William S. Burroughs | Graphite on Paper | 40x50cm

Desperation is the raw material of drastic change.

Only those who can leave behind everything

they have ever believed in can hope to escape.

William S. Burroughs

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“-Oh, and don’t forget, tomorrow is the day we kill the President.”

He was gone. That last part was code for, “Stop and pick me up some cigarettes on the way.”



Based on these really broken toys I got on saturday uvu An armless reshiram, and a wingless/tail-less salamence! 

and they are

Nenma and Captain R. Chronus! 

Ah jeez where do I even start.

do-remi, you’re the most loyal, compassionate and caring friend I’ve ever had. I’ve definitely met others with a few of those traits, but I know that you seem to rise in that loyalty trait.

I still saved that note you sent me to make me feel better about people that I want to be friends with, you stuck by me the whole night and it means a lot to me.

Thanks remi, you big dork.

To celebrate your birthday, a random pikachu beat up Marth and robbed him of his cape and sword. XD Happy Birthday~!

There he is

My punching bag

Look at him so majestic on the floor.

Look how majestic he is.


Hiccup: Yes! I was hoping for this!
Jack: Hic! You look adorable!

my brother walked into my room and saw my makoharu fanart and he pretended to puke all over my bed and later he came in again and said “so how bout dem gay boys” so now I’m just gonna post this on every social media outlet I have because fuck this noise It’s not just me defending my otp its me defending the content of what I drew. I can guarantee that if I had drawn a kiss between a girl and a boy my brother probably wouldn’t have reacted at all. a gentle kiss as a sign of affection for someone you love is normal, right? does it matter if its two boys kissing or two girls or a boy or girl or a couple of agenders does it even matter? its the same act that has the same meaning every time. we gotta change our focus here.

I commissioned a picture of the Count teaching Albert to waltz from karlydoodlesenough and it came out so cute. I can’t get enough of the Count’s fond expression!