VIXX 2014 US Showcase in Chicago +HI TOUCH FAN ACCOUNT 141122

During the first talk session, Hakyeon was sitting with one leg crossed over the other, holding a water bottle and towel in one hand. Without realizing it, the water began to spill. Leo, who was to Hakyeon’s right, fixed the bottle for him. 

During the first talk session, Hakyeon covered the microphone and coughed, then sniffed slightly. (You’re human you can actually cough and sniff wtfff)

During…대답은 너니까? Leo stared at Hakyeon, causing him to giggle twice. 

During 대다나다너, I did not have enough energy to jump for very long, but when Hakyeon raised his arms for us to jump, it was automatic. 

I panicked and froze slightly at the hi touch. Hongbin was staring and smiling at me for like a whole second waiting for my hand. I don’t remember Leo, Ravi, and Hyuk, but Hongbin was really gorgeous. His perfect face and omg dimples. His adorable smile and gorgous teeth and tiny eyes and perfect hair. Ken never made direct eye contact with me, but he looked at me and was smiling. His hair was so big! It was a good four inches off his head. Hakyeon. Hak. Yeon. O. M. G. His face is so tiny and round but still face shaped. It was like the size of a canteloupe. It was gorgeous. His neck is not actually super long; it’s just his face is so small. He stared at me and smiled and made a sound. It was kind of a chuckle and kind of a what the hell are you doing lets go. It was kind of whiny and super adorable. They told us no pictures no video, phones in your pockets, so I pushed record on my phone and put it in my pocket with the camera hanging out. I have video of their shirts. You can hear the sound of my hand hitting each of theirs. As soon as I rounded the corner to go back up the aisle, I wanted to cry and pass out and I thought I’d hyperventilate. It all happened so fast. Their skin was so PERFECTLY FLAWLESS. It looked like a doll’s skin. There’s a certain degree makeup can’t hide, but there was literally NO BLEMISH on their skins. Their hands were practically lineless and so soft and smooth. Kinda cold because of hi fiving so many people, but totally ok. 

It was so short. 7:30-10:00 with hitouch till 10:30 and waiting for them to leave till 10:47. 

The sound as we worked for encore was absolutely deafening. So constant and SO. LOUD. 

Ken said 어떡하지. I requested that he sing it and he actually said the thing. I doubt he saw my post it but its possible. I spelled it 어떠카지. How embarrasing. 

All of VIXX drank from the same 2 or 3 bottles of water. One bottle went through 2 people before Leo shared with Hakyeon and Hakyeon finished it off. 

When Hongbin and Hakyeon got close in Eternity, their face microphones touched. 

During 대다나다너 (I think), Hakyeon threw his arm around Hongbin and they stayed, all smiles and very close, for quite a while. 

At more than one point in the show, the translator failed to do her job, so Hakyeon opened his eyes really wide, pursed his lips slightly, and look off the side of the stage. 

The translator tried to get a hug from VIXX, but for the longest time, she was talking to us and forgetting to translate back to them. Eventually, she did and all of VIXX was saying things like “Is this ok?” (Hakyeon, holding up an okay symbol). The translator even asked, “Will you guys kill me if they hug me?” We replied with a big YES. When we finally conveyed that it was so NOT okay, the translator put her hand on Hyuk’s shoulder and said something like, “Okay, since I’m representing you guys …. (forgetting Hyuk’s name) ….. Eo, this member will give me a hug.” He stood up and took a while to do it, but he stayed super far away and kind of tapped her back twice, then pulled off. 

Ravi and Hyuk started singing as they were choosing post-its. Hyuk, who was first, sung something to the effect of Jeapordy. Ravi’s was like elevator music. Ravi also had funny facial expressions while he was choosing. 

Ravi, when asked (by a postit) what they think fans like most about VIXX, he said, “fancy concept,” (in the best korenglish with a funny voice) “eo…Visual,” (so many screams) “eo…performance,” (YES!!!) stands up and sticks his leg out and motions down his body, “BODY~” (omg we got so loud) “i’m sorry~” ㅋㅋㅋ

When they were being silly, they kept using each other’s microphones. Ken sang into Hakyeon’s at one point and during Ravi’s rap, they all put their microphones in his face. 

When asked at Q&A what their favorite American food was (2nd question), Ravi thought for a while and said Steak, then giggled a little and said Steakeu. Ken answered Pitja!

Ken said Chicago was HOT! And Ravi kept substituting Chicago and whats up chiago for things in his raps. 

While waiting for them to leave, we got excited when the door opened and disappointed when they didn’t come out. There was one staff member who we all saw several times before and during. He was cute and he actually responded to us, so we cheered for him. I should have video of that. 

When they walked out, it was a tall bodyguard, two super short noonas, then Hongbin. Everyone else was wearing dark clothes, but Hongbin was the first to wear a white shirt. I recognized him immediately, but nobody screamed for a second so I almost second-guessed myself. 

The limovan that VIXX was in was already pulled up when we got there, but a while before VIXX came out, they pulled the giant staff van bus in front of most of the limo. This way, the people in the middle couldn’t see and, after adjustment we could see them walk out but not actually get in the car. 

LimeLight was SO DISORGANIZED. First of all, we were told pictures/recording would definitely be allowed, but 13 mins into the show, the bodyguards come around shaking their heads and telling us to cut it. Second of all, they could not decide on a start time—first it was 8:00, then it was 7:00, and it actually started at 7:30. VIXX didn’t even get there for sound checks until 3:00. Lastly, getting into the building was so impossible. To the left of the doors, there was a table with post its and the Q&A board with a guy standing behind it to post our post its. He put mine on the A towards the middle, the only orange in the area. I had to write a new post it because they were passing some down the line before doors opened, but they weren’t passing instructions, so we all kind of assumed they were just love notes. Inside, the hi touch redemption table was to the right of the doors. The line spanned all the way across the room, preventing many people from even getting inside for the longest time. The merch table was at the same place as B.A.P, to the right of the hi touch table. Until they opened the doors and allowed people up to the Mezzanine, it was nothing but angry, confused chaos. But by then, we had already shuffled our way to in front of the rightmost door. Coordinoona who told Lyn that VIXX wouldn’t be coming for a few hours was passing out CC bracelets. She’s really pretty. Like, wow. Another Coordinoona gave me my bracelet and apologized when she didn’t line it up right and the sticky was crooked. She did another person before I got to tell her that Lyn was my plus one. By the time we had wristbands, the line for the bathroom was practically nonexistent, so that was easy. Inside the theater, they played VIXX songs before and after the concert. We sang and some danced. The lights dimmed and the VCR started and even after it finished and VIXX was standing there, it still didn’t feel real. They were so perfect and we had such a good view that it felt like I was watching a video. Then it kicked in that they were 3 dimensional. I need not say more. The entire row in front of me was empty, and I think that’s because that’s where the security peeps got together to chit chat. It was kind of exhausting, though, because I knew I could be seen and Hakyeon kept looking at me, so I couldn’t just let it all go like I did for B.A.P. Perhaps that was best. I knew I could be seen and was seen, so I didn’t stop cheering or singing for a single second. I took my jacket off at the start of the show but awkwardly put it back on during Voodoo Doll because I realized that Hakyeon was actually seeing my flabby arms jiggling. No. Thank you. I talk about Hakyeon a lot, but I swear I was watching everybody and I noticed everybody. But I also noticed that my eyes kept gravitating toward him. I’d try to watch whoever was singing and then I’d be staring into Hakyeon’s eyes. Well, the best I could—it was kind of hard to see anyone’s tiny eyes with all of those lights in mine. They were so professional for Error and Voodoo Doll that I feared for a moment that the whole concert would be like that. But no, they smiled a lot. 

It was either during Rock Ur Body or 대다나다너 that they went from fanservice to doing the dance, but Hakyeon forgot where he was supposed to be. He just kind of looked at the others and laughed, then found his place. 

During one of the breaks, Hakyeon picked up a towel, dabbed his face with it and pretended to throw it. He did this 3 times, but he never actually did throw it.

In Error, during Hongbin’s first lines, Hakyeon was adjusting his microphone because it wasnt staying on his face.

At one point, Ken’s microphone started cutting out. They fixed it, but you could only hear him through the other members’ mics for a while.

These are the songs that I remember, but I don’t remember what order they did them in. It was Error, then Voodoo Doll, and I know Secret Night immediately followed 어듬 속을 밝혀줘. Here is the list:
Voodoo Doll
다칠 준비다 돼 있어
어듬 속을 밝혀줘
Secret Night
청춘이 아파
Beautiful Killer
Rock Ur Body
대답은 너니까
Steel Heart


© | Hongseok & Jinhyeong @ AKMU Camp Concert in Seoul

SM, the fuck? Jessica, saranghae! ♥

Last night (CEST; early morning KST) a member of world’s most successful girl group, a group who sold over 35 million albums, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica released a following message on her Weibo profile:

I was excited about our upcoming fan events only to shockingly be informed by my company and 8 others that as of today, I’m no longer a member I’m devastated -. My priority and love is to serve as a member of GG, but for no justifiable reason, I am being forced out. 

Or in Korean:

다가오는 공식 스케줄 을 기대 하며 준비 하고 있었으나, 회사 와 8 명 으로부터 오늘 부로 저는 더이상 소녀 시대 의 멤버 가 아니다 라는 통보 를 받았습니다. 저는 소녀 시대 활동 을 우선시 하며 적극적 으로 전념 하고 있는데, 정당 치 않은 이유로 이런 통보 를 받아서 매우 당혹 스럽 습니다.

Most of Girls’ Generation’s fans (fandom: sone) and Jessica’s (fandom: Gorjess Spazzer; Maomaos) thought this message was posted by a hacker who hacked her account after hitting 3 000 000 followers. The Internet went crazy!

Soon after, a lot of speculations, why she’s being kicked out, started appearing: one of them being her unofficial/official relationship with businessman Tyler Kwon. 

SM, of course, waited for hours before addressing the rumors with their official statement. Their official statement can be found all over the news sites so I’ll quote only the last part: ”From here on, our agency will continue to support and manage the 8-member Girls’ Generation and Jessica’s individual activities.” So basically, she’s still part of SM, but no longer a part of SNSD (?).



I am disappointed by SM. Jessica spent 14 years of her life, the best years of her life, doing whatever you told her to do. She was a loyal artist who gave her best at being a member of Girls’ Generation. She is one of the best known, most loved and most hated member of Girls’ Generation. What were you thinking when you decided to let her go? I see this as a personal attack on Jessica. She started expanding her own brand and then after it became a success you decided to cut her off. 

Also, Jessica was in New York with Tyler Kwon but was seen at the airport at 4 am (KST). She arrived so she could attend the fan meeting event. BUT at 5 am (KST) she published her post on her account. What kind of agency does that to an artists? What a bunch of assholes you are.

Blanc is Jessica’s brand. Tyler Kwon and Jessica invested the most in this brand and gain the most out of it. SM looked supportive for her brand, but I guess they stopped being supportive when they figured that they don’t get anything out of it since she made sure that Blanc is not connected to SM in any ways.

Also, her wanting to study abroad (in the States). Is that something new to you? I known about that for years. She always said she wanted to study in the States. *sigh*

Some people say, she got sacked because of her (alleged) relationship with Tyler Kwon. What’s wrong with that? If she wants to date Tyler, I don’t see a reason why not. Tyler is a young, successful, rich guy, with connections all over the world. He’s a very successful businessman  and CEO, known by many Korean and Chinese idols/celebrities. It’s no news that those two known each other for years. So what if they are together? So what if they want to get married? So, freaking, what? Jessica is a human being, a grown up woman - she can do whatever she wants to. It’s her life.


Another thing that struck me is her so called ”family”, other members of the group. Her ”company and 8 others that as of today” decided that she’s no longer a member o the group. Wait, what? Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Seohyun, Yoona - what the fuck? Girls what happened? What did SM offer you to back stab one of your own? Taeyeon, you’re a freaking leader, I know that things between you and Jessica seemed off for a while now, but this was your moment to prove that you’re a decent leader, but you failed…big time. I also can understand that maybe you did fight for her, but because of the contract and SM being SM you couldn’t do much - but still. Show some freaking support to your friend! The four of you (Tiffany, Seohyun, Yuri, Sooyoung) who wore Blanc glasses at the airport - I’m not sure if this was you mocking her or you supporting her, I sure hope that is the second part.


I am beyond words to express how angry and disappointed I am in all of this. They kicked her off because her solo activities became priority to her? Well, excuse me, but didn’t Yoona’s solo activities always came first? Especially at the beginning of their career - with Yoona’s dramas and other things. And now Jessica wants to do something - she gets kicked out. For the love of God, she spent the whole summer promoting SM with the reality show. So this is a THANK YOU for everything she has done for SM? Screw you guys. I’m glad your stocks dropped, they should drop even further. SM you don’t deserve the top spot anymore. My love and affection for BoA and Jessica (with SNSD) made me a stan, but without Jessica - you’re nothing to me.

Here’s a picture of Jessica leaving SM building today. I can’t, I just…. *sigh*


I’ll end my rant with the following words: I entered the SM and SNSD world with Jessica. I enjoyed every moment spent. I will never regret loving and supporting the company and their artists. BoA is still my number 1 act. I came with Jessica and I will leave with Jessica.

SM this was ungrateful, unforgivable and stupidest thing you ever done. I hope Karma hits you back.


Jessica, stay strong and have faith! Your fans will always be there for you. I’ll miss you as a SNSD member, but I will support you all the way. 

With love,

your faithful fan. ♥