Attention to All EXO-L!

As you know, EXO is having their comeback on June 3rd with ‘Love Me Right’.  We are planning a project for their comeback MV that I hope that all of you will take part in and help make this comeback even better than their previous! 

With our previous project for CMB we were able to accomplish  4.8 mil views in 24 hours and 25 mil in 5 weeks! 

This time around, we plan to do even better! 

Rather than focusing on watching the video, we will also focus on sharing the MV. What better way to increase the views than to broaden the audience as opposed to the same fans watching it over. 

That being said, Our goal for the ‘Love Me Right are 

200,000 SHARES! - (come on if they can get 200k likes on insta in 2 hours we can do this! So, if you dont have an YT account, make one! Share the video on all your Social media)

How to share?:

Underneath the music video, there is a share button, 

Click it and use any of the sharing option you can to spread the Music video! ^^

6 MILLION VIEWS 24 hours! -(Note: Replaying the video doesn’t count as a new view. You must watch the video on Youtube’s site! Which mean not through Tumblr posts or Allkpop etc.)

For the views, I ask that all fans make sure to watch the video at least 10 times.

YT counts up to 300 of your views. Bee sure to clear your browsing history including cookies & Cache!


Also, We will be trending the hashtags #LoveMeRight & #LuckyToHaveEXO 

EXO Let’s work hard and support our boys just like they work hard for us! 

Please like & reblog this post and repost this message anywhere you can to spread the word! We ARE ONE! EXO-L LET’S LOVE!

From The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6′s recap page, whose accounts you can follow on Twitter, because obviously that would be a thing!  unbeatablesg HULKYSMASHY

Here’s Hulk’s Twitter bio for his “HULKYSMASHY” account:


The book comes out next Wednesday, June 3rd!

  • may 30th:snl korea (live) (9:45pm)
  • may 31st:inkigayo (3:40pm)
  • june 2nd:shinsegae department store fansign (onjongtae) (5:30pm) / ilsan lafeta fansign (onjongtae) (5:30pm)
  • june 3rd:nowon harmony theatre fansign (onjongtae) (6pm) / coex atrium theatre fansign (onjongtae) (8pm)
  • june 4th:m!countdown (6pm)
  • june 5th:music bank (6:30pm)
  • june 6th:music core (3:50pm)
  • june 7th:inkigayo (3:40pm)
  • june 11th:m!countdown (6pm)
  • june 12th:music bank (6:30pm)
  • june 13th:music core (3:50pm)
  • june 14th:inkigayo (3:40pm)
  • june 18th:m!countdown (6pm)
  • june 19th:music bank (6:30pm)
  • june 20th:music core (3:50pm)
  • june 21st:inkigayo (3:40pm)
  • blue night (with jonghyun) is broadcasted nightly, whether live or prerecorded (fridays, saturdays and sundays are usually prerecorded) from midnight to 2am kst. the show is held at the garden studio every wednesday unless otherwise specified.
  • key can be seen mcing on "m!countdown" (unless otherwise specified) every thursday at 6pm kst.
  • minho can be seen mcing on "music core" (unless otherwise specified) every saturday at 4pm kst.
  • * this schedule is subject to change and be added on to (especially if the dates are far in the future). each time listed is in kst. you can also find a frequently updated schedule page on fyjjong!

Adventure Time - Orgalorg (Sneak Peek)

After a walrus race accident, Gunther starts to experience strange visions.

It airs Wednesday, June 3rd at 6/5C on Cartoon Network.

I’m selling 2 seated tickets for 5 Seconds of Summer Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour in Leeds on June 3rd (Wednesday!!) because I don’t want to go anymore and I’d rather they go to someone who wants them rather than be wasted! Selling them for £30 & I’ll even bring them to you before doors open so if you want them pls message me and even if you don’t PLS REBLOG in case one of your followers does!

Hope you enjoyed the posts tonight. Unfortunately, starting tomorrow will be an official hiatus. I won’t be back on here until June 19th, the date of my last exam. I really have to study and this blog is too much of a distraction for me right now. My exams start June 3rd, the day after the summer premiere so I unfortunately won’t be able to watch that episode, or the second and third episodes until i’m finished so there won’t be any posts on those episodes until then. I’m sorry I have to leave for a while, but when I get back, I am free to make a ton of posts! Bye guys, love you :) Wish me luck!

June 3rd marks the one-year anniversary of the official launch of WildStar. We want to thank everyone in the community for your continued support throughout the year – and we’re celebrating WildStar‘s first birthday with gifts for all of you.

Anyone who is a subscriber and logs into WildStar during the month of June will qualify for these one-of-a-kind items:

  • Let everyone know you were there for the WildStar anniversary with a new title:The Anniverserator.
  • The Anniverserowsdower companion pet will let you take the party wherever you go! As long as that place allows rowsdowers.

  • Every home needs a First Annual Anniversary Cupcake décor piece complete with lights and fanfare. It ain’t a party till someone brings cupcakes, cupcakes!

  • Can’t find a party? Start one of your own with the Official Anniversary Party Starterpack!

  • Inspire killer dance moves everywhere by throwing down a Dance-plosion Device! Make players move to the groove with the hottest tunes on Nexus.

All items will come from Protostar via in-game email to all subscribers. Just log in during the month of June and get ready to party your space-socks off!

Want to show off your own WildStar party? Make sure that you tweet us screen grabs of your best celebratory anniversary moments! Your screenshots might  even be featured on our website and Facebook page.

36 week bump date. 

How far along: 36 Weeks

How big is baby: Still a honeydew melon

Total weight gain: 22.2 pounds

Sleep: I feel like I don’t even know what sleep is anymore. I am so tired during the day and even if I manage to get a nap in. I’m just so uncomfortable and in pain that it’s hard to sleep. 

Cravings: Fruit

Symptoms: Very tired, heartburn, pelvic pressure. 

Movement: Lot’s of rolling/moving around. Likes to stick his foot out. 

Looking forward too: Him being here. I can’t wait to meet this precious miracle. I am so ready for him to be out. 

Miss: Sleeping, being comfortable, tummy sleeping

Belly button: Outie and so funny looking lol

Rings: Off and have been since before I got pregnant. 

Next appointment: June 3rd, every week now until he is here. We got all pre-registered and had our hospital tour this week.