I’m tired of being annoyed all the time by the 오스트리아 친구들이.
I try my hardest and but I feel so drained after meeting them for an hour.
Their comments are still childish, rude and just plain annoying.
“Why is this like that?”
“Korea is weird!”
“Why is this so gross?”
“I want to eat something normal, something good!”

Had a wonderful day yesterday with my lovely Yonsei Friend. We had food. Went to Dongdaemun. Had 녹차빙수 at Wicked Snow. Afterwards we met Mia and puppy M for luxurious 삼겹살.
Happy days.

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My doggy wants me to open the door. hahaha..lol.. While I was in the middle of the game, my dog “Jungno” went out to play with other dogs.. And when I stood up to get some snack, Jungno heard the crackling of food.. That’s how he react whenever he smell some food.. hahaha, I show him up the food and he wants to get in just to taste some of my food.. :)) ..Ohw that very smart dog tried to open the door..hahahah..