BTS in Portugal

We’ve been working since last September to get BTS’ concert through Mymusictaste and we are on green stage since January but now they’re asking for more fans so if you wanna attend BTS concert in Portugal can you please sign up (sns acc) –>make—>price—>make http://m2t.tv/qKy

Reasons to attend BTS in Portugal

1- We speak english so the translations will be in english

2- It’s easier to get the tickets you want

3- Things are really cheap

4- We are friendly

5- Nice weather and a beautiful country

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this and enjoy BTS in Portugal together. Fighting ARMYs!!



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anonymous asked:

If BTS were a gang, what would their positions be? Will Namjoon still be the leader? Will they be good friends with another gang, let's say...got7??

Oooh I don’t really know.

The leader(s) would possibly be Namjoon or Yoongi. If they were a gang, I’d like to think that they’re the type who seem intimidating because of their image and the vibe they give off but truthfully each and every one of them would be very nice - they would probably still have the personality qualities that they have now but as a gang you should know not to mess with them. I think they would be friends with GOT7 if they were a gang but it’s not to say that they would be good friends but they would just be friends (if you understand what I’m trying to say.)

As for positions.

Jin: He would probably be the calmest out of his gang members, and he would basically be the one who would calm down his members and try to get them out of trouble. Like, for example, idk say there robbing a bank or something, he would be the one waiting at the car ready to drive off before the police comes.

Suga: He could be the leader that has everything under control, so he would probably plan the gang’s activities and when they would do stuff. He wouldn’t really be the brain of the group, just the person who is responsible for them all.

J-Hope: He would be the person who is sort of doubtful about causing trouble but would stick by his gang members sides at all costs.

Rapmon: Another possible leader, he would be the brains of the gang. Alongside Suga he would plan the gangs activities but he would be the one to confirm whether or not they should do whatever needs to be done. I can just imagine him decoding passwords and hacking into different systems.

Jimin: The one who doesn’t know how he got into this mess 

V: The one who’s just here to have fun

Jungkook: The one who wants to impress his gang members by acting all tough

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the-fangirls-have-the-tardis asked:

I am ready to blow your brain up with this one. BTS Hyung line as Anime Protagonist Maknaes as Anime antagonist Rap Monster is the middle child so he should have both..... Because I'm also partial to him. 💞💞💞💞💞

i h8 u, u lil bitch

Actually this’ll be fun. And FINE Namjoon gets both. 

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