After an eighteen-year+ run, the BBC has pulled the plug on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. In light of the cancellation announcement, here’s a classic Buzzcocks’ Doctor Who-themed clip.

anonymous asked:

Aaaah RikkI! I just learned that NMTB has been cancelled! So sad-where will I get my Noely fix!?

I have no doubt that Noely will keep himself plenty busy with other projects. 

Some are hoping perhaps this will free him up for Booshie things

I’d be fine with more Luxury things

or just more things with him and Phill Jupitus together. 

I’m not over this. 

The BBC have axed Never Mind the Buzzcocks in favour of “new entertainment formats.” Well, sirs, I have a proposal. It consists of Noel Fielding and Phill Jupitus meeting up once a week at a pub or cafe to simply discuss music that they like/dislike as well as anything else that pops into their beautiful brains. I am personally happy to cover their drinks, my brother is very good with a video camera and has his own equipment, and I know a guy with a nice car who could pick them both up and drive them to the pub of their choosing.
Yours sincerely,
A NMTB fan.

Buzzcocks is being axed, please sign! 


OK, My ex was the administrator of a corporation, and despite him being a general ass-hat, I did learn a thing or two about how the minds of company heads work, such as this jewel I find appropriate:

A petition signed by numerous people is only ONE document and easily overlooked, but when each of those signers write a letter or email, and send it to all the company heads, they are FLOODED. It cannot be overlooked.

Just gonna throw that out there for ya….

as you might have heard, the bbc just axed never mind the buzzcocks. now i dunno about you but that was my favourite show on that whole network and i feel that losing it is gonna be maybe the worst thing to happen to british tv since moffat took over doctor who as head writer, so if y’all don’t wanna see it disappear please sign and share this petition!