Try to remember that.

more books about little girls getting sweet, innocent, explicit crushes on the pretty girl with the pigtails who sits in front of her in class

more movies where little boys blushing and stuttering around the one boy who always beats him in the running races

more stories with children who liked brittany last week and daniel this week and who walked boldly up to both of them to tell them

more about little kids who have never like liked anyone but are just generally FRIGGIN PUMPED about dinosaurs

more representation of queer children because it is all well and good to have diversity in adults programmes but children need to see that there are other children like them and that they are not alone

tbh i just want a really long, healthy romantic relationship but that thing called “romantic attraction” doesn’t even appeal to me. like. yes, if we have a lot in common and we’re close, im gonna form that attraction to you. but there’s good people out there that would make FANTASTIC date mates and i just. want to love them. but i can’t. and it makes me so sad because ive had wonderful offers and these people have all been good people and im not even attracted to them in any way. im just sick of being lonely and bleehhhh. someone talk about anime and cats and aus and fcUKING LET US GET CLOSE AS SHIT SO I CAN DATE YOU