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heads up for a BUNCH of asks under the cut i mean like, a lot of them, so many asks, just a real big bunch of em 

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Quote Swap - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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You said in your comment on raven/Clarke about Octavia being just as important and saving that explanation for another day. Is it possible I could get that explanation now? :)

It is possible, I guess ;)

If we break everyone up the way the fandom likes to, all neat like, we get Clarke as the head, Bellamy as the heart, Raven as the hands (although I call her a head and a heart in other ways too BUT.. ). I don’t particularly love that. I think all three of them have different parts of them that all benefit that in different ways. But people seem to enjoy that organization. For me, Octavia is the soul or the spirit. She’s the moral compass and I think it’s quite interesting. We met Octavia as this kid with a chip on her shoulder who was done being locked up and angry at the Ark. She bounced from Finn to Atom to Lincoln, seemingly looking for some kind of connection or exploration of her own. She started season one chasing butterflies, and in many ways, I think Octavia is the butterfly. She came into this place wriggling and writing, floundering about for who and where she was. We saw less of her at the end of season two and start of one, and then she’s emerged this incredible, beautiful, passionate warrior. Despite that, she hasn’t lost the sort of innocent, idealist heart she had. She was the one who saw good in the grounders early on. She was the one who hopped on adventure squad when Bellamy didn’t want her there. She championed keeping Jasper alive and fought for that and she helped him get his bravery back. Octavia spoke out vocally about not torturing Lincoln, even after both Clarke and Raven caved. She is constantly and always fighting the good fight, even in episodes like the most recent one when maybe she’s being too much of an idealist about what would have happened. I’ve heard people argue that Finn was kind of the moral center, but I never saw it in him. His righteousness was flimsy. Octavia’s comes good intention and with her strength of heart and mind. I guess I see her as the sort of ‘everyone’s little sister’ character. She’s so strong and so incredible and sassy and attitudey but she’s gentle and sweet and she’s growing and learning. It’s a role that absolutely needs to be there. It needs to be speaking and challenging Clarke or Bellamy and their choices or even challenging when Indra is telling her to stop thinking about Lincoln and become a warrior because she can’t turn her heart off. 

I also sometimes see Octavia as a sort of military head for Clarke, in a way that Bellamy (although he fills that role) can’t be.Octavia as her military head but coming with all the chivalry of a knight, and always wanting to do the right thing. She’s being the conscience and I like the idea of seeing her alongside Clarke, leading the fights now that she’s a warrior but still questioning the choices so Clarke has that to bounce off of. I know people like the Bellamy as Clarke’s knight thing but for me, Clarke’s knight is Octavia. 

Everything that life gave Octavia could have jaded her. It could have made her angry, and I guess in some ways it did. But I think instead of it making her angry at the world, it made her angry at injustice and unfairness, and made her a sort of crusader for what is right. Anyone who can turn their own pain into the motive to prevent others from feeling pain, in my opinion, is a really remarkable person. 

ok but the phandom accuses 99% of other youtubers to be unoriginal and not creative but you’re all just watching the wrong youtubers just shut up about phan being the last youtubers not to get sponsored by audible it’s fucking fine to get sponsors bro??? youtube is a fucking job for these people, not a fucking hobby anymore. i literally dont see why 99% of you have problems with people getting sponsors because even dan and phil have their own share of sponsors shut the fuck up.

before you spew shit about “well dan and phil are the only creative minds on youtube now” or “they still havent got fame to their head/they care about their subs and not about money” do you want to fucking fight me mate because i can name about 72937937 youtubers who fit the criteria and still havent gotten audible as a sponsor

you fuckheads are all just watching the wrong group of youtubers?? please stop acting like gleam / brit / american youtubers are the only yters to exist bc they arent??

i legitimately get so pissed when someone makes a post about how they’re the only original yt-ers about there that still care and they dont promote sponsors 24/7. doNT FUCKIG DO THAT bc thats when u know ur just watching shitty unoriginal youtubers.

title: Love
summary: It’s not all about roses and fireworks, you know.
pairing: sasasaku

"Mama, I’m interested in a boy."

Sakura choked on her morning coffee while Sasuke paled over his miso soup. Sarada took another bite of her rice before she looked up at her parents’ utter silence. 

"Uh…" Sakura hedged, looking over at Sasuke. He looked just as flummoxed. She cleared her throat before turning back to Sarada who patiently tilted her head to one side.

"Okay…well, let’s finish breakfast, Sara-chan? You can tell me all about that on the way to school," Sakura responded. Sarada nodded, happily resuming her meal. Sasuke’s eyebrows furrowed a little. He glanced at Sarada and then locked gazes with Sakura for a long moment.

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hi i really want a plot where i can play a cute little mermaid princess who’s just been cursed to live on land and she doesn’t really know how to walk or how to use a telephone or anything so when she washes up on the beach there’s a cute little nerd boy and he’s like ??? but obvs she has nowhere to stay and she’s just really confused and he thinks she’s probably some sort of mental case or she hit her head so he’s kinda worried about her and he takes her in to just help find her family and it’s v cute like he teaches her how to use a microwave and she’s like oOOH MAGIC and how to tie shoes and he brings home fish from the store and she just starts sobbing omfg and just yes

Do you ever just sit back and think to yourself:

"Hey, remember that time you made a film about a lonely little orphaned girl who lived a fantasy life inside of her head, but then came to realize she wanted something more… so she sewed giant dolls of her parents to keep her company until she met with an ambiguously mortal fate involving "death" into a dream that became her reality?"

and then you follow it up with a Mr Plinkett “… Oh…”

Fat jokes will never EVER be funny.

I don’t care who you are, if you make one fat joke my respect for you will immediately vanish.

Joking about someone’s appearance can seriously affect someone, especially if they’re self-conscious.

Our Battles (choose us)

Chapter 1

Fandom: The 100
Ship: Clarke/Lexa
Rating: M to be safe?
Length: 2583 words
Summary: She just wants to keep her human safe. AU
A/N: Here’s the first installation of that werewolf AU I was talking about. It’ll eventually end up on AO3 when I actually get around to making an account. If you like it you can always message me and I’ll reply on private :) 

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Stop Assuming

I swear my head is going to explode with all of these assumptions being made about Taylor’s view on the situation. Not once has she flat out said her opinion. Not once did she say she’s ‘all for bullying’. Not once did she say that all of the people speaking up about being bullied are ‘salty’. Not once has she said that her Instagram post about ‘love vs hate’ was calling the people speaking up haters saying that she ‘hates’ them. Not once did she say that she’s ignoring the other side of the story. Not once did she say it’s wrong to speak up and say how you feel. Not once has she chosen sides, if there are even sides. NOT ONCE has she said ANY of this flat out. All of this is purely assumed. Don’t assume and twist someone’s actions unless they have personally stated these things and it’s been proven. Do what you want and feel how ever you want towards her in the situation but DO NOT put words in her mouth and claim how she feels about this purely on speculation. That’s not fair in any aspect.

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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (can I request awkward early klaine headcanons as it is my crack?)

Awkward early Klaine headcanons?  ❤️  Absolutely not.  No way.  Nope.

I mean, it’s not like:

  1. Kurt spends most of his time in their shared classes at Dalton just staring at the back of Blaine’s head wondering how soft his hair is without the gel (spoiler alert: it’s very, very soft).  Blaine catches him at it about two-fifths of the time and Kurt just goes bright red while Blaine winks and goes back to note taking, otherwise pretending not to notice at all.
  2. But he totally sneaks up on Kurt with a gotcha shoulder-bump later in the hallway later and Kurt’s so caught off guard that he actually drops all his books and then it’s “oh, crap, I’m so sorry, let me get those for you.”
  3. Similarly: Kurt knocks on Blaine’s dorm room and wakes him up in the middle of the night because he can’t sleep and at first it seems pretty normal — sleepy Blaine just sort of bobs his head in agreement and goes straight for “come here let me hug you” solution without words — until Blaine falls asleep again on Kurt’s shoulder and is just snoring there and Kurt has no idea what to do except very carefully extricate himself.
  4. It actually goes pretty well until Kurt slides off the bed and Blaine’s grip tightens just so and then Kurt stumbles and Blaine topples to the floor.
  5. I mean, Blaine’s sleepy, so he’s just “oh no no no, it’s okay, s’okay, I promise” and gets back up and Kurt can’t help but hug him in thanks.  If Blaine kisses his shoulder, it’s totally an accident.  (Right?  Right.)

Good morning everyone! 

Just a heads-up and I know you’ve been warned by henrycavilledits as well about this blog welcomethenewage


They take from other bloggers and post them on their own blog. Although they do have a note on their blog that they didn’t make the gifs they post, they could’ve easily reblogged from the source instead. It takes a lot of work to look for, save, and then upload these gifs in their page when they could’ve just clicked the reblog button.

Making a gif is not easy. Making multiple gifs for a set definitely takes a lot of time and hard work. Do not repost. Use the reblog button. 

And to all my followers and friends, please, when you see this blog in your tags or on your dash, do not reblog from them. 


The Return: Part V

[Part I] [Part II] [Part III] [Part IV]

Sorry for the wait!


Part V

Stiles woke up on Monday morning, made faces in the mirror for a while to try and judge if the bruise still faintly circling his eye was noticeable just because he was looking for it. He decided it totally was and then frowned and spent the next five minutes wondering if any improvement he thought it had made was merely in his head.

Eventually, he had to acknowledge that there was nothing to be done about it anyway so he might as well give up. He then made a point of throwing on whatever clothes he pulled first out of his closet and not looking at the mirror for the rest of the day.

It was only when he swung into the bathroom right before lunch that he realized he was wearing a Batman shirt (that honestly he might have had since sixth grade), a green and brown plaid shirt and a bright red hoodie that he honestly didn’t really remember acquiring. It was just one of those things that had appeared in his closet and was warm and soft and so he hadn’t questioned it.

In short, he looked like a giant nerd Christmas tree. And of course, he didn’t care about these things and Derek certainly wouldn’t be looking twice at him but-

Ugh. Just ugh. Maybe he’d get lucky and Derek wouldn’t show up to tutoring.

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After a particularly brutal round of Portal, Dean tosses his controller onto the worn cotton quilt and stretches his legs. Castiel grabs a handful of popcorn and shoves it in his mouth, cheeks bursting. He looks like a chipmunk.

“Wanna go again?” He asks after gulping orange soda to wash down the salty snack. Dean shakes his head and flops over, yawning. It’s nearly two, and he’s got work in the morning. 

“I should probably head back to my place,” he murmurs, eyes closed. He can tell Cas is trying not to snicker at him. 

“Or you could just stay here, like every other night. Heaven knows you leave enough of your jeans and underwear on my bathroom floor, so don’t worry about clothes.” Cas teases him, and Dean hears him move across the room to the dresser. He sits up and watches as his friend pulls the drawers open, gathering a t-shirt and a pair of dorky pajama bottoms. Cas maneuvers over to the edge of the bed, where he lifts himself up by the arms, out of his chair, and onto the mattress. There, he sheds his day clothes, shirt first, and then pants. Dean would offer to help, but he knows it would only be met with a scornful glance; Cas doesn’t need help. Once he’s dressed again, he looks over at Dean. 

“So, are you staying or what?” Dean sighs and wriggles out of his own clothes, depositing them in a heap on Castiel’s bedroom floor. That earns an eye roll. He leans back and closes his eyes once more, listening to Cas wheel out into the hallway, down to the bathroom. The sound of the faucet running reminds Dean he should probably brush his teeth, too, so he leaves the comfort of Cas’s bed with a groan. 

Once they’re both beneath the warm blankets, lights off, winter starlight glowing on the windowpane, Dean turns to face Cas. 

“Can I ask you something you’ve heard a million times?” He asks, sleepy curiosity in his voice. Castiel ‘mm’s. “What’s it like? Being in a wheelchair?” 

Cas chuckles. “I’m not in a wheelchair, I’m in a bed.” Dean kicks him, which sets off a tickle fight in a matter of seconds. They settle down and Cas lets out a long breath. “I don’t know, Dean, what’s it like being able to walk? You don’t remember knowing any different.” 

Dean is quiet, and then, “Does your dick work?” 

A well deserved smack to the crotch. “Does yours?” Castiel doesn’t seem offended though. Sometimes it seems like nothing Dean says or asks is too personal, too tender a subject. They joke about things they probably shouldn’t; Castiel’s chair, Dean’s daddy issues. Things that are normally sore subjects with other people, but with each other they’re just part of the conversation. Dean loves that about their friendship. Nothing is off limits, because they each know the other would never use anything in malice. 

“So you don’t mind?” 

Castiel considers that. “This world is built for the able-bodied, Dean. Society doesn’t care much about us crippled folk. But no, I don’t mind. Would it be nice to not have to deal with the thing when I go to the airport? Yeah. But it’s a part of me now. I don’t think of it as something bad; it just is. Would you change your bowlegs?” 

Dean snorts. “I do not have bowlegs.” 

“You most certainly do!” They argue about that for several minutes, and then there’s another pleasant lull in their chatter. “I have to say, though, being in a wheelchair all my life has given me tremendous upper body strength. Feel my biceps.” 

Dean snakes a hand up Castiel’s arm and closes his fingers around the muscle. The fact that Cas is totally flexing makes Dean smile. They lay facing each other, Castiel’s inoperative legs tangled with Dean’s bowed ones. 

Their hands meet somewhere under the blankets, in complete darkness where nothing is real and holding hands is just two human appendages joining inconsequentially. Fingers lace together and Dean wants to tell Cas how inspiring he is, how admirable. He knows Cas would only laugh it off, though. But it takes a lot of guts to have as much confidence as he does, wheelchair or no wheelchair. Dean wishes he could be that self-assured. 

“Your brain waves are practically deep frying me,” Cas mumbles, inclining his head so that their noses touch. 

“‘M just thinking.” 


“How great you are,” Dean says before he worries about how dumb it’ll sound. 

One glimmering blue eye opens. “Go on.” 

So Dean goes on. And on and on. Until his voice is hoarse and he’s run out of synonyms for “wonderful.” Cas doesn’t say anything for a long moment. He opens his mouth, closes it, opens it. A few times. Dean has never seen him speechless before. It’s sort of invigorating. 

“So,” Cas starts slowly, “Is it safe to say that you’ve got a giant crush on me?” 

Dean kisses him.

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This isn't about me but my friend was having sex with her boyfriend in the shower and it was so slippery that she fell and hit her head and the fall combined with the heat made her like pass out so she woke up to her boyfriend fanning her with a towel but he was still naked and his dick was like right in her face and she was so out of it that she forgot what happened and she started screaming because she woke up to a dick just dangling in front of her omfg

this is so traumatic