AUs inspired by bangtan’s concept pictures
  •  Fairies au 
  • Grimm fairy tale au
  • ‘im a writer dealing with writer’s block and this is what writers do in movies to get inspired please dont judge i dont normally model in forests’ au
  • ‘there’s a huge bug on ur shoulder please don’t move i think it flies’ au
  • urban legend au
  • ‘you’re a 500 year old ghost that somehow makes me nostalgic so I keep meeting you in the forest’ au
  • Pan’s Labyrinth au
  • greek mythology au
  • camping au
  • wizards au 
  • ‘im stuck between realities and you’re the only one who can see me’ au
  • ‘yeah we’re all finally together again but it’s not the same without that one person’ au
  • mermaid/Siren au
  • ‘I travel between time and space but why do I keep meeting you in every dimension’ au
  • ‘I lost you to the sea a long time ago but I still come back looking for you’ au
  • ‘you keep taking pictures of the place in weird angles and as a photography major it’s my duty to help’ au
  • ‘why is it that every time we meet you’re stuck up a tree’ au