"You’re in a car with a beautiful boy,
and he won’t tell you that he loves you,
but he loves you.”

Fitzsimmons AU

Visual-line Competition?
  • Sunggyu:Since there is just us here. There are friends who aren't here. Who is there? Dongwoo and-
  • Sungyeol:Hoya-
  • Sunggyu:Woohyunnie.
  • Sungjong:L-
  • Sungyeol:*maniacal gleam in his eyes* L. L~ L!
  • Sunggyu:He becomes really excited when we talk about L.
  • Sungyeol:L!
  • Sungjong:Yes, he always gets excited.
  • Sunggyu:They are in charge of visuals in Infinite, but...Sungyeol and L compete with each other a lot. That they are goodlooking-
  • Sungyeol:What do you mean we compete...
  • Sunggyu:That they are taller, that they are more tall and handsome-
  • Sungyeol:No! L is better looking.
  • Sunggyu:Eiiii, honestly.
  • Sungjong:Eiiiii!
  • Sungyeol:No, I acknowledge it. L is handsome- L is visually the best.
  • Sunggyu:Nah, I like Sungyeollie better.
  • Sungjong:Sungyeollie hyung is goodlooking, he has more charm!
  • Sunggyu:*waves 'no' in the back*

Shishio Satsuki Week, Day 7: Wild card!

I present, “Shishio the Tiger&Bunny fanboy”!!

Wild card = Wild Tiger, okay~

Gilbert's adventures at in sucking at life

So you wanna know what I just did?

I jumped off a ledge that’s a little over a foot off the ground. Landed wrong, and twisted my ankle, then I forgot how to use the leg that could actually hold me up and fell on my face.

Now I can’t walk without leaning against a wall and moving my right leg or sitting up hurts like mad.

Holy Frakking Glaux in Starclan I suck.

*sigh* What a day…



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