I just googled ‘spider with wings’ because I wanted to research if they’re real and where they exist and then I saw the tiny images on the first page and I immediately closed the tab and had to hold my head and convince myself that I will never encounter a monstrosity like that and that there are no such things under my table. 

"Dooo dee do de doo~"  Shawn hummed to himself as he walked up to a cabinet to get something to eat.

But once he opened the door a large spider jumped on his face.  ”JESUS FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!”


Uda Dennie from Batam Island, Indonesia, can prove you that spiders are actually not all as scary as you might be used to thinking.  33-year-old photographer presents a series of macro photos, where he captures tiny jumping spiders, wearing water droplets as fancy hats on their heads. There’s something about this unexpected composition that makes the tiny creatures look pretty silly, and definitely far away from terrifying!

“I was really surprised to get such amazing pictures – it was really wonderful. I have seen anything like this before, it is such an interesting photograph,” says Uda, who finds the spiders in his own backyard. Well, could they ever scare you?

Website: http://www.udadennie.com/#


Peacock Spiders

Genus Maratus

      Peacock spiders are well known for their colorful and dramatic courtship displays. In addition to raising the colorful flab that, when at rest, covers its abdomen, it also raises its back legs. Before it does this, it will stretch out its front legs and display with them as well. 

     Peacock spiders are native to Australia, and damn are they beautiful!


Jumping Spider Is Hunting a Laser Pointer’s Red Dot

I am more convinced than ever that jumping spiders are just tiny kittens with eight legs and a few extra eyes


In the depths of his garden on Batam Island, Indonesia, dedicated macro photographer Uda Dennie has mastered the art of photographing jumping spiders that have droplets of water on their heads, giving them the playful appearance of wearing large, reflective hats.

"The massive water droplets stay in place for about a minute, which is just the right amount of time for the 33-year-old to snap these shots. While most of us feel a bit squeamish when looking at macro photos of spiders, Dennie has somehow taken that uneasy feeling away, replacing it with curiosity and glee."

Visit Uda Dennie’s website to view more of his amazing arachnid photography.

[via My Modern Metropolis]