Selena Gomez got papped while out with friends in LA yesterday and we couldn’t help but notice her shoe game. She wore Maison Martin Margiela Curved Heel Mules in color black. You can find these shoes on shopbop.com on SALE for $577.50. (marked down from $825)

Buy them HERE

Thanks belieberskidrauhl! 

She’s also carrying her Dolce & Gabbana bag and Free People cardigan. We’re looking for the rest of her outfit. 

kwentong UbeltMU

sabi ko hindi na ako pupunta pano yung iMemeet ko dapat na si jhayzel (jhayykaexd) hindi pinayagan ng dady nya (strict si dady) ok na sana kung sa Intramuros ang venue malapit sa school nya (Mapua) pero gusto ko din kasi bukod sa walang gagawin pupunta si Veronina (umaasaparinsayo) na once ko palang nakita eh sister na talaga turing ko nag bonding lang naman ata kami ng 3hrs sa bookstore.

(fast forward natin) around 2pm? nag text si kuya Aldrin(aldrinotes) punta daw kami medyo ang aga nya mag aya para sa UbeltMU. around 4pm na kami nakarating ng Paco park at nalibre pa ng entrance kahit late ako. so ayun nakaabot naman kami sa group picture then picture2 ulit with other tumblr friends. medyo magulo na nung usapang kainan hahaha hindi kasi sure kung sa Sm manila or dun sa may UN. since malapit sa UN dun kami, naki daan lang kami sa Mcdonalds pero sa Jollibee napunta. nung naka kita kami ng tables kung san pwede lahat, nag mukang may kiddie party hahaha! naka libre kaming lahat ng Float at Burger mula kay Jake(jakepullsthetrigger) at Marj (marjmoko) salamat sakanila kasi naka save yung bulsa ko haha! after mag picture taking sa loob ng jollibee uwian na pero yung Clingy friends pumunta ng makati.

ayun saya lang ng Ubeltmu kahit late at ang ganda ng venue sana ma explore ko, so dapat may part2 :))

He thought of his teeth as being the rows of doors at cheap highwayside motels where the drugs and traffic shepherd in droves of lost souls to come knocking. And the lost souls can feel their knuckles asking for a liar to peak its head out, or for something sinister to slither out and take a bite of them. According to the liars and biters, the lost souls have a whispered desire to be destroyed. According to the lost souls, the liars and biters only lie and bite because they have something to hide. They have technicolor TVs with HBO and fully functioning bathrooms and they lock themselves in with a little gold chain and pull the curtains across the sun and sit in grimy armchairs because there is something behind their teeth. And they’re gritting them hard to keep it that way.

1 year.12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. 525949 minutes. i saw one of the most influential,talented,sweetest people ever. ive looked up to her since i was 7 or 8. i remember it like it happened yesterday. i remember the feeling when she first came on stage, the stadium roaring. 55,000 people. in that moment, everything was going in slow motion. my emotions getting the best of me. i hadn’t realized how much this concert meant to me until the first song started. i cant believe its been one year.  it was one of the best concert experiences ive ever had. 

that is all my friends 

I haven’t gotten emotional in a very very long time but today I saw a kid in a frowny face tshirt and a superhero cape stare at some rotten fruit for a long time and it got to me.


Day 088 - Day 089

Sadly it’s been so long since i’ve updated my project 365 tag that I don’t even remember what happened on Friday. I’m pretty sure I went to Jorge’s house and chilled with him and Nancy for a big before going home early, because I had to get up early for crabbing with Nick and Rachel. :) Tried to leave at 6:30am to get there at 8 but with getting breakfast and stuff we ended up not even getting to crabbing until like 9:30. We witnessed two pretty severe accidents–one was in a parking lot where some dumb girl hit a pedestrian. The lady was all cut up from gravel and glass and it was grotesque D: the other was a motorcycle accident, and the motorcyclist was pretty much in DOA-condition.

Crabbing sucked–we caught nothing! but at least we got to play with Nick’s puppy, Pookie. Went to Tom’s house afterwards to eat some kabobs.

Skype Date!!!

Richard and mine’s 1year of officially being together is coming up this Monday, June 17, 2013!!! But since he won’t be free that day we are celebrating our Anniversary today through Skype!

We just took a nap together on Skype and now I am waiting for him to get back so we can have dinner on Skype.

It sucks we can’t celebrate it with him either here or me over there, but I am just so glad I have him in my life and I get to call him mine. I am the luckiest girl. I love this kid so dang much!

Happy Anniversary, Richard! I love you!