Siamese Felicity, bouncy in blue! ✧

I made this mod a little while ago at the request of a certain nerd I know and only thought to let you guys see it, now that I have my own little precious pudding. (⁎˃ᆺ˂)

Download here!
Per usual, you’ll need Winrar or another program that can extract .rar files. Installation info is found in the package, but if you have any questions message me here or in-game!

If you’d like to see your own little felicity in a different colour or cat breed, send me a message and we can work it out! (=`ω´=)/

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elin girl group

What are you guys up to?

TERA is in another content lull and it seems to get worse every update. Not sure if I can even stay past the 65 content when we’re just left with the two of us now with no one else to run hard content with.

How do you guys continue playing or if it hasn’t kept you around what other MMOs have you moved onto and/or are waiting for?

I’m keeping busy with Warframe atm (as you may see from some recent feed pop-up of Oberon, Mag, and Excalibutt) and waiting anxiously for Black Desert. Revelation Online doesn’t look too bad if you get past the buff guy that keeps the female counterpart’s animations like skipping and prancing and twirling.



"Everything needs a fire version"

I wish there was a way to edit the Particles and glow effects :( Still, looks alright. We’ll pretend it’s just steam :3

Side note: Fitting GIFS into 2mb is hard bruh :(


Nine got Kissus the dyeable arin maid outfit.
Which Nine has been wanting since forever but missed out pretty much every chance to do so.
But Tom was kind enough to lend Nine some gold so she could get the last 2 tokens she needed.
Screenies to show off the new swag and Neav popped in as well!
sweg elins best elins.

Signal boost, please! LF artists!

So I have a couple of guildies (a male elf and a male Castanic) who are going to be getting married ICly here shortly. They’re on the hunt for commissioned artists that are willing to accept GOLD for payment just to get something done in commemoration of the event. If you could please reblog this at your convenience or drop a the name of someone who’d be so kind as to help out, please let me know! Thank you! :)


» See? I told you.

I made a new elin, obviously. I wanted an elin of each armor type, so… yeah. Then I bought a Triple-T uniform for her. Yay. I can’t believe it took me this long to settle on what to put in my last slot.

Fullsizes- 01 02 Mistress effect by Stallaris/Kittieology