on a scale of one to “i made an entire 23-man roster that serves no functional purpose to the story except that it delighted me to come up with 23 nicknames” how much do YOU procrastinate actual writing by making sure you have vital details like the origin city of a character who literally never gets mentioned all hammered out?

DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Midnight Runner

Location: Mt. Pinos - Frazier Park, CA.

Settings: F5, ISO 3200, 55 second exposure.

Fellow light-painter and innovator Jason Page was kind enough to send me a small package with his new invention “Light Painting Brushes” about a week ago, and I’m happy to give them a bit of a review here now that I’ve used them in the field.

At first look, I was a bit confused on how it all works, but after a few videos on the website at lightpaintingbrushes.com the system becomes pretty simple and clear.. It’s like putting a condom on your light and making it do new tricks. As stupid as that sounds, it’s incredibly useful.

What I liked the most about the system was how easy you can assemble different textures/colors for light while in the dark, and how sturdy they hold when you’re waving the light around. The universal connector is a small add-on to almost any flashlight, then the brushes are where it get’s interesting. For this one, I used a small yellow-filtered opaque bottle-brush. There will be more to come, I’m just getting acquainted. (via DARIUS TWIN)