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I’d like to thank the good Lord for letting me live in the #USA #juryservice #SMH

I'm done for the rest of the year!!

For jury service!!! haahahahahahahah I guess my answer to one of the attorneys’ question appeared…. Too honest. But hey, it’s true though. 

So her question was “How do you feel about all this information given to you? Do you feel you’ll be able to assess an answer if you were chosen to be on the jury?” 

And my answer [and I am honest in all this] was “Honestly, I don’t know what to think. I’m very open minded to the point that I don’t have much of an opinion on either sides. I guess it’s the fact that I lack the experience of what nearly most people here in this room have felt for this kind of case. They have some sort of emotional attachment and can relate to this case and actually confide in a solid answer. Whereas for me, I’m so neutral to the point that me assessing an answer is simply an answer. So yes, I can assess an answer, but will my answer benefit the community as a whole, I don’t know if it will.” 

And what also was mentioned in my mind but not out loud was that I thought it was all a good experience of being somewhere close to a court. The idea that what I’m seeing on SUITS or Law&Order is right here in front of my eyes!!! I thought it was more of ENTERTAINMENT rather than MY DUTY AS A CITIZEN. LOL 

After the break, the honor and attorneys called out names to be excused. Mine was one of the first few. I think the adults in the room may agree that I’m too immature for this case, but hey, I rather have people who know what they have to say to make these kind of court decisions. I simply don’t have much background knowledge to benefit in assessing an answer. If anything, I opened up a new seat for someone who can asses a better answer! =]

Hey, HONESTY helps in some cases. I wasn’t lying at all, swear. That was how I felt. I am GLAD I got excused. I didn’t want to spend anymore of my summer in the court room!!!! SIGH