I constantly struggle to refrain myself from telling you that I miss you. You don’t know how hard it is for me to hold this in, but I have to because you wouldn’t understand anyways. You would just think that I am being clingy, but the truth is far from that. I miss you because I am in love with you, but for the sake of us, for the sake of not losing you, I have to swallow my feelings and bite my tongue.

-if you knew, would you stay?


Fairytale Love

Not all fairy tales

By true love’s kiss were resolved,

Not all love’s that kind.


Hansel and Gretel

Lost, lured, suffering as one,

Burned the witch as one.


Gerda and Kai, friends

Sacrifice through bitter storm

To warm frozen hearts.


Brother and Sister

Runaway, spellbound siblings

Protect each other.


Seven ravens flock

Girl ventures edge of the world

To see her brothers.


Six swans taking wing

Girl sews in silence for years

So brothers can land.


And Thumbelina

Cared deeply for her swallow

Who helps her take wing.


So I wonder now

If a spell imprisoned you

Deep and dark and strong…


Would holding you dear

All the comfort I can give

Be love true enough?


What if the swan lake’s

Enchantment breaks by choices

To love, not one vow?


What if the beauty

Loved the beast differently,



What if the mermaid’s

Human prince shared souls, did life

Without a single kiss?


What if I told you

No need to change who you are

Nor me who I am.


Love of friends transcends

Beyond til death do we part

Sweetest of them all.

Just friends,” huh? well “just friends” don’t steal secret glances at each other. “Just friends” don’t get jealous when the other one talks about someone else. “Just friends” don’t get butterflies from each other. “Just friends” don’t hold each other like that.
“Just friends?