How sometimes while you were marveling at me I would be elsewhere. Flirting with injustice. I know my vows said forever. I know they said. For all. I know this isn’t fair. I know I lied. But sometimes injustice was more enticing than your big brown eyes and your small brown hands. Always reaching. Look I’m sorry. It was too much. Didn’t mean much. Really. Why won’t you look at me. Don’t you remember. The Fourth of July. It was my birthday. Don’t you remember. How happy we were. I know I ruined it. But don’t you remember? How you felt so safe there. How in my shadow it seemed. Like nothing. Could harm you. Not even. Me.
—  The prompt: Write a love prom from an inanimate object to an animate one. I looked up in class and the first thing I saw was the flag. Or. The answer to the question, “Why don’t you love America?”


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The surprising tug lured Gohan to peer downwards in confusion. He certainly was clingy today.

“Friends for me?” He paused there, until a flow of curiosity pressed him on further breaking the brief silence “What ever do you mean Trunks?”  Gohan saw this as another one of the kids games, well..it was presumable. Trunks did have the tendency to lash out surprises. 

“Yeah! Just for you!”

If he explained at this very moment he knew Gohan would more than likely decline and so he would be stuck with more bunnies than they ever needed. Or at least that’s how he felt. His grandparents really overdid it when it came to pets. Sure they were happy but Gohan really looked like he wanted some bunnies. They wouldn’t mind if it was this person who adopted them.

“You have to come over and see. So come on. Come on.” He would continue to tug on Gohan’s hand trying to get the teen to follow him.

I can’t help reblogging fetus pictures, because they remind me of a happier time.

We thought their damn outfits were on fleek. On their way to baby-sit your kids.

Remember this? This was the funniest shit ever.

I mean just look at this. 

 We all wanted to buy Harry for Christmas.  

Look how happy Louis looks

This was the sexiest pic we had of Harry.

Remember when ASDFGHJKL; WHAT IS AIR?!?!? was a thing?

I sure miss those days.

And now, I’ll continue to tag way more than I should because “I can’t even!”

Trainee Intro: Puppy

Hello!^^ I auditioned for RME because I really have a problem with emotional eating and I think that if I can be true not only in front of myself, but also have strength in front of people who support me I can really succeed with dealing with this problem :) I’m a ‘99-er and I’m quite young. I started wanting to lose weight in the 5th grade because a girl in my class was kind of bullying me; she always mentioned how I had gained weight, how I was slimmer before, that I was going to become fat, to look at my legs which were getting really big..etc. Before that I was just a happy kid who studied a lot, had a lot of fun, smiled a lot but that girl’s words stayed in my mind since I finished elementary school. All that time I went through all kinds of diets and started restricting myself. Now, I just want to be healthy, stop with eating just because I’m tired or stressed and do the best I can do to be satisfied with what I have!!~

I think that K-Pop is my second stress-reliever. However, through time, let’s make it Number 1 :) I would also like to pursue a career as a singer in Korea and I’ll do everything I can to do so (I live in Europe :D). My all-time favourite artists are Girls’ Generation <3 <3 They inspire me and keep me as positive as I can be in hard situations. I love their music and I love them (they always give me a laugh), not to talk about that they are the best role-models for a person like me ^^ I also like MAMAMOO, BESTie, 4Minute and many more (can’t think of any at the moment, pretty nervous xD). My starting stats are 65kg, 165-166 (I think 166 but not sure :D).

Ranking System: This is for a week, right? :D
Weight: 1st: -0,8 kg | 2nd: -0,5 kg | 3rd -0,2 kg
Fitness: 1st: 6x exercising a week; be more active :)  |                                        2nd: 4x exercising a weel;  | 3rd: 2x exercising a week  |

Food: 1st: healthy foods, one YOLO meal for the week, able to refrain myself from eating without realising what I’m doing | 2nd: healthy foods with some snacks  | 3rd: a little more snacks :D

Goal: get to the point where I love what I am and what I do!!

got tagged by jamie!!! jamietennant

Name: jane >:)

Average Hours of Sleep: like…. 5 or 6

The Last Thing You Googled: omg it was “how old” bc of that website that tells you how old you look.  people on my dash were playing with it i wanted in too laaughh. it told me i looked 7 at first but then it said 33 the next pic. i was so sad

Nicknames: janie!!!! child, bean, janerd, janer

Birthday: august 4th

Sexual Orientation: pan ace. when kids at school ask me about this i just say “so gay.” very nice!!!!

Height: 5′2 :o i wanna get to 5'4 but thats not happening GUHHHH

Favourite Colour: RED RED RED

One Place That Makes You Happy: DAISO and anywhere else that sells cute stuff for cheap ;__;

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: ONE sometimes NONE so hot nowadays

Favourite Film: i keep watching new movies i like then i always forget them lmao. i will always love lilo and stitch

What I’m Wearing Right Now: blue KOALA KIGURUMI!! when am i not wearing a kigurumi

Last Book I Read: this art book for art class :0

Most Used Phrase: SUCKS

First Words That Comes To Your Mind: sucks!!!!!

Last Thing You Said To A Family Member: WHY DID U LEAVE THE GATE OPEN to my sister

Favourite Beverage: boba!!!! coffee!!! juice!!

Favourite Food: STEAK!!! any meat i lov…protein  >:)

Last Film I Watched in Theatres: monsters university

Dream Vacation: ive answered this so many times lmao. uhhh one of them is to go to switzerland!! i want to ski and eat chocolate there, im very good at skiing!!!

Dream Pet: 101 dogs w hyuna


Kk so I went to a thrift store and I was looking in the shoe section. This happy little family with like a five year old son walked in and were browsing shoes for him. The little boy looked at a green, sparkly pair of girls shoes, picked them up and went “ I want those ones!” And the mom, every time he would pick them up, would take them from him and put them back on the shelf saying “ NO, Eric, those are for girls.”

I remember how sad the kid was when he had to get a pair of grey sneakers, and not the ones he wanted, just because he was a boy. 

Let your child wear what they want to wear, no matter what gender, or age.

Game of Thrones S5E2 Review


- dat Titan

- yeah you were afraid Ayra, you look like you shit yourself

- I like how eerie the House of B&W is


- aww look at Pod’s ikkle face!


- Wow, this is new territory for us all

- Sansa is smart, she knows that Brienne has changed loyalties (kinda) a lot

- Poor Pod

- I feel for Cersei, poor lady just wants her kids safe

- Is this Lollys? So happy if it’s her

- Jamie, you look more like a pop punk than a medieval knight


- Oh hey Cap’n, I expect to see a lot of you, else I’ll be pissed. I quite like you in the book

- They kept Doran’s disability! (Well, his gout that binds him to a wheelchair) I’m so happy!

- I’m liking Dark Ellaria, she’s badass

- Move over Pod and Brienne, I think Grey Worm and Daario are my new no. 1 dream team

- I like this former slave in Dany’s council. He speaks so much truth, and even gives Hizdar dirt looks!

- Tyrion the alcoholic: less entertaining than drunk Cersei, but the more common variety

- Eyyy, Kevan appears!

- lol, Pycelle always cracks me up when he’s flustered

- Kevan knows what’s up

- Shireen teaching Gilly to read! Aw yeah!

- Well she’s talking to her daughter, I suppose that’s something

- These conversations are almost completely from the book, I love it

- Jon don’t want to be a Stark, he very much prefers being a Brother. Good choice

- Sam is, like, 1000% braver then he was when he was introduced. Yay fpr character development!

- I’m seeing a strange parallel between the vote for Lord C, and British politics. Basically, are the free folk people, or monsters? (answer: they’re people)


- Dany, bby, let him go!

- Dany, I love you and your Valyrian speeches, but still! Don’t do it!

- you messed up, Khaleesi. You messed up baaaaad.

- Drogon, you’re so big!

- Her voice when she said his name :3

- Poor Khaleesi, even her kids hate her :(

Every random person you met teaches you a lesson

Everyone that crosses your path in life is meant to teach you a lesson if you look deep enough you’ll discover what that lesson is and if youre smart enough you will start to apply that lesson to your daily life and thats how people help you grow. Recently I was hanging out with my friend and his cousin joined us and I learned so much from him! He was filled with such good vibes and happinesss just being around him made you so happy. He was telling us about his uni life and everything and he told me some random stories and now when I look back I realize that those random stories had a purpose, there were so many valuable life lessons hidden in those stories. He was telling me how he actually has been an introvert ever since he was a kid and was always that shy kid and how back in middle school he used to eat his lunch in the bathroom and i was shocked since he seemed so outgoing and social. He said that he fakes being social and pretends that he is outgoing but in reality hes super shy. He said that to fake it til you make it. So here is this guy who deeply thinks hes shy and awakard and hes insecure but from the outside he seems so social outgoing and perfect! Hes been faking being an extrovert for a few months now and now being social comes naturally to him. Out in public he acts and once he gets home he goes back to being the introvert he is. What i learned from him was that if i wanna stop thinking that im shy i gotta first start acting like im not shy and im a social person and fake it til i make it and trick my mind into thinking that im not shy. Also even super cute guys like him who have a beautiful personaity are insecure everyone is to a certain degree so its not just you ! He honestly was such a great soul but he couldnt see that ! He couldnt see how great he was, he couldnt see the greatness in himself that i saw. Same way u might think ur shit and u suck while the ppl around u think ur so great and amazing!

u no it upsets me cause i dealt with my own weight issues n stuff when i was younger and although im extremely happy with being confident in my body now it has taken me a seriously long time 2 get here. n there r many factors in becoming happy with how u look and it is a life process its not gonna happen instantly but one of the factors in information!!! i see so many people saying things like cant eat more than 200 calories today or w/e but its like ? calories doesnt equal fat? if that were tru it would actually take like 3 days of running for miles because u had some cookies like it just doesnt work like that. its too do with what kind of calories and how ur body digests them and its better that kids r taught this because when u start counting what u eat u go down a spiral of ocd n obsessive behaviours and paranoia n all this other shit n i just wish kids could get the correct information easier

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“Who the fuck do you think you are?”

Send Angel a message.

Oh, what’s the matter, Lindsey? Was that last knock on your head too much for you? Let’s have a recap here, shall we?” Angel announced, tapping Lindsey’s cheek twice before giving him a pointed smile.

“Angel, as in Angel Investigations. No, not the flying guardian types, the fanged ‘I’ll either rip your throat out with my teeth or save you, give or take, just don’t make me happy’ type. How about we take a jab at you, McDonald?” He asked, pointing at Lindsey as if he were in deep thought.

“A walking pity party seeking acceptance from the nearest evil law firm in order to justify his sad and pathetic backstory. Look, drop the tough act, kid, it’s getting old when you hide behind Wolfram and Hart for everything.”

So I hear this bullshit all the fucking time: kids these days. I would never have done that when I was a kid. Back in my day, kids had respect.

All right. Stop right fucking there.

First off, many of these people are either talking out their ass or they’re blind as fuck. I promise you, there has been someone acting out at every age in every decade. A ton of the bullshit you’re bitching about? Existed. You just like to get on your fucking high horse and pretend that there was some magical period in your life where you displayed how fucking awesome you were and you are more than happy to explain what role you and such and such played to make that magical time. Grow the fuck up. It’s easy for you to look back and idolize and ignore all the bad shit that was going on around you. Hell, as a kid yourself you probably didn’t notice that shit. If you try really hard and remember, I’m sure you would recall your parents and grandparents making those same remarks about you and your generation.

Not all of the bullshit in this generation existed for your generation. You know why? Because your generation helped create these environments. Either through action or neglect, you helped create a lot of the violence and hatred and confusion. You’re the ones who helped create the shitty schools, the lack of education, the lack of support. This situation, this age didn’t come out of a bubble. A lot of problems this generation is seeing is based DIRECTLY on what your fucking generation did. But it’s fucking easy as hell to pretend it’s not your fault, right? It’s these damned kids these days!

By looking at this shit like this – by pretending it never happened in your generation and by pretending you played no part in creating this mess – it’s fucking easy as hell to wash your hands of it. It’s not like it has anything to do with you, right? Everything was just fucking peachy keen in your generation.

less then nothing.

I think that if we were to learn anything from the recent Nepal earthquake it would be something along the lines of the realization that the indescribable or the impossible can happen in the split of a second. personally, I find this incredibly scary. I got home from Nepal  about 5 days before the earthquake hit. I have done a fair bit of traveling in my 17 years but I have never experienced anything quite like Nepal or the people there. I have herd it all before, ‘those poor children, they have nothing but are still just so happy’ and I always looked past this statement as more of a nag and less of an inspirational thing i should live my life by but I can honestly truly say that these children that I met were so happy that its as though they see the world differently then any other people I have ever met. their definition of beauty and life is so far off from ours that when I first saw these kids and I began to see how they did it made me feel like a had been blinded by my own sense of self. I haven’t watched a single news report or looked at recent photos because the moment i do that memory of this place that essentially changed my life will be shattered. but I think in saying that I will never have to rebuild my home even though it will always be falling down. I am lucky, I have never experienced nothing, yet these kids who are so happy and so in awe of the people and the world around them are now experiencing less then nothing. x

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We were talking about Baltimore in class today and this backwoods white kid, who wears camouflage with EVERYTHING , likes hunting, cussed at the teacher and the whole class, and had the nerve to say "black people take things out of line" when he was the only one that was mad and reaching a tone (his face was turning red lol) i can't say i'm surprised by it, but it was getting heated, and my friends were scared, i'm not mad, i'm happy that he exposed his racist ass, now i know not to talk to him

yeah, i’d stay away from that kid and anyone who agrees with him. you and your friends stay strong and stick to your beliefs. try not to start anything with this kid bc he sounds dangerous to me. 

ive lost a few friends and people i look up to bc they think that we’re out of line for protesting. they just dont value our lives. they dont understand how important it is to stand up to a system that refuses to protect us :/


I love how these kids look so confused by the three-button six-button controller and I’m just here like, “Son. Give me that and let me show you how it’s done.”

Also, what the hell, they got to play with a six-button controller? I feel like such a crotchety old gamer going, “Back in my day, we only had THREE buttons-and we were happy!” Except that I did eventually get a six-button controller for the Genesis, so. Oops.

Happy birthday lu :“) you already old enough and matured but yet you still look like a little kid eventhough you just stand there doing nothing I don’t know why you’re just too adorable and manly sometimes maybe (?) haha😂. I am so grateful that you were born in this world. I know this is cliche but I don’t know what will I do if you’re not exist in this world😂😂😂. You’re the light you’re the night you’re the color of my blood I can’t describe how much I love you (okay i know it’s lyrics from love me like you do hehe) and I can’t tell you why because all the reason i can gave to you is same as all your fans around the world already gave. I hope you take care of your heath, don’t get so stressed always because that’s not good for your health and also get a enough rest okay? Lastly, I wanna say happy birthday to you again, always be cheerful and good luck for your carrier life. I know my english is broken and idgaf about it. There’s actually something i wanna added you are lucky because I never write this long birthday speech as this to anyone yet.😂😊🙈🙉🙊💗💓💕💖💞💘