june 10 2014

The One In Which Derek Fails At Being Sneaky

A Happy!verse Fic (06/10/14)

"Um how about no, dude," Stiles says plainly as he continues to examine the contents of two competing cornbread brands.

Derek rolls his eyes. “Stiles, I’m an adult. I think I can be in charge of what food does or does not go into my body.”

Stiles tosses one of the boxes into their cart. “Yeah, uh huh. Well when adults want to fill their bodies with an entire container of icing, it’s up to their better halves to talk them down from that ledge.”

"It’s not as though I was planning on eating it in one sitting," Derek scoffs.

Stiles stops the cart mid-isle, giving them a blessed break from the sound of the wobbly front wheel clattering along the tile. “Dude. Bro. Baby,” Stiles starts seriously. “I know you. That icing wouldn’t stand a chance. You might as well just inject the sugar directly into your veins.”

Stiles grabs a bag of flour and tosses it into the basket. Derek plucks it back out. “Wrong brand.”

"Nuh uh! That’s the one I always get!" He reaches out to snap it out of Derek’s hand. Misses.

"Mmhmm," Derek hums distractedly, brows furrowed as he scans the shelf. "You said you wanted to get," he pulls one down and gives it a quick once over before continuing, "this one next time."

"Oh. Right. Thank you baby." He leans over the railing of the cart to peck Derek on the lips right in the middle of the grocery store. Smiles against his mouth at the sheer domesticity of it all. "Now get that damn icing out of my cart, you sneaky motherfucker."

Derek grumbles under his breath, but pulls the little tub from where he’d hidden it beneath the produce.

Stiles definitely ogles his ass as he makes his way back down the isle. 

"Hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave," he mutters, knowing full well the werewolf can hear. Derek glares. Stiles winks. 




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