Canberra is not just a place of politicians and roundabouts.

Meet Paul.

Paul Jurak is one fascinating bloke – an inspiring cancer survivor who found solace and strength to rebuild his mind, body and soul by kayaking around our own Lake Burley Griffin. Little did he know when he set off on his maiden paddle with son Tully, that he would also discover the elusive ‘eye’ for photography – a gift he now shares daily through his blog, ‘kayakcameraman’. It is an amazing exhibition of the therapeutic and breathtaking scenery that he captures behind the lens as he drifts around the lake during what he describes as his morning meditation.

We met Paul last Sunday morning in Lotus Bay, Yarralumla, where he often sets off for his daily paddle. Some people have the ability to immediately put you at ease, and Paul Jurak certainly has that in spades (or perhaps oars!). His witty, larger-than-life, yet humble and honest character will make it feel like you’ve been friends for years. Despite jokingly admitting to suffering from a case of ‘mental hopscotch’ as he flips from one topic of discussion to another, the journey he takes you on is not at all frenzied. Just like his photographs, his life-be-in-it personality is a kaleidoscope of colours and positive energy, and his message is heartfelt and genuine. It is these character traits, and his infectious love for our city that are clearly reflected in the stunning angles and compositions of his shots on the lake, capturing the hearts and minds of his many followers.

Follow us this week to learn more about Paul’s story and his journey in building a Canberra treasure – a blog that is now preserved for posterity by the National Library in the Pandora Web archives (http://pandora.nla.gov.au/). If you haven’t already, visithttp://kayakcameraman.com/, and his Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/kayakcameraman) and behold the simple beauty of Canberra that Paul has magnificently captured, including his spectacular coverage of the recent Canberra balloon festival. His website includes a catalogue of prints for sale and the 2015 kayakcameraman calendar. You can also pick up prints at Shop Handmade Canberra. So get shopping for these amazing pictures.

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The three years that I have paddled here it has changed me as a person internally, physically and mentally. This is my morning meditation. This where I just go and drift.
—  Paul Jurak, Kayakcameraman
The beauty about living in Canberra and paddling on LBG is that most mornings it is calm. The sunrises and sunsets are a kaleidoscope of colours and feature the best backdrops anyone could ever ask for. Why would you not want to experience it!
—  Paul Jurak, Kayakcameraman