Siobhan Matthews Jumphawk Tech/back up pilot

Name: Siobhan Matthews
Age: 25
Rank: Specialist before the defunding
Background: Enlisted after the attack on San Francisco
Appearance: Red hair, freckles, blue eyes. Muscular. Medium height.
Languages: English, a bit of Spanish
Team: Jumphawk 4


  • storm chaser kinda lady, except she doesn’t chase storms, she chases kaiju in a chopper with a team of equally reckless / daredevil idiots who probably have a death wish. they make it their job to document as much of the kaiju (and the jaegers) as possible, including scavenging the crash site after shits gone down. probably obtained injuries / lost a limb because cybernetics are cool. completely reckless, probably lost pretty much everyone to the kaiju wars and thinks she has nothing to lose. partial kaiju groupie who also hates them a lot
  • jaded former ranger who has no idea what they’re doing with their life; probably found a job as some lowly mechanic working on the jaegers and dreams of getting back inside but can’t, probably cos of emotional trauma of some sorts
  • badass lady jumphawk pilot. that’s it that’s the idea
  • medical officer / doubles as a combat medic of sorts who gets deployed the kaiju fight sights right after to try and help the people who were injured in the destruction / affected by kaiju blue. probably working on a ~cure for kaiju blue in a sense??

brain fart

A jaeger pilot and a jumphawk pilot pair.

Where one is one-half of a jaeger pilot team, and is with jumphawk pilot who likes to make commentary while on the air and watches the fight and provides more visual for the jaeger.

anonymous said:

Oh, and to add to my last pilot question! Are the jumphawk pilots assigned to one specific jaeger, or is it just ~whoever's on duty at the time?

More often than not, it’s whoever’s on duty at the time. 

anonymous said:

I am interested in making a jumphawk pilot or fighter pilot, and I was just wondering if the prospective pilots had to go through training at the Jaeger Academy, or if their training was separate. Also, what is the earliest age a person could enroll in the Academy? Thanks, guys!

Jumphawk pilots have experienced full military training, in addition to completing the 24 week Jaeger program. The earliest someone can enrol in the academy is 21 years of age. However, someone can choose to enrol in the military before (I believe the earliest age is 18?) and the enrol in the academy later on. If they do this, they will be qualified for more jobs within the PPDC,