bts as old ppl
  • rapmon:makes mix tapes and sells them @ the retirement home. no one wants them. brakes dentures daily
  • jhope:gives chocolates and stuff to children or something
  • jin:will bake u treats.u kno how ur grandma will bake u cookies? yea like tht but better than ur grandmas.
  • v:the year is 2060. he thinks hes @ his home planet but hes just @ the park
  • jimin:will rip his shirt off but he doesnt have abs.wont shut up about jungkook. ur scared of him. its been 3hrs.he wont let u leave
  • suga:sleeps all the time. everytime u see him he is sleeping. y wont he wake up. its been four days.
  • jungkook:makes fun of members for being old. he is still 18. long live the golden maknae

anonymous asked:

Gif reaction when you're too short to give them a kiss

Omg this sounds so cute >.< Thanks for the request and I hope you like it!~ Oops this took way longer than it should have. Super sorry bout that.

Jin: *sees you trying to give him a kiss* You’re so cute jagiya *smiles and leans down so you can*

Suga: *grabs your face* Why do I have such a cute girlfriend/boyfriend?

J-Hope: *leans down and puckers his lips so that you can kiss him*

Rap Monster: *chuckles a little at the fact that you tried even though when you’re standing your head is below his chin* Hey you tried baby

Jimin: If you’re too short to be able to reach him you must be tiny *gets happy at the fact that you’re too short to kiss him* You’re so cute!

V: Aww do I need to lean down for you? *smiley bubbly alien*

Jungkook: Am I short enough now? *shitty maknae mode on*

~Admin Sailormon