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*psst* if you wanna rp w/ an uta just like this post and leave a comment if you have some specifications for a rp thread. otherwise, i’ll come up w/ something random. please don’t be shy; even if we have a bunch of threads or haven’t interacted before, i’m always looking for new rp partners~ it’s on my blog, but i’m oc and multifandom friendly and am always looking for tg chars to roleplay with~ 


you boys♡ (≧∇≦)


cute Seungri laughing as he poses for the Angel Eyes photoshoot ◠ω◠

long distance relationship au w/ snapchats, texts, skype call threads, lil struggles here and there bc trust issues and problems bc long distance, and then finally, finally meeting up for the first time followed by lil arguments that they forget about ten minutes later bc they’re so !!infatuated!! with each other, not to mention a lot of cuddles and basically lots and lots of heart eyes whispers we gotta have angst too but we can come up w/ smth ok?? ok and then the sad departure at the airport and skype calls and all that sad jazz all over again and maybe they break up at some point bc one of them can’t take it and thinks the other is cheating on them or w/e wow pretty pls i need this in my life bc long distance relationship aus are the best sobs!!

I want the Doctor to go to Disneyland

especially Eleven

can he take Clara to Disneyland?

  • Rumpel:(says something stupid to insult hook on the ship to neverland)
  • Hook:
  • Hook:
  • Hook:...