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Fútbol x Jorge Lawerta

Nestled somewhere between popular culture and a penchant for hard angles, Valencia-based illustrator Jorge Lawerta has a style that’s difficult to pin down. That said, no matter how he chooses to approach his subject, whether it’s a historic rivalry, a cultural representation of a city, or just a portrait of a player, Lawerta is always on point.

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The Arctic Interagency Visitor Center (AIVC) in Coldfoot awarded its first Junior Ranger of the season to Sam from Anchorage, Alaska. Sam rode up the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse, spotting golden eagles, muskox, short-earred owls, snow buntings, dall sheep and her favorite, the red-throated loon, along the way. Congratulations to Sam from all of us at the AIVC!

Photo:Karen Deatherage, BLM. Pictured is Sam and Student Conservation Association Intern Caylon Likley.


ranger!hae + bullfighter!hyukkie