Childhood Reference

Nostalgic about childhood. Then, you’ll love this…

Photo by jumpinjimmyjava

In an unfamiliar thorny place,
My grandparents’ home stood.
Gone were the sounds of voices

Sign of life swallowed up.
The spot where we played,
Path where the grass faded
trampled on by footsteps, gone.
So were my childhood references.

Wind and tress alone amused.
I stood perplexed, uncertain
of what I was sure of.
Still the memories persisted.

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Components of a House

A place Where we belong

Photo by jumpinjimmyjava

Not necessarily a palatial edifice-
it may not be a fifty or
a hundred room structure,
it may not come in a multiple
layers of concrete steel columns
or colonnades.

It may not be
architecturally beautiful
like those in sub-urban and cities,
it may not have corridors,
no arcade and patios.

No lawn, no car park,
no swimming pool,
no high fenced walls with
razor thin barbed…

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