:: rebirth of the slick :: + Word is Bond + + 360 Degrees + This beautiful script was done by @aiseborn And based on a poem by Jusdeep Sethi aka Puzzl3Peace. AISE and Jusdeep actually crossed paths at the @estria @estriabattle in LA back in 2012 at the historic @crewestgallery @crewest. Come enjoy all of the amazing artwork at the Puzzl3Peace Photo + Art Exhibition, which will be running until September 2 at the William Grant Still Arts Center at 2520 West View St. Los Angeles, CA 90016. The space is open Monday-Friday from 12 pm - 5 pm. Bring your friends and family for this healing experience. #losangeles #puzzl3peace #jusdeep #AISE #aiseborn #jusdeepsethi #bless

PUZZL3PEACE. Everyday leading up to the Puzzl3Peace Photo & Art Exhibit on August 16, I’ll be sharing a special photo taken by Puzzl3Peace aka Jusdeep Sethi. This photo was taken at the Pasadena Arboretum where Jusdeep volunteered his time caring for the garden and learning about different plants and animals. There are wild peacocks that roam the grounds, and Jusdeep would often connect with them. Join us on August 16 at the William Grant Still Art Center from 3pm to 8pm at 2520 West View St., Los Angel3s, CA 90016. #puzzl3peace #puzzl3peacephoto #jusdeep #jusdeepsethi #35mm #35mmfilm #35mmphotography

A Huge THANK YOU to all the beautiful friends, family, and community that came out for PUZZL3 PEACE: Honoring the Creative Life of Jusdeep Sethi!!!! Big love to all of the contibuting visual and performing artists, the staff of William Grant Still Arts Center, all the volunteers and beautiful Friends and Fam that helped to create such a sacred space of healing and love energy! We are forever thankful and I know Jusdeep is pleased with our communal works here on Planet Earth! May we continue to build on knowledge, wisdom, and overstanding as we live in the present and project strong healing love into the future! LONG LIVE PUZZL3 PEACE ! #puzzl3peace #bless #art #jusdeep #jusdeepsethi #jusdeepvillage #williamgrantstillartscenter